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S / 142



 Through technical qtions the author regrets the lack of scientists in the political-economic debate

Not as a lobby, but as an institution sanctioning decisions of the executive, such qe the court

accounts or the Constitutional Council

The circular definition of skills and needs is consistent with a balance of trade and an open social space. Therefore equal losses and gains from the social or economic game does not limit the scope or duration of the game.

Physically the stability of the universe is guaranteed by the absence of finite dimensions in its limits. Indeed, in an infinite universe hypothesis of a brutal destruction of the balance of power exchanges has almost zero chance of being realized. It is obvious that we should not reduce the universe to the solar system, for example; star-planet system may very well be destroyed in its own dimensions without the distribution of matter in the universe is affected

To return to the economic level, it is impossible that a man or a community can gain something that is not lost by another man or community

The very idea of ​​economic growth is based on an absurd myth:

The myth of a higher yield, which has never happened to any known to date machine. And the economic machine is ultimately the sum of human and industrial machines. If there is a reluctance to assimilate man to a machine for moral or other reasons, the analogy to the physical plane is nonetheless undeniable: a man consumes energy in one form and releases under otherwise; admit that he can return to the earth more than what it would have received is the belief in miracles

Incidentally, the miracle of the loaves could make today a sacred service to third world countries.
these same countries that have borne the brunt of the so-called economic growth, and he'll have to pay one way or another


The teacher who had remained in the room based resume his position, and W returns to his place

E "As you notice? Curious ... like the style changes with age while remaining the same, is not it? .. Ais it's true, you can not understand, as we have seen, in order to describe circles, we must have already realized that in life, and beyond a certain age are not doing that again

The question is not intended to ... W. it is almost impossible to understand what is read aloud .... but ... if others did not understand, I have to tear myself the rest of my hair; it's not you I ask to make the effort to understand, that is what I did when I was a young teacher, I now know I was wrong, if an audience does not understand c is the speaker who is guilty

W- may, maîtrrre ... rrrr ... I have not done qu'interr- prreter ...

Various movements in the room:

"L why GM? an audience can also pretend, let alone this great constant crowds: stupidity is about the rest who mentioned the other day, this quote from Descartes, remember?

"Ah! Descartes let's see, everything he says is interesting:

"L well I quote from memory:" What surprised me most about people is the stupidity of their comments "I find the remark very ..française very pretentious

"But let a little about this text dates from the 80s, I remember you, now almost everyone agrees that the disadvantages of progress, or the alleged growth, are visible only long after the benefits. ...


Xavier but then to deny ANY block progress

"Yes it is true; there is a margin, I think you will cross when you have learned the language of couples

X I do not agree ...

"Well I will listen to you sir, it is not enough to say I do not agree, it would argue a little, would you say that we explored ALL the disadvantages of electricity

Or the plastics industry ... I'm not going to take inventory of all the arguments of environmentalists


OA- then sir, you think he should go back to candles and procedures?


GM "who the hell talks about candles ... it was already a step forward that!

............... a time for reflection

"Listen, here's what I think today I admit that your question sir the bottom has a little disturbed me when I wrote this, I repeat, the decline we see today m ' Instead comforted in my opinion, and the slope can be steeper than I thought: all social organization includes three stages: a step of launch, then just placing on orbit and then finally, a cruising speed; I believe that we should stop the progress at the beginning of this century, but this brings us to the collective orientation of our society, and I still can not develop this point, not at this stage of the discussion

So I prefer to leave it open debate for now, any questions or objections from what I just said? ... Yes?

















How to read this book:




starting with abbreviations, but not to keep them (p.memoire) to find out where they are


2 - those who like to think: ignore the passages in writings. ... red ... ....


3 those seeking entertainment: ignore the passages described with blue and black ...


4 those who have no a priori seek nothing because they no longer believe in anything or entertainment, nor ... the intravestissement reviews and criticism; then to be guided by:


1-flair or chance (throw the book in the air and see if it falls open, and how §) then rely on his wandering moods or changing with the weather


2-sweet madness (tear a page in the middle, then go read it ... you read the usual, and then see if the result is interesting ...)


3-other reading methods? Invented the reader! Literature must be in-finite as is the life of all. When the life of each of us would it be too? Exploded she is ten ... maybe in thousands of pallets without consistency. With the spread of couples authors made the stupid bet to restore coherence to social ties; their message holds - almost - in a line:


reader is immersed in discovering your turn: since man made treacherously her apron




















abbreviations: page ... ..




POS for Social Organization Problems (also Principles OS)




SOS System of OS




SMC Company multicriteria (multiple choice, multi-cultures, multi-cycle)




LC complex language - but also cyclic or circular logic, as the context information




RC Circular Reasoning




COUPLES: any two beings, entities linked by one or more relationships. See ci_après not limited to, given as inventory profit, the list of eligible couples in a monetary base of OS Could be, if there was this one very annoying monster the same as the 1001 POS (principles OS) The most common use of "problems" and "complexity" indicates that social divisions combined in pairs - couples - have multiplied to the point that any possible social reading








(O - L) shadow -light


(S - T) space - time


(O - D) order - disorder and also: SUPPLY / DEMAND


(C-D) circle - straight line, and also:


(A - P) Action - Thought ...




D (N) depending on God N


N (D) in nature depending on D


Ratings subject to the following reservations developed in what is the legitimacy of the use of symbolic notation for indefinite notions










(F - O) Operating Body




(F - O) Operating Body


(L - C) Freedom - Stress / liberalism -collectivisme (V - E) Truth - Error


(B - M) Good - Evil (A - P) Optimism - Pessimism (R - I) Real - Imaginary


(-) State - Change (Var.1 - Var.2) ... (I - S) Individual - Company


(-) Freedom - Stress / liberalism -collectivisme




(-) Man - Woman






I (S) S-dependent Individuals: no charge


S (I) Company dependency I: individuals responsible




the usual binary divisions such as: production - consumption; price [cost; stocks [stream; assets [liabilities; ressouces [jobs; factors [products; entries [... .seront outputs reviewed in the light of new rules of legitimacy couples - meeting ... ..consacree to the study of economic policies




O / I: [Shift. Or min. ] 2 operators LC opposition - Identification




The pairs of degree 2.


(AA - CC) Adaptability - Complementarity


(PE - CM) Production of Energy - Consumption of Material


(-) Pursuit of Happiness - Happiness Research


(-) Hate Women - Love Men


(DM - OB) Money demand - Supply of processed goods




Abstract secondary couples:


(AT - BS) Ability time -Need space


Identically all couples "primary" are convertible


in secondary cells by combinations




Couples may constitute a basis for OS [multiple of 2]




(L M RC) Moral Freedom - Civil liability


(Ti - Tj) Degrees of transformation (matter - energy)


(EJ - EJ) Accurate Efficiency - Efficiency of Justice


(JN - NJ) Natural Justice _ Nature of Justice


(A - B) aptitude- need; indices stand out individual values


instant and group functions (Ai -Bj)


Skills are designated by the capabilities, talents, abilities, knowledge ... to turn your meeting needs


The needs include all desire, desire, lust, desire possession experienced by individuals responsible or not, to other individuals, material or immaterial objects (CC - AA) complementarity - adaptability




Move !




NOT Paul Samuelson, Nobel prize for economy and I think the fosssoyeur political economy ie the true science of government pseudo-democracies. I do not know his "middle name" as they say over there but I know that kennedy if you're interested: Fitzgerald .pas abreviaition is a statistician, I use it in the text of this book to suggest that SAP would the author of one of the algorithms that rocked the financial world into chaos derivatives. But the crisis of 2008 would have been caused not by the financial sépéculkations but by the failure of the beneficiaries of housing loans "subprime" 






backstage before the representation


two individuals squint on the rump of a young maid


in the squatting position good


trying to disgorge a rebellious spot


on a polished floor like the cloak of a cop


And in doing bend in unison the two pheasants








-------------------------------------------------- ---------




X-You are cheeky! Offer to unsuspecting readers a book project


, And pass for a work resulted




Y (the author in my opinion ... but ...)






lower after casting a look behind the scenes tone!


Come here, the sound technician could play us a trick of her own:




"If it were up to me, I would never publish, I'm such a perfectionist that there would NEVER you hear me ever so accomplished work that we should detach it from its author


"Yes, but still, we are like you say sopuvent vpousd memedans a world of general relativity


Glad to hear you say, this may be the chance of relativity that has made known to this theory, the genie that you believe has been not its Nobel Prize on this theory, he would not even be the main artisan but two pages of thermionic


It is not I who gave the French publishers absolute power over the future of arts and sciences




Come join our audience as you say, we are expected make you a reason






reviews and criticism: how to read this book in practice




Voiçi a track - there may be others:




To each according to his characters:




--italique verdana: DIALOGUE SESSIONS the personal reflections




--calibri right (or script): general considerations about - news, politics, economics, science ... ..sans forget the outputs of the authors - or alleged authors of this unique book - (? how much are they by the way)


Warning! a specialist sometimes gets a workout in ways he considers important, but are rather technical for the neophyte,




--times: No ... ..suivi POS - Are they treated (good or bad) the Problems of Social Organization, style is dense and ...




I did not try to cast a wide net;


But as they say traders bad way trade, "only to adapt to the tastes of the" clients 


one last thing: chronological disorder is involuntary AND volunteer, so in short, to apply the complexity of "time" dimension


but now I look a little ... maybe not having enough time and patience to restore order in the book, I prefer red herring


3rd and final question: why read this book?


There would be a multitude of answers, they turn around +/- the importance of principles of any OS


People ask me why read this book


My answer is, "Because!
















The economy has now become a mess, a bottomless bag


That would mean the bioeconomy? (Etymological translation: organization of life) But all the sciences concerned with the living! There is even a biology whose purpose can not be defined. Is not it time for our friends philosophers to put some order into these foutoirs? Classification is a highly philosophical task


If there is a biophysical I have not heard of. The ramifications of this other physical science of nature (physis) are such that this term is also a bottomless bag. In the current state of the arts, the bioeconomy refers calculations and solutions related to the prices of medecines and restorative surgery of the human body; this term is of course, taken in a broader sense in the course of this work


why Transverse branches between economics, physics, chemistry, botany, psychology, t are they not more numerous or more substantial.


The reflections and dialogues that make up this book does not pretend


to provide definitive or documented all these questions. -


What would the rest of future generations (scholars - ignorant) if the debate was closed for inventory .- but the authors hope they will feed the own thinking citizens of the world on a new social contract, a division of labor based on multiplicity - not a selection - skills


And inventory regard, it is high time that women invest scientific agora, if only to remove the dust grains have also invested our collective memory


household chores - devolved immemorial women (?) - could therefore be rehabilitated and redistributed. there is no question as to ensure the favor of sex, I do not mind criticism also drifts and ambiguities of feminists (men or women), at issue in hand to replace the human couple in the center scientific and social and political debate


Reminder: The couple whose term is almost abuse throughout the book is broadly defined physical, social and psychological. In general it will mean a compound of two philosophical beings, humans, electronic or mathematics. ... possess exceptional properties


around this natural spine will gravitate to familiar notions or not; such as (needs- skills) or (bi-ai) Here's a first socioeconomic torque noted with (-) only symbols used in this book  ; complex language, complementarities, circular hierarchy, circular reasoning, flip-flop or time switches, importance and sense of values ​​Indeed, knowledge and power ...


So many ideas, so many floating stones for the realization of a space and building with no roof, equipped and lacking of foundation


But here the author anticipates a little on young people's ability to understand the OS tomorrow ie SMC or "liberal collectivism - the central aim of this book -


Hoping still active collaboration, for contradiction is also integrated by complex language (LC)


First and final bravura the author: the couple that just quoted and that will be even in abbreviated form (Ai - Bj) or (bi - ai) as the context requires; is the basis of the transverse approach to social organization (OS for short). The unstated goal here is a bit cynical to some remorse scientists of yesterday and today, for professing a royal contempt for human needs eg. considered to found and direct all their thoughts on the OS




Binder discussions; fiction is offered without further preamble


since the warning from the author to the reader has not citizenship in the art and the art of the novel; hence the goal - probably missed - the title of this §: introduce the debate with a warning to readers ... all without misrepresenting the intentions of the authors: a whole novel in fact
















Unknown voice broadcast on speaker phone:


"Circular, circular, and my ass is not as circular




the author claims to literary - sour but unauthorized source - that was the true replica of that you know from the movie that almost all of France saw


"Except the blind that goes without saying" Looks like the singer


Cherubin, "it's over so these hacks quotes!


"Well what it is democracy, the novel also has the right to liberty


"Yeah! and Equality in the void forever




GM! turning off a radio button K7.


The author assumes - nobody had invited - that his characters were listening a theatrical retransmission.




Well let's be serious, the course starts in 5 minutes:


O hey vot'montre delay sir, we have been waiting for fifteen minutes


the author of the dialogue "- but! What are you crazy to you?


O and v-yourself sir, who are you not know you were here


the author. 'Ah it pa r example you gonna get the hell


He changed his mind, OPENS FILE / olive Let's see ... but yes it is a stutterer, I forgot


"Small p-m-mm-brat tt-- I'll learn me aa -a respect ...-


hey m-Msieu you are plagiarized, it stutters early b-not in the middle of words








1 -1 from the right circle




"You are going to attend, WE will all attend the first session of the seminar" proclaims the author - general, supposed to take care of the OS - and the fight against dust in the local city-


Solemn entry alias Professor GM


followed by his future disciples and former colleagues




followed distantly by some curious and inquisitive




The teacher spoke in a hubbub of battered plastic, cloth wrinkled, rough language and soles rubbed




"Welcome to you all to this first meeting of preparatory work


I would like to see the end of the discussion, the registration formalities at the seminar to address immediately the issues circular or BIO-ECONOMY economy ... so I seek the attention of the large audience by renewing my thanks to him.


GM 'first response to the question title: The economy has always been circular because human activities are governed by the cycles. End of story.


But then you say, why go further? We will see at the moment:




First, because the title of this seminar is also: the bio-economy


what does it mean? The same as the circular economy


and yet not quite the same thing, we will return to throughout these sessions. insofar as cyclical phenomena are an important element in the living world. The study of business cycles is a sub branch of the bio-economy








GM contemplates the pulpit of fearless slow progression of these strong words in the tall gray layers of the assembly. Then decides to dive again:




"We hear more and more in the public and private debates - French for all I know - the term 'complexity-and" circular economy 


I do not think I have heard of: "bio-economy, but it is true that I am not all the debates, and in terms of the news I still prefer to keep my opinion to myself


Is t there a relationship between these two concepts? Complexity and roundness?


I say, yes of course, and I explained as follows:


Using a fun comparison first:


or an observer T. (say T Tartarin French farmer in the Beauce plain); T. plowing his field with his tractor there is no doubt that the furrows of his fields are quite free.


And who could contradict him ... ..sur earth?




Not the author of these lines, of course, otherwise what I serve as saying Lifar


But it is at the same time an observer S. (S Stalinoff astronaut old Mir station) S. hovers at that moment the field T. and what does he see?


I prefer to leave - for now - the care of the answer to the reader, otherwise it would not follow the reasoning that will allow me to move from the complexity of circularity. And conversely


The answer is indeed in the title of this sub-§


Could it be that our intellect is so Subli dictatorship surveyors Whether we are powerless to grasp the complexity? ie: the double aspect. But perhaps -on should take the matter from the other end: That's because our intellectual disability led us straight to imagine that we could build bridges and rockets, and consequently send the Cosmonaut space to tell us that straight


did not exist in the universe.


IT is not very difficult to understand the relationship between the ambiguity of language - in some cases - the double aspect of things, taught by all the wisdom of the East or the West, and finally the concepts of couples, coupling physics, or coupling speaking of sexual play between animals and humans .But thence to conclude that the nature of the creation - or the creation of nature was printed the same seal ...








a man dressed as a "reporter" burst into the room, microphone in hand hf: it seems to speak to someone ... a fool in this world of rationality? It is true that today many people speak only in the streets of France




The coordi:


"A scientist accused me once often repeat the same things


I have been inspired by God himself that day


"- But Easter! I retorted; if one repeats pascertains Derails, the personages themselves are likely to forget


About: This is the same Pascal was intended by the speaker in exchange of the cycloid: a book, slipped me one day a crazy old that contains all the secrets of the Jewish Kabbalah


They are definitely everywhere these Jews ...


Scientists do they have any idea what may cause some brain quite weakened by harsh life of work in the open, their original ideas, sometimes at the limits of extravagance




as philosopher thinks he sees the hand of God that restores continuously a certain order in the jumble of torn our lives, which by démesuées ambitions of his relatives, who by their shyness.


Do you know for example that while you reader, you sat quietly listening to my words inspired, someone is going to pull the plans, build scaffolding on your back, and now that you know it; So what can you do, that is not a bet on the reactions of another?


do not search to understand ... and tell those ceuxqui fueled with one proverb in life there will always be weak and ...


"Weaker! "(I added in petto)




Should maybe I stand: the coordi it's me; Please do not send immediately the flowers ... or rotten eggs, I do what I like everything here world, but you know what it is as soon as you leave a little ordinary everybody starts grumbling at the same time


This book is intended for specialists in the OS


But even among specialists colleagues pointed out to me, there are things going on ... sometimes very special; so we tried to live in harmony specialists and other ...: curious, general, amateurs ...




... ..............


makes molten say filmmakers and other filmmakers dream


reporter disappears as it had appeared, it seems to have had one of those daydreams, visible in good films without dramatic subject




The teacher stands up and takes a few steps ... that silence is worrying assistance it is digesting his words or his meal


"§ and yet you spend the questions, slides her ear, Cherub, the author responsible for breath:




E.: "The advantage of the cyclical explanation is that it reconciles the notions of infinity and changement- I hope I have mentioned for the first and last time this first notion, that still infests manuals Mathematics - a disgrace to this more stringent than the current language deemed language. As for the 2nd - change - it is advisable to handle with care, because you never know what degree of change is referred. By the way, I want to refute this eternal philosophical distinction between (eg, changes in the nature and degree) because the Nature is defined later as an endless succession of degrees ... precisely


This does not mean that it is forbidden to use it, or to deceive ...


"Hey m-v-sieu you said" infinite "


"Ouch, very fair ... ..I withdraw the term ..a succession without precise limits of degrees of transformation (ie change)




I quote now without pre order the main couples we may encounter throughout the discussions


Memory (0-L) is: shadow versus light (ST) (E - M) resp. Space - time and energy -Material, couples in which I will later challenge its legitimacy.


Couples more closely tied to the OS (O-D) for: order and disorder; (PC) production - consumption; and finally (O - D) for supply and demand
note now that the shortcomings of the alphabet will add to the confusion




1-1-3 couples socio - psychological (I - S) I for individual; S for social similarities to the memorable debate between (Innate -Acquis); (FO) function and also known in the physiological range organ; (A-B) needs and abilities / or building / or talents, do not be surprised to see this sequence of words, despite this apparent abundance it might be best defined the couple in this seminar




1-2 of the circle has the right




1-2-1 philosophical couples (SC) and freedom ...?


(V - E) ... and truth. I need regular. ; (P - S) power and knowledge, or science of power versus power of science (MS - PS)


the primary purpose of couples so sertait, Following the example of the creation of human engender eautres couples, we proceed a few years in the future: combos and derailments couples Freedom → responsibility →> → steering> authority →> constraint; you worry simple puns or proverbs, nothing too




1-2-2 operations on couples: we will see essentially two: o i for opposition and for identification. The terms of a couple being opposed in principle; but couples themselves can s' identification; if the fingers are the same thumb and forefinger should be opposed to fair well turn a tap or gas


It is on such analogies that will stand comparison between SOS. two systems hold our attention individualism and collectivism. So what are the [force]


whose opposition would rotate faster or slower .C a company is to this kind of question should answer the economic policy


You could say this was about: freedom is a responsibility what constraint has the authority


ie: two translations abbreviated speech: [T o R] i [C o] and [A i C] o [R i L]




{ [<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<]




Which in plain language means: political restrictions or incentives may not be applied to a collection of individuals without regard to their limits of responsibilities








E. put the marker on the edge of the "board" - I urge readers to translate, not being myself very aware of modern communication technologies, it will be understood that all the signs that the reader just jumped were reproduced on the flip chart by a tense GM because he hated nothing so much as play the initiated. He did not fail to repeat that there was only recognizable by the ordinary signs ... the author, who attended the inaugural meeting exceptionally, no shortage also raise eyebrows whenever "What is it that the average person" would he remarked to master of the house, was his promise not to intervene in the debate




"We also see later § 21 - how to validate couples or binary divisions ... now I'd like to find a formula to sum up our work, but I can not find it ... Perhaps at this level that you could intervene:


... ......... absolute silence was the only response


you could hear the flies fly "almost said the pair (A - P) who had just entered the chamber: A for author P presenter, but he restrained himself in extremis; no flies had been invited to the debate, and for good reason: who would dare steal students?




"Let gentlemen if you stay silent, you may lose speech




Suddenly it was an outburst of various noises that would turn sharply to the cacophony


However, an attentive ear could raise some distinct purposes between whistles and boos and applause and slamming doors and ...




"There are women here, master exclaimed in a fury fury ...


"This is a call for women? Ventured the master


some coarse laughter rang out




'Well, gentlemen of women, that's all for today


Soon the noise started up again




'C' is the scientific bluff, the worst kind ...


"And that's to tell us why you bother us?


there are already too many theorems which are useless in economics; no need to add to the confusion of genres




why not complex trigonomégtriques series?


How can we put them in a bag the same talents and abilities


enough is enough, "cried an old bearded man who immediately left the room, muttering under his breath












So leave we also amphi this too loud and annoying ... says the author, who respected him for his promises now we must get to know the protagonists of this mini-drama in four acts amid crisis and circular formation


I present to you first of all the main players "begins the author responsible for presentations:




Emile R * economist, also called the "master or GM and PQ among young people will make the connection between groups of seniors who discuss science in a high school hall of Charlemagne in the marsh


-A district of painters and shopkeepers in antiques and junk, bimblotterie and artwork


(Yes but what Art?


... Between a group of seniors said I and the group of juniors led by the same GM whose sessions are oriented pricipalement on circular economy and complementarity of needs / skills; central subject of this book. Barring accidents carefully concocted by the author; with the active complicity of facetious Mauritius, the sessions of the "seminar" held either at Tolbiac where GM alias Emile ... ... organized a search direction or at Jussieu. One of the teachers using shamelessly freedom that universities provide researchers - he himself would have qualified as mandarins as a student, but that was before May 68. As said some novelists in thrillers any resemblance to real people in real life can not be pure coincidence




yours! (Note Cherub) I thought he did not exitait warning in novels


bah! The reader will have forgotten again, I bet he does not remember even the last paragraph ...




"I repeat, makes the presenter a bit annoyed  :




discussions between senior apelées also result in "dialogue" had started in the 80s by the language: M_ had an ambitious theory on the use of complex language, as the current vehicle in the "business" broadly between humans and non-humans. GM had endorsed this theory by linking it to the postulates of the circular economy, hence the intrusion of speech apparently inconsistent otherwise. unusual about the use of the Latin alphabet in the exchange in the economic sense How realize the connection between the concerns of the old inadequatoin language, weak principles of OS one hand, and secondly cares - or should it rather talk about the recklessness of youth affected primarily by the ideas of data sharing goods and experiences, transparent exchange of goods and ideas: that is the question that will arise while Throughout the seminar Professor E.




"But there is only one character say ..? "


"I continue?, Yes. ... The presenter begins to lose his nerve: I will introduce the characters once the scene set, I know my job ...




Above or below this economic-philosophical frame will build relationships between psychological learned and ignorant - age is certainly not the only criteria for this distinction. If he had to pull a thread of these various movements of ideas and people, the author - whose talking and pretend are not the least defects


"Neither the highest standards added he immediately




So the author would say in the words of GM, this thread is in reality a multicolored braid; very clever one that imputes a sense in the good or bad actions and thoughts of his contemporaries, but this logic is indublitablement present. One thing is to pass sentences or inventing proverbs on the underlying logic, or the apparent oddities in the behavior of others, but in any other difficulty is the breakdown of the social sphere as 2, 4 .. .or a thousand plans reader imagine a thousand slices of watermelon - I have well said one watermelon! - When the guests did not ask much ...


In recent pronounced febrile tone and anguished author who feels that the situation is out of control sentences: he loses his head a little and tone becomes precipitated!




... ..........


"Let's start by avoiding misleading expressions in this small preliminary dialogue between mathematicians M_ and" econ-humanist E.




eeee ...


It is here that the technical problems begin:


this dialogue will he included in the scientific area in the reality from fiction? .... will have to have a word to coordi is his job ... "




The two cities are characters without a fight, they enter through the front door, forcing the author-presenter to withdraw by the emergency exit






first dialogue of scholars: Approximate topic:


interaction of language on deeds


I hope we will know more at the end murmur under his breath the coordi


only neophyte in assistance .... zero to all views


We have finally seen I also snickered under my breath "reports (-DVD authors) modified"!


Shhh! Listen to the "wise" 




E. "It's a gamble as say ignorant - is always a gamble


Risky business - is so strong we would say risky: there are as many differences in language between young and old and between women and men, or even better among men and women, but that life would I you ask if we always had to bow to the vagaries of circular or an absolute god


M_ ennuirait that you start by explaining what it is bet


E. you already forgotten our last discussion ... it was a question of multiplying misunderstandings of language - that was your idea as I recall - to minimize physical or economic shocks of everyday life ... There is a minute I wondered if he should not also be doubling and hence multiply lesfils Red Thread


M_ and for what ... a ball?


E. absolutely, if your banter was related to the lightness of your message you'd certainly jovial I often invoked demiurge ... or at the very least his prophet-idiot-injurious most talented


M_ I will not be insulted without presenting the bill: better to be a pest for his enemies a useful idiot


E. and useful idiot, that would be me?


M_ not at all, I would not allow me, it's a sure who claims Emile Rousseau and Marx, and repeats all deaf that his ideas do not belong to the person


E. good! We'll stop there otherwise we will repeat the famous scene of Molière ... you did not think so right in speaking of ball, but I admit that I was not there yet reached, the thread for me was divided two ... .on can say two sub-son?


M_: it's your idea, my dear, you can say so much crap that it is necessary


E.: bieeeen! 2 filsdoncde in red and purple, the two ends of the spectrum to illustrate the feelings, the psychological aspect of social relations, as you know. ...


M_ yes I know this aspect for you is of paramount importance, I also know you lord we pretty tanned ears with that psychology is the true science of the future, and that if scientists were not lazy they would comencé there and not the physical, I also know


E. okay! It'll ... it'll go for more: then 2 and 2 equals four, two son ... uh no four sub son white and black; if you can call it color ...


M_ it does little more than 2 son previously


E.: ah yes, I owe you two excuses: two gray son of variable shade


and as nature is varied eight other son with the remaining colors, and even in sixteen shades of gray and ...


Good M_ we understand, is not that young, you all understand?




O n-no sir; What is the need to understand?


burst of laughter in the room - the scientists do not sulk either their pleasure




E. is priceless young O you're right, we're here to talk like two ... like two magpies, since it no longer exists and janitors did not even ask the important question


M_ I point to these same young people that the master here-this just made twice in two minutes the word "significant". ... for someone who does not stop


raising the insignificance or even nuisance that term ... it is IMPORTANT to report


laughs again in the room, sparser and less bright


The master, he starts to laugh a little yellow


E. I think we've talked too much Mathieu, that's why so ..laissons young people express a little ... anyone have an answer to the question O 's, what do we talk ten minutes




D es unidentified voice - the room should contain a full thirty seats and another thirty empty seats


X effects of language on deeds ... on people's behavior


M_ yes we can see it as something else?


Y I think it would be more accurate to speak of circular reactions between the words and actions of everyday life


E.: actually, it's more in keeping with the proper object of the seminar


V_: what I see is not in this story against multiple son


Z_: it is clear, however, it is the ideas that run through society ujn little as do the nerves that run throughout the human body


... .....


E.: VERY GOOD. ... although excellent comparison for colors ... sir?


... ..voix covered by laughter, unpronounceable name


hmmmm ... must come and see me at the end of session ... .eee sir ... your analogy impresses me you will allow me to reuse?




Z Certainly sir ... rrrr ... sorry master, it's a -honneur


GM my faith if you say so ... we have an audience beyond the borders, ladies and gentlemen; it is the influence of French culture ... no other ideas in your company




laughter and polite coughs




W_: how to reconcile the son of different colors with circular caracère relationships as you say?




M_ ..elle very good question for you master E.


E. good question indeed, but you have already given them the answer with your ball, you have not forgotten? The son can wrap any principles as would a SMC is by multiplying the principles that we avoid their tangled ..... I do not know if the word is French in-che-Ve be-ing it says? .Yes ...? . We have son who is in-che-vêtrent if the community stands behind the unique principles, then we're on to head a clash of principles .ON should as much as possible; avoid saying: "The important point here is, or the thread is ... as suggested by the author of this book," or is it THE "solution. In a complex society there can be no ONE solution for every problem, but at least two, hence the great theory of master M_ here now. Be fluent in the couple heads but also the acts of all kinds, trade at large, decisions to consume or invest, bursting wealth multiplication of religious and moral practices ...




X - moral as well? How could you live together different moral principles




E. you thought about it, master Mathieu, the question is for you


M_ we can say that morality and religion are often confused, why should there not moral different groups within the same community as the sects coexist but I grant you the answer does not satisfy me ... pleinemement E. clarify?




E. On the other hand the question-even it is a little suspicious: why did you come up against morality ... who asked this question ... ..oui, is that you? Explain yourself, why only the principles of morality, and not all of philosophy and social psychology


X but I guess that is what divides more often than people, it can be assumed that the neighbor worships a god or a devil but have different specific manners, that's more shocking


E. I could answer that shocks are also part of the activities, or aleas imposed by an increase in the activities - and therefore also of the principles, but I no I am not satisfied with this, I promise you there réféchir, we'll leave it at that for now if you'll




M hey not so fast! We have not yet said anything really positive


E_mince we managed a rare feat: talk for an hour without even defining the purpose of the discussion: do not you think it's positive you ... you big joker?




THE COORDI "-what what I told you ... eeeu ..hehmm ... no ... I wanted to say: I told you so you! Ah heck ... it's really true that language is con ....


that's like a puzzle to submit to the master: the relationship between women and language: would not the sex dessous..HMM..hmmm ... to think about: what is the verb that our troubles began, no doubt.




He goes out, closing both doors of the gate




NB end of the single table




















A-P: I present BM, young man about thirty years coming from nowhere ... and who wants to go far away, somewhere .Eliminons digress on the conventions of language: it means exactly "nowhere"?


Unlike life in general, particularly the life of an individual always has an origin, an anchor, so what is your origin BM?


B qu'est- ssa -can t 'fuck?


Hula! ... It promises ....!


I hope he can shed some light on this later ... waiting for good consolidate links between the problems of language and couples, which will be discussed in the seminar, on the one hand and, on the other hand psycho-social relationships of the protagonists of the story of the news actually that will unfold before our eyes, if not in our minds of readers and listeners,


to build those relationships I said, I will enumerate some examples to clarify my method of storytelling:


1 when you see the movies a news alleging reality: you say, fiction has caught up .even reality if you were present at the news item, it will remain only images when viewing the film. It is okay? The opposite term is most commonly used: the reality overtaking even stranger than fiction. In this case, if you are a direct actor in an event, which event has already been described in a literary or cinematographic fiction, you sometimes unconsciously look, the complementarities between the images you have in mind and in reality you are experiencing is the only true case of superposition of the real image. Then you build it aue I call a couple (I - R) observing, in this notation chronologically between image and reality




2-If you were an actor because of love or conflict, you can not in any event rely only your imagination or senses, translate, still image, I insite on this point still pictures a reality that escape you even more as time has covered the reality of reference. To quote a famous comedian, the more you go the fewer people who have known .... N


B if you finish I'd like to pee


author "no no please do not go ... .tenez what do you think of this quote?




AP - but the one I just read this, you do not listen


... ............ he plunged back into his notes, a sign of a bad mood




"What trade, it will not be easy to present this ... this chap ... gtiens but it is a textbook case of that, I'll talk to the coordination is its bouot after all, a personnge who refuses to be present, it can question everything, what it is supposed to kle coordination Canger business


"Good resume the thread a little while like that you like reading and what you like to read


B at the moment I read the Russian authors


"Wow that is interesting and here is how sr'appellent -they


B I know their not but they say stuff about women, I tell you it


"Ah but not p) or example, tell me more please ilvous is what kind of stuff


Boy was like what if we pressed a little screw to girls, things would be much better


"Yeah .... it's not new come speech, like I keep saying that I qie




So we have two sets of comparisons: a comparison that immediately comes to mind and I notice (I - R) I for imaginary, R for real, and also a comparison that will be needed later, between two sets of images of the same event or news item. But then you say where is the reality in this case?


I unfortunately do not have a definitive answer to this question, and I'm therefore quite courageous escape my responsibilities copyright


I will say, rather than trying to compare non-comparable entities


B sorry! I gotta go, I want more "he shouted, pointing to t ... his ... his ... well not bother to draw you a picture




"Yes but my old y will come back soon, I still need you


B-because always asshole "t-muttered between his teeth, but as the author ears fennec ...


"Wait a minute, you bastard! -there says I m going you simmer a role not dive worms 


how I called the fact ... bernard Bernard Malavone ... no ... that's already taken, like boorish, that which suits him very well: Bernard unmannerly




good where was I? ....


"   ah here it is: he finds


his notes, continues reading:




"Rather than insist me to separate the important from the accessory, why not tie me immediately to couples: in this case, the couple reality image, and also the couple image 1 image 2. then I recite the words of the master
For picture obviously 1et2 I mean both sets of phase images; 1et2 the indices are degrees of processing images in time


Here is a summary of what the methodological principle of the narrative, or as already said another great thinker: the Discourse on Method


Does all this is clear to everyone?


"Réflechissant I bec ... What's maldonne why we wrote this to me, I do not talk I located some people and topo ... I almost want to add reality Virtual everything jumble of images, history of thumbing its nose at the master, it's probably the one who tampered with my notes




B-he! it was exactly what you said here


"Oh you are there you, I thought you left ... I introduced you yes?


B was being, but I had an urge ...;


AP: yes good! J had understood, We will not make an omelet, you have found the place at least ...? Tell me a little, what do you do later?


B say, you no mistake in tesste, I'm thirty-press e, then what ss- you call later?


AP misèère! It's my day jam ... go poof! I stop everything ... it will be light .Demain






DATE AND PLACE Reminder We are a ... Paris in 2006. Or 2007 the authors do not agree.






You can slip in the seminar room, rue Tolbiac


as the two rooms are alike ... like two rooms -pauvre-class university


At that time, remember, the theater was not using the artifices of cinema and TV


far as it does today, It would have saved on <both ways! >




GM is at his post, apparently he talks for several minutes


on the "board" that ass of coordination has not found me a translation


paper on the table reads:


REALITY SHOW SUITE / IMAGE ... .. (IR - IR) ... .RI - RI² -.....




Actually no, it does not say anything it's a voice ...


"Even that idiot (AP)? "Look to the AG




... . "- The lesson of these two categories of comparison is that the legitimacy of a couple is a purely intuitive notion: while the opposition (O - L) that we have already met is self-evident comparisons based on space and time are blurred. This is due to the unclear definition of these two terms (S - T) as well as the energy (E) is distinguished from the material (M) by any stretch of the imagination. But the teacher will explain all this much better than


I can not do it, it's his job to explain, mine is to describe


thank you all for your attention, I leave you now with him












2 resumed second session after the break:




GM: reading notes






It reminds me that I had something to say about the memory: I was just there a ex.puissant almost a drawing therefore greater than ex reflexive or explanatory ability. theoretical invented to need a cause; why the hell should I always cite ex. to explain, to show a principle, we should not, if the principle in question is psychologically weaker than the example I had in mind the phrase "  have a word on the tip of your tongue , stupid phrase s' it is, but who wanted very smart: the name I was trying to remind myself was Holofernes, you know who Holofernes is not it ...? No? Well do not expect me I explain, it would be too long a story, like the stories of the Bible. ... all I remember now was that I wanted to know what judith king had murdered; the name appeared and disappeared like a wave, so I asked myself this question: is it not a major problem for computer and physiologist? How shall the memory in such cases, the word is taken and the next moment we take the vacuum, curious ... .good enough about! let's be practical for once:


what would be according to you, and in my opinion too, the cardinal virtues of economic policy




X - the flexibility ... adaptability?


And ... you want to explain what you mean


X beeen! I am unable to say, say, the adequacy of the solution to the problem at


Hmmmm ...! It is well advanced, no offense sir, I just advise you to be more clear than I am if you want to ... say convince, success on the merits is not matter to chance and cycles; chance of convictions ... but I'll still go astray and get lost too, another quality of politics? ...


O complexity sir


GM well, you have learned well my words, but still says:


O I meant that if the problem is complex "3 rd or 4 th degree the solution must be as


GM and why, I pray you, that's very interesting what you say, but I also causes to see if you do not just repeat words without understanding the whole context


O because without that it would be inconsistent


GM then here I am speechless, I'll have to think about himself




something else? ...


we saw very elaborate planning by experts Nobel and other plans that do not work, and on the other side who was a political call ... especially. to common sense and who walked, how do you explain this master dear?


..permettez, right now I want answers not questions ... but I am an instant u bit of bad faith, I would not try to explain it if I were a politician, or if you were, if you want a more complete answer I would say the most important aspect is psychological; but it would be contrary to everything I teach about the importance, saying that in some cases the psycho outweighs the mechanics in investment decisions, for example, but overall the two types of effects must be equivalent, satisfied? .... good going! one last comment and I pack my things, I think it's time to let you about your business


... ...............




No, nobody is inspired ... so I will do the horrible math teacher ... you went next to the essential: a complex policy must address the causes AND the consequences ... as that 'good medicine should not offset the failure of the pancreas, but wonder why it is not doing its job -


We must spread his knowledge to impress the primary spirits, those who judge due all that glitters is gold; pancreas, as I recall for students in medicine present here ... but the fact is there only -t- medical students ... yes?




A hand that had risen drops immediately




"E_Non? ... You do not even know what school you are registered ... happy boy? Basically I was a bit like you, I wanted to do all studies, know all the sciences, and I ended up incurring any ... I was actually a philosopher but I did not know; just like the citizens of M. de Molière M .JOURDAIN ... it's all I got from my visit to the school of medicine: the negative role of the pancreas in diabetes




... ... we hear a bell outside


Of inventory reserves of course, such as accountants enthusiasts say it will dig this idea next time ... ladies and gentlemen hope to see you again in a week ...




He packs his things by tearing a sheet of the "board", he folds and around a folder and burying it in his briefcase. ... "This is to remind me of my duties ... and perhaps other functions who knows .... ha aa this Homeric and even annoying for females in heat laugh; strange that the nature of feelings is not it?




Following III




voice "SEND COORDI - TO 5


First blunder of the governed: we will not know who will speak; better! No sanctions




--- "I repeat: we have tried to live in harmony groups that in normal life can not rub; it is the hobby of sociologists today, it looks like they want to catch up the lost bullshit: test new forms deviated, encounters of the third type refers to a science fiction film, short maneuvers to justifierles grants received departments, I have nothing against but ...




--- "Let's see, said the planned reality coordi the generaliste author, planned by whom, by him or by the master




--- "Planned, designed and picture reality of student life, humdrum say irresponsible novelists, they just forget to say that they talk about the pivot of life in the villages. Basically there is little difference between science and fiction: all authors like repeat, the only question is how rapidly and how big; still a primordial couple say the master (A - F) is all in the frequency (F) and amplitude (A) of the rehearsals, but here it means the amplitude? The weight of the images, or the number and volume of words? .... Bah! we'll see, I have to repeat my text ad nauseum, the truth finia well up out of the hole


... ................




E. or AC: Reflective aloud "When you think about it, all the same. ...


How did they come to be treated in thrillers and even novels white family life as a prison whose heroes are all blackguards us of swindlers or raw-cops, feel excluded and avenge ostracism by the contemptuous sneer. these pseudo-hero so we are supposed to forget that awful gray days that go by and look, but contempt for them - the authors of novels and not in fact the hero of legend - is reflette in unconditional admiration among people of the gray. Another sign of perversion of the values ​​of individualistic societies through the prism (-Publishers authors). But as the company also produces its anti-body, the resolution of this abnormal situation is supported tangentially by the sudden irruption of digital in our lives "grisaille" Forced to become familiar with the techniques and concerns of publishers, authors are quick to understand that it's about fathers and especially mothers that their regular rests. If they are left with the instinct of survival, they would just have to go easy on their near foul language, literature and care for their contemptuous towards people aui the feed materials in as much as in energies.




That well, you tell me a company that thinks with his back, and all life and the OS are to match: take eg. gambling dens or debits drinks, they are open to the winds as breweries and tobacco shops and games; this however are only places of debauchery, for against brothels, are as their name suggests cordoned why? Because that regular sex is a condition of public health. Take the same illegal hard drugs, or drugs produced by pharmaceutical labs: meme traitemant


anyways "Take woman, charges or government, people will talk


, Doubt it ... no .. "eeee ... .excusez me, that's a quote that I reserve for last, you have found the author I bet?




He turns the pages of his MS ... compare notes and then closes his briefcase


... .............. Should we reveal the end before the end? This is a question that has not decided coordi ...




Other mix all misunderstandings, delays and advances in decisions opposing effects of rocker or double reversals, fatality, inscrutable designs of Providence ... .ayant well stirred and allowed to settle, they think they've got the elixir of life, the which allows you to not point living forever - even an idea of ​​kid that the author is unable to assimilate, who is already tired ... how old he must have done at 80 ... 79 ...?


Say ... at his age, and let's move on


So much for the elixir, the reader will not know what I intended but time is short, I have to take care of my characters otherwise ...








sudden and unexpected return of BM












how would you like to replay the Champolion this sentence ... ....?






... "Or what? We stop playing! Or do we start?




sudden and unexpected return of BM


B - "It's over the presentations? :


CR - "but must see it with AP, you are an actor or spectator?


B "What ss-v ' want to say?


CR - "ah ... but I recognize you! ... It was you who spoke the son of wogs who burn cars, and negroes who come kiss ...


B "I have never spoken to me niggers,


CR "but if! .je ... Just watch the video, you were several Beaubourg: there is an i-said that the negroes come to kiss our wives, and the other I think it's you; that met him, and why these pedes journalists while they film; they not know that foreigners can see that too?


And a little gook who laughed: if you were kissing your women they would go not look for Negroes, but you do not ... or you ...?




CR "You are crazy or what? it's not a lot to say in public that! So you want us to we remove all subsidies, it's a shot at being grilled by the censors! shit ... and then pull you in, and you can see that I'm working right? No, but in that ... in France .on is crap!


A voiceover:


"Sweet France has decided to host all poverty in the world: let it be said!


Crossfade precipitate: the author usually throws a veil over these obscenities behind the scenes: the same sweet and syrupy see announcement:




"James and Emile episode 345 / 3rd shot"  :


then a bed! Like in the movies: they really wacky ideas such entertainers: separate scenes of life by numbers! Why not as a name and number for every tree, every insect? ....




The author shows his method of storytelling as promised :: we finally arrive at the beginning of our story




"E. had taken under his wing O, his father James - his first name Bernard had gladdened by her speak plainly, he thought he saw in this candid smile on his lips just a caricature portrait of his youth, a kind Dorian Gray in color ... he will end up like me soured as a pencil pusher, E. wondered, but no! he was in business, nothing to do with education


Education! A noun that sounded so full in the years 60/70


when he began his career at Chalons-sur-Saone ... so empty now; should not recruit teachers under 40 years old and still ... How old was he understood the remark of an American: If a teacher. Think of asking a augmentraiton salary, he'd better read Plato; How many teachers. school have a clear and precise awareness of their mission in this world?




And this other observation on the hidden intelligence, so that was that? Harry Dijon ... university ... not him; how many teachers feel a tear when engaged in fresh or withered ears know that cost them so much


Myself and I was so sure to be in the direction of truth retain information? What folly! However seeking to trap water from a source And yet .... how many sessions of exhibitionism, how to let go impudent in living rooms or meeting rooms before this maxim does impose upon as a motto to expansive my brain; a motto or saying in my language too hung "your speech you can not bring you anything if it costed" poor useful idiot! ...


or harmful idiot who knows?


economists of these shortcuts, why god or nature have it provided intelligence beings whether to hide them then? Avoid using it ... use it ... .Non, andouille, but the show ...


funny funny nature and intelligence that closes the doors of success more surely as poor grades in class dunce or reputation, I would say that probably gets you more in a brilliant school failure not assure you success. Still a complex term: success is that the only thing that should count in this world of accounting and storytellers profit and loss; if money gained so much power that is the fault of the teachers just because they do not even know what their mission. That's what he meant the Yankee! A teacher. Who wanted the BMW thug, because he is riding a bike, he has not understood his mission. Blame the teachers and the poor, always ready to commit to the rich for a song, dammit! Why did it take centuries to understand that wealth was multifaceted roots even more ... And I'm not sure I understand it myself ... well anyway, I never play Lotto me!




He enters the lobby of his hotel,


Hello Mr. Rousseau: he would take the key to the table behind the counter


No no, I do not go back, I just want to check if there is no message


The boy receptionist took an envelope in his locker


"THERE was that when I arrived


"No message on the phone? Asked Emile


"Not since I arrived, I took my service at 9 am Mr. Rousseau, do you want me to consult your account?


"Yes please, I'll sit down the


"I have for Mr. Rousseau minute


"The GM s' sits and opens the envelope


... ... bah! An invoice from the University




"But why I move all these thoughts today?
... ..
"Oh yeah! it was because the father of her son virtual O day a young preppy believed flatter or at least attract sympathy by saying "Professor djames has analyzed the status econ ...


"Let! I'm JAMES, I am Auvergne


and disarming candor sly smile ... all .française? Or Auvergne


... .or Algerian-francauvergnate ...?


Great laugh in the room and head of distressed sup frame. deprived of his globalist drugs, and not at all at that moment BCBG ...


on the reasons for things, E. son had decided that this would be his spiritual son Auvergne, who had not had the patience to wait for the natural son


And, you've guessed reader sly, this son was O -


He wondered now whether to reveal the truth to the kid, No! Too soon, and then it was first the father he had to face, courage had failed him so far before the couple welcomed tranquillle James - mercer


ah! Rump janine Mercier thin ... it was perhaps the son who inherited, who knows with these chromosomes jumping obstacles as chips, it should be monitored closely




hence why it had taken him under his wing, he believed protective, despite warnings Cherubino here; Following necessarily tell us whether the planned reality is more beautiful than the sad images of contemporary liberalism (Europe, 2013) ² °










2 nd table:






OR ... SPRING, THE AUTHOR seems to have an account to settle with the seasons


on the banks of the Seine, on the right bank, as people say Goche


Here is an example taken from life of stupidity gregarious how to distinguish the right bank of the river left a fact many meanders


At night, if there is no star for you in the position of the ocean?


Anyway with the conquest of space, we will not have these steering problems




short commentary by the author, for once the same opinion as his tired hero é




E. that day, and P_ O_ walking on the banks of the Seine, protected also by the international community, specifically the Unesco heritage area ... but the French who recognize the benefits of globalization only when they do not criticize globalization; are not close to a blunder, the author is certainly too prudent to quibble with the most ... more ... .the what most people already. Ah nou! The smartest of the earth


Especially since he has never tested him this intelligence of the earth ....


... .vue the sky, or a satellite station - in their liberal-individualistic madness the Yankees were


To ignore the spatial OVERCONSUMPTION the "system" soviet, to the credit But when it comes to mix ideas and men who divert the application of these ideas verls the Gulag, we can always count them






"While we like that makes me cachoteries? ... You will beat the campaign it seems


"P not exaggerate, there are not even 300 km -Cancel go, we're not going to tour France


"O_ and c is not yet decided sir ... I wrote to my mother, she has not yet responded


"You do not write to your father too?


"He never answers it sir .. 


"They do what their parents ask Philippe squinting on skinny jeans


his neighbor


damn he bandaged the kid, it seems to me a woman's body


the lustful gaze of P was not lost at E, the eye of the master is angry


"I'll call your dad tonight, if he agrees we will arrange your trip


, You told him about your project


"Well no sir I tell you he not respond to the letters, I waited for the holidays to talk to them both




An autumn wind rose suddenly forcing them to take refuge under an awning in front of a fashion


the author is really not good at this sort of phrases- extra; He should have noted that we were only in February!




"It looks nice in the said O; he pointed to a small cafe not far from the shop «« «P well let's go there it looks like rain


"E is more than your age see it, you think you income to college years


we will go back to Jussieu, you come as P we no longer have the time


The session starts in fifteen minutes


P no, I'll walk a little further, I quite lack of exercise








REM ... AFTER .. meeting No. 9 ... 03/09 ... / 07




















2 1 "God separated the shadow of darkness so that ..."




extract of Genesis deliberately shortened because assumed known ... eeee ... ... hmmm ... all Judeo-Christians at least


So let the reader reflect on the above and parallel approach this in another way: by "parallel" I designate the comparative approximation of the notions of complexity and roundness.
complexity has existed by the will of God - or perhaps be the devil since they claim that it divides more or as much as what the creator wants to unify. 's complexity is in fact none other than the division into a closed circular world - This is my first postulate quite temporary. Readers are perfectly free to accept or reject the premise


... Provided he finds another, or it draws conclusions


This same divine or diabolical will that is the origin of language, no offense to specialists, if I was holding a single argument to support this view, I would say why have no record of manufacturing of language; In other words, if H (F) was 100 per depositary. percent of patent language he would ipso facto invention of god. The most reasonable attitude in this intractable problem is: D (N) giving 99 p. percent of the language, as indeed, the idea of ​​god, 1P. Remaining hundred are left to the discretion of humans; but as you explain a statistician ces1p. Percent can change everything. Final point on this issue; I do not think we can discuss in a seminar, a problem that still mobilizes thousands e specialists, which the rest, amusing detail are not even pure linguists.


I resume the discussion on couples 


X please


"No, no I said and I repeat that this bracket will not be expanded here, so do not insist, I continue on couples:






In fact, I can not continue given the time. I'm just going to distribute these sheets, are subjects of contention that I could possibly help you sustain
Well ladies and gentlemen how about a break?


You could take the opportunity to ask questions to your friends, the gentleman skeptical


over there
















A mathematician (economist) could smile - or whether irriter- to see me a truism; to do so many detours, and take so much trouble - and inflict the transition to poor reader - for such a poor result. But I do not pretend here to learn WHATEVER mathematician. I would remind the cons by "average" player if that term has any meaning; that the earth is a circular world


and - almost - closed. For simplicity I bring this world to a circle -


I once divided by a horizontal diameter in two small worlds


A world of light, then, and a world of darkness.


If I were to use a symbolic language - it has to god forbid -


I would say that I associated the pair (C - D) for C and D circle. ... I need regular.


in the dark generated by light: either the pair (O-L).


The result is a contradiction and inconsistency that I do not know yet








In doing so I do not imitate these journalists-debaters who say "we're going to come


It's going to come. ... "When they are bothered by the question, but because I did not want to think about before completing my


If necessary, the reader will recall me to my duty, if by chance I forgot to come back to these two terms.




-There Look at the wall clock: 16 ¼


a break?





* *


As said the AG-We will finally be able to delve into the delights of the narration: but do not dream too; this is the dream that the rich have been able in the past to feed on the backs of the poor, I understand, of course, about the dream, I remember now, god knows why, a mage Cartoon my youth: when an author wanted to indicate to readers that her character was sleeping, he saw a drawing on a piece of wood with the text: "zzzzz" this image has always left me unsatisfied: why on earth a saw to indicate that someone is in the process of crushing the author apurait could draw such chips, crushed, or alternatively, how do I know me, a mill purr, I see a lot of images that speak louder a log of wood ... well, it was just something I had promised myself to put in my first novel, here is done; and now go to say things serious ...




CR alias coordination occurs (A - C)


Dispute between AP and AC for presentation - union agreement


AC: "What are you doing here?


AP: "You can see I'm doing my job


CR 'And ... what's your job? Outside ... the presentation of the characters, I mean


A-P-I also briefly present the topic: namely the parallel between couples ...


- Spare me the details! You have your contract?


- Why? why you want to see my contract, it's a confidential thing


AC because he is the presentation of the contents is my responsibility, consider:


you read-even


Brochure folder, it presents an open page


The presenter, reading: "Gosh!


He reaches into his briefcase and leaves him as a contract, it has opened the coordinator


"I have exactly the same paragraph in my contract


AP you read-even


What the coordi and then closes the file by checking the transition coverage


AC: "This is indeed the same text, and you know why? Because it's MY contract


And not yours


AP: but how does it, not mine? I received it from the hands of the author


Then, reading the coverage : "ah! Yikes ...




AC: "Listen! I want to believe you're in this for nothing Micmac ... you know what we'll do: we'll share the work, no need to talk to the boss, you know how it is, huh? It would be able to say that we have plotted behind his back


He takes him to the scenes, explaining his plan , "what they will therefore still plotting? "Wonders the general author; who watched the whole scene










Following the 3rd session




w You can not put all this into equations?, instead of all the crap it is easier to retain the Fourier series as you've said ... .during.




GM stop stop! You have not heard what I said at the beginning: no math here ... you hear ... no .. but in whom?




These words are punctuated with violent punches on the desktop


... .............


silent terror in the room, we had never seen the teacher becoming angry and




E. "You see me me me squirming behind a one equation so long that when I 'write the end I would have forgotten the beginning


and Fourier series, lord, I would not be able to rewrite even if I wanted, I have a bad memory too! then not


NOOO and no, I really like math to make them suffer the insults of some economists, or I do not hate it enough to agree to make the religion of tomorrow




I have nothing to prove me then huh? Pedaling ... if you want to bluff, you see the door, she is wide open




He sits down ...


very silence of death ... the PQ revealed to assitance paralyzed a new face


I'm sorry sir, how is it already your name


- "Olivier




How does Olivier was here two olive tree? Olive ... it's him


or be what I see already twice, I'm more angry yet




O. 'N No sir, pardon me g- Grand Master is my name; the man called ch- ... .Charles olive




Gm ah I understand .... I understand he will surout we also have to a fig tree here ...


yeah, well I pick up where we left off


Ah yes, sir ... the Charles Olivier you can stay of course, I'm not in the habit of chasing people who do me the honor of presenting me question..mais make it very clear to everyone : A guru is not in the art that the devil!




Is that clear? ..


I continue, hold! I have a ready example to you sir; the hungry symbols, or how you're telling the fan symbol, right?


Mr. Godel, you know, the so-called voucher theorem of undecidable


ehbienmoi I aurfais prevented from editing if I would have censored - e aqu (a god like me eje Fuße his editor)


you want to know why?


Becaufe do not have the right to sow doubt and anxiety parm! Its congtemporains i was certainly right to be pessimistic ... but tell me BUD autrecoté if publishers were to decide del ' Future of scinece in e collectivit


With skies this misfortune has at least étéépargné, we Lepeuple leplus spiritual ...


See the corner where Mr. So what was the subject today>?


jene know more ... or I let the thread of discussions




X I do not know sir ... .you talk about everything and nothing


shocked the room, pushing a "OH! . "Diplomat-hypocrite ...
small incision: here another illegitimate pair (D - H) as both are married ...


... On the same side of an invisible language barrier ... except for the interested




GM: not removed at all by this double affront  :




"'No one last thing about Monsizeur> Godel; God rest his soul, I had no rispon me in pre: dre this gentleman




"When a problem becomes undecidable - we are in economic field: when an economic problem has no solution in the logical space well! you know what to do, nobody ... no ideas?


"But let the gentlemen trying CHANCE


chance is quite the opposite of logic is not it?


And that's another way to address the inconsistencies in policy


change a variable in a complex area without touching the variable supplement the couple




X - you can not give an example Mr.




GM not but it looks like it's a conspiracy; So you have passed the word to piss me today!


"I do not give an example, I'm just trying to explain the misdeeds of reasoning by example, there's nothing to stop you to think






each his job, I am the guru so I confine myself to generalities, find yourself the examples, you have to practice if you like, that is helping you personal examples that you will understand the reasoning, if you can not find any examples as you are looking for is that the issue does not concern you, then better do something else


____________________________ Fiction








E G dialogue




distribution of hours of attendance? Monitoring of local, following the exploits of the "shit"




if we had treated son of a bitch on the Internet Oppenheimer and his team


the fate of the Japan-America war may have been different




But it would also be included in the batch Einstein


And why not? If tired handle, too bad for him, but I do not think




The decision also means a decision against-stress or C = R, responsibility; C and R are the two terms of a couple that derail I will give example Ausun not mislead you ....


in fact I explained the principle of derailment


... .............. I need regular.


"Right? ... Good










this is an opportunity to leverage the experience of old farts like me, think first about a topic before rushing on books


I told you that this was my method, when I had a paper to write, and I regret to say, alas, none of my teachers - or supposed - no one ever advised me this method: find itself a response, and only then consult Other


"And you know how .... then master, if I may


But know young man that Nature also has ideas ... and I believe that everything we know we owe it to our relationship with nature ... at least




W - "Other than that our ideas as you often say we do not own more than ...


"GM. "Our -reflexes or our instincts, yeah I said, but I will sign any papers


So ... let me finish great little sassy, ​​you know I do not like being interrupted in the middle of an argument, what matters is the search and no ...




"Alas! A ringing cell phone (a "prepaid" probably dictates Lord of foals not assistant) permanently deprive us of this fundamental truth




GM: "I think all we know, but I say," Read WITHOUT EVER HAVE LEARNED born of nature


"But what do you mean by nature just


"Excellent question, but just as you enter the Gong savior of lost souls like mine, I'll tell you later ... when you have thought about it-even by you, not before ... .the dictionary! Do you remember this trick young prof?


'll gentlemen ... it's time to change their minds




"Z master coffee or tea?


"E-neither one nor the other, I will first return to the toilet, the wine I drank at lunch


too bad I can not send it to the figure of Taulier that we served




E We say a quarter of an hour ... no ..more? Half then


Well going for half an hour




He goes out with the students to use the toilet. "The democratization of spirits began as just the bottom" he says, by the lower abdomen ...












Young people gather around the machine for hot drinks glancing amused or concerned, to the toilet










B we will miss the toilet PQ


M-oooh! ... My god it's end


B and why you all have appalled mines, it will not kick the bucket vot'mait '


W- you know? are words that sometimes do more harm to the one who decides that his victims


B What does it mean that?


Z-win! The machine also ended up puking currency




"W-... I missed this morning animation


"X -... necessarily; the clown of the group is absent


"M -... what he has, he is sick?


'L he went to see his parents in oregon; it will be out all week




"B t 'should have with him ... you were inseparable these days


ah ha! P. in glove ... ha ha ha!


"Please! Do not be vulgar


"I know I too find the right words as vot'mait 'I do not know how i did but i-does well with the girls, this fat pig


"M-I do not understand if you hate it so much why do you attend during


"B-that's my mimi onions ... And do not tell me you understand Queque thing these stories of couples and isomorphisms, I saw you yawn just now




of spy mania now, I thought we should no longer talk about it, it does not stop to tan my ass


"On the contrary talk! He's right B should tell him that it stops a little old with math


"But it's not math, it has also repeatedly said









"G_m: Back on this issue from the beginning: a segment on earth from the sky like a rainbow .I then allows me to ask this question to the reader by the way-not familiarly with disrespect but out of sympathy because I see he has reflechi paradox (S - T) of § 1: Imagine dear reader at the edge of the field of Tartarin a tree (A) is


Let's say it's a vaguely oak that has a circular shape. It is quite plausible if we only see the top of A and if we are a bit short-sighted. Thus the foliage of oak from a distance is in a circle, or better still in a wheel (R) I agree that we need still a small stretch of the imagination, but I'm sure the player in not lack.


Now that I'm getting A being lit by the sun in a supposed known angle, how much he leaves immersed in the shade?


The total number of sheets since. A variation of the question would be:


what would be the surface of the sunlit foliage








2-3: where everything eclaire!




GM: "J e reassures the reader right away: even our armed mathematician a computer would be hard pressed to find the answer immediately; maybe after some time ..a paraphrase a missing voice .I therefore not going to go on this field ...


... A dark and rolling hills; I thought that the flat and well lit - but I can only assume that if our alphabet was as large as (for example) the following powers of 2 I would have no trouble "seeing" the complexity




I remember the provisional definition: but I do not like repeat, except necessity, I'd rather leave it here to the reader - if he has not slept in between!


I'm going to "update" my first premise: the complexity has an unlimited series of binary divisions on a space alternately open and closed


I thus abandoned two concepts that I thought "real" or firmly established in the first premise ... (why?)




Three observations:




1-the definition of complexity can it be, in the image of the part or alternate space?


2-A question leads to another: would anyone by this language to establish a


isomorphism between the space and the definition of complexity


And why not a homomorphism on the couple (S - T) since the space is not entitled to define itself


3 Return to couples, to escape this tautology: the pair (open - close) is a bijection of the space-time




But where these remarks lead us?


The limitations of language, again, except fallacy


If the verb, not the beginning of everything - just repeat this statement to grasp the absurdity - is crucial in time and space determined, then the criterion of "complexity" is inseparable from language .


How is this possible?


I have no answer to that except to introduce another postulate:


complexity of language and isomorphism of the space time are two sides of the same mental operation




If this premise is accepted it becomes necessary to involve alternations (ST)


binary states (determinant - determined) language




The first conclusion theoretical and practical of this association is:


any subsequent proposal to the recognition of motion in space


should develop along these two dimensions




We thus find the timeless wisdom of the double aspect of things, but also extended to the language.


Ex: If the earth is round in space - it is flat over time


Excluding the uniqueness of the principle of establishment -which be challenged her-even further - the most (single-complex) way to ensure the coupling of words is to associate with each letter of the alphabet its conjugate definition, if one can speak conjugate and define a single letter


... ..........




GM: getting up and doing as usual round between the seats , mostly empty now; a way to take the temperature of mental audience  :




"A little laborious for a beginning, do not you think? talk about defining a letter ... remarks about it ...?




By the way! Does anyone have already chosen his thesis


X yes sir


"... And do you know?


X "I chose the 3rd topic: how to represent a complex trigonometric functions, series of Ai and Bi


"Have to see it with M, I could not keep up? Anyone else?


L-I wanted to ask your opinion, I hesitated between the 4th and 7th


"Can you remember, I do not have anything in mind 


She unfolded a sheet: first topic: Testing a typology of human needs


and then the second ... how to determine the needs and cellular capabilities from food and hygiene life


GM "Well for me the choice is simple: if you do not have medical knowledge


it is the first, ie the number 4


L is more complicated than that


"GM good! We'll talk ... someone else?


... ... you do not think a thesis O -?


"O n-no sir I do not think so ... but we still have time?


... ...................




Entered the stage of coordi (after arrangemernt with Presenter?)




Why CI should succeed liberalism (or should we say more accurately: individualism, collective Well becaufe logically step of wealth redistribution can be done once mastered these riches or manufactured in quantities? sufficient Similarly, the attachment of I to S could be made ​​once the company has organized itself there still an essential difference.. can not oppose the two terms and I S as one would for example for a function and a body, I think those of you who attended the seminar of Professor Emile Rousseau have noticed, now I understand that some no longer have any desire to back on to school, as a traveler should ask his bags one day, the child must one day stop learning to finally start having fun finally enjoy life without asking questions constantly renewed




Legitimacy of pairs (I) whether the change in SOS (IC CI)




What is wrong we collectivism? Queues, crimes and gulags - but do not mix li critical system with criticisms ç those who have applied keeping the mentatité individualistic exclusive appropriation


The lack of dreams, loss of initiative, enterprise, gout risk




The review will be considered capitalism * or system based on the profit motive: lies, envy and unfulfilled desires, jealousy of success or luck of some insolent face the misery of others


Scams of all kinds, false advertising, unfair, although justice is ALWAYS ensured long-term (how?)


'The hand of God will tell you one -' My eye will tell auttres: God has left the keys of the house to humans; why would -there change program?


Hope that the Grand Master will enlighten you on these three points ...


















"But why do you multiply the letters of the alphabet? "Said the poor cherub who already struggling with some 24 (+ or -) of Latin languages.


GM. 'I told him: I'm a silly old man, you're right son: it's not the number of letters is important, with a few dozen letters I can make combinations and get words, not unlimited but large enough to be immune to misunderstandings ...




GM: "To temper the somewhat too pompous of this manipulation of words and couples, it should be noted that our knowledge is based on the following double contradiction - among a thousand other dimensions -


Either the language is given and therefore incomplete (or perfected)


or is imperfectible yet variable


X - "Can you repeat the last proposal? Please ...


E: - one on the language?


X: No one before: you said, the first conclusion is. ...


E: Oh yes, you are right to remind me: if we accept, as does the assumption in question identity between movement and space of time, it is here question, is not it relativity - or generalized relativism - relativism so once admitted, you can not say, in the beginning there was the word, simply name the sleep helps you sleep better or nor to wake up at a fixed time you agree with me? .la First conclusion ... simply says: not sorry for this term; Nothing is simpler because in between relativity; the first conclusion specifically says that you can not classify proposals in one dimension without immediately decommission the other.


... ..... No?
X - this is not what I 'had understood
BG-M "Good! I see that I have only managed to complicate things; take an example;


although I still have an aversion to this way of explaining, but too bad once will not hurt; take the example of the earth; on each pole you imagine a couple; one combines S & T, I will not repeat those words and other associates ... verb. and wait ...


He returns to his office, consults his notes


"I wrote 'here thinking and acting; I do not see what comes to the verb here


admit that the thought is prior to the verb, but do not ask me to prove it by the verb, and at that moment, otherwise we will mix all.


So I repeat a North pole to (ST) and a south pole to (PA) ... you get the picture clearly in mind. Then ... go there ... rotate the earth in all directions and you'll be quelleque configuration: round - trip between the two associations. ...


It is seen that story. ... seen?
Now that we are going to tell other conclusions?


'll Be like everyone else? Where is the REAL beginning the first movement is P1 → P2 or otherwise P2 -> P1?


The two movements are simultaneous, which I translate, saying if the first conclusion is classified in the 2nd S will be classified in T


Step 1 order space P1> P2 ... Step 2 order time Go> Back before


... step .... N (AF) A for amplitude and frequency F for 2 arrested in dimensions and (S - T) the order relation has no SENSE; This does not mean that it does not matter




... FADE ..................




cameo ghost of the real author - yours! (She) said he did generalist?


He talks to her mirror as would a woman, the extract of the course he read inadvertently disturbed him a little neurons, he stopped talking since virtual reality and real images


A-G "- Do you believe that I must warn readers we now cover


A - G "about what?


"Ben already for anachronistic carvings or ubichroniques I know how to say more


"Ah, but you should ... a scientist like you


'Do not fuck with your science, you have it in your mouth;


like you know you just remind me of a joke


A -G "oh yeah?




The shell script drops the 'A - G' from the 'they had to deceive; com ing an author can he do the questions and answers? '


'Should ^ may be that I find it's a aut'boulot Unbe madhouse here




"I tell you the other day, I must first grapple with that damn word processing damn how many times will it take for me to repeat them, the best is the good ennmi


"You still speak of joke, I'm not on your level


"I think Cro -magnon: he would not piss to woo his lady


"He could not see that there was still no language


"How do you know that you, you already lived at that time?


"... But NO. and by the way? why Cro magonn


"I know I said that I would have said as neanderthal or promethee or Lucifer ...


"Not very specific stuff, not worthy of a scientific




stealthy entrance COORDI


"Then made his will on the sly!?


AG "not fuck me with your ... science. ah! It's you, you give me an idea: you know when you go pee there is a little test that any good scientist should know


AC "oh yeah? And which,


AG: I will not say


AC "go, not worry pray


AG "no do not insist, it is a commercial cop if I now tell readers will think I'm a lunatic


AC "and if you would not say you spend for fun, a charlatan


A - G: 'I will not say it but towards the end, as these reminders about anachronisms and inconsistencies, well I'll give you a hint: there is a connection with meditation


A-C "what meditation?


AG: "ben c'te joke! Meditation, what! You do not know what it is? ... Yoga, oriental stuff


AC "ah! Yes ... you would not say so a little hermaphrodite you?


AG "you're in the vocabulary I say, you should have written my book


"Oh no! Each to his own as the display says


AG "where you have been searching for it, hermaphrodite ... I remember very well, that means not schizophrenic?


AC "ha! Better and better ... oh!


AG "must be left to the readers time to rest on their illusions, and then at the last minute crack! Go you wake up; life does not consist of songs




AG: has himself: Ah! the world would be nice if people could kill singing


or by making risettes and Care Bears






... ..........................


the author withdrew from the scene with the coordi:




THE COORDI-I let you continue with this GM looks to me like a rather bladder, you can not find an empty shell, do you think we were well advised to choose this guy?






ATCTE ... .SCENE ,,,




... ..............




"... You worry; there is nothing new since the famous paradox of Zeno ... .you all ... .Achille and the tortoise know, it's always the same problem revisited 10; 20 times: the point and the line, continuous or discrete according to statisticians; the circle and since the right speaks, when the right is a diagram -time space, the horizontal line that extends to the left and right, is that the two ends do not meet in a circle; take to fix a point on the equators .qu ideas ... 'is what I say: there is an equator and meridian as one if we fix a point ... you all are here ? .... The novelty here is that we no longer speak of the two left-limits - right or north-south, it is called torque, ie that one is interested more than movement and not such direction. That can change the whole arsenal of human resentment




Ringing noise in the courtyard of the High School, which produced a "Pavlovian" movement in the audience




"GM; tired, it seems! I understand, just one last word and I release you:


If we do not lose sight of couples (mental-real) on the one hand and


(Etat - variation) are interacting, the provisional conclusion to all this confusion is the imperishable -meninges verbal quote that you know "everything is in everything and conversely, that which brings things to their proportions"


- "O hey sir ... it was really worth doing anything to get the unpacking?


"GM: I am of your opinion my child ... but have you anything to suggest?


... ............................


Out of kids in the yard and adolescents through a small door


Seniors are apparently conclave?




IV -




between the author; not the one that just came out, the one with the characters


and that presents him-even as AP:




AP reading his notes:


"-you Recognize me?


"And you know Leslie Charon? 26 years ... she pronounces "caron" (no relation or neighborhood with the star for years ... 70 ... or 80?) Is student mastery of psychology, a Hungarian Jewish family emigrated to the united states she herself moved to Europe to escape the nth ghetto, a word that seems to stick to the Jewish shit like an Arab, or a Brazilian football




"- It is currently at loggerheads with his young friend (BM-) for incompatibilities schedules and convictions of moods, young love GENERAL: It must build his day every morning, wondering sometimes if it were stand and why, he instead, following the pattern of conduct of his father, a former police commissioner of customs was cut once and for all his space and his time living in adjustable blocks; for now was for L (B - M) an adventure like so many others, a little more serious though, but not so much that we should adjust its behavior to an elusive variable


L was always in search of a god, or more prosaically; a spiritual guide and, as far as young people eager to know what principles the term implies, social morality. She noticed Professor E in any chat, and he said he gave desire to deepen. in what sense? : The author does not seek to deepen, too, the desire to deepen, because as a male being, he learned the hard way that women are very ticklish beyond a limited area on one side by the collective unconscious and the other by the mixing of the sexes for millennia (?) only have access to this area real psychologists, ie: essentiellemnt women ...


And the few men whose reasoning can convert "moments" floating intuition




... ............


showing for the nth time crumpled notes  :


presentation of (BM) ... son of Commissioner optimistic .impulsif, creator of enterprise player without intuitive mind or humor in short: a concentrate of violence diluted in a sauce of congenital stupidity; we see the archetype of the wicked loulou




32 years born in Dijon, a suburb of chenove




how has he known L? it comes from America, the author ignores some ...




O_ he was born in Paris, parents in the flea market and art market 


O "would have to check your information, I was not born in Paris


"AP: oh yeah? It's in black and white here


he said, patting her vigorously docments; I'm just doing my job I;


"O that's it! and I'm the guardian of cows




"The coordi:" The trouble is that now the cows are no longer watching the trains, no need to keep your info and theories then, eh?




"AP you mix everything, so let me continue my presentation" 


everyone starts talking at the same time as when a debate gets interesting on the radio; it is at this point that the listener picks


readers should do the same!




3rd week of the seminar:




4 boom! Is complicated ... it's all new




GM "... But I am assailed by doubt," in are you so sure? "Whispered the bad elf, who is never satisfied with me


Why am I embarrassed to capture the complexity?


So I said it was enough to divide the world - or the earth or society ...) 2 then 4, then ... 64 ... 256 ... 1024


The reader who happens to be a computer likes that number


"Okay, I'm okay interrrompt he stop there, I think I understand


"Really? I surprised myself, "I have yet said anything yet" 


And I continue: why am-I annoyed because I wanted to show that using the pair (A - R) A for appearance and R for reality I understood better the complexity. Indeed in light of (A - R) I take better


relationship between (S - T) and (O - L): resp: S & T for sun earth




... ....................


Our friend and Stalinoff if not in the space station, but somewhere in the vicinity of the moon would land diving half in shadow And the more extraordinary if there was not the shadow it would see nothing at all!




T is in our heads while S, it is outside, which allows me to combine the time to look at the reality and S


Notice that S & T can not be understood separately, which led people - in this blessed time of the gods women had not the right to overrule men in public - so men spent their time if I then tell then to combine separate T and S


One more thing: if the space can be perceived by our senses directly, the time it can not be ddécoupé by reference to S. From this I conclude that T can not exixster that in a closed system like our solar system, so try to imagine the time in the void between galaxies.


Even more unusual, it is for economists, which has prioiri have nothing to do with these astronomical images, to test the validity of these observations, how?


Organizing everything "just" community life: one can not imagine a dictator indeed showing the crowds the direction of time




... .........................






G M: "I return to the couple (Franco-Russian), you remember ... the contradiction between light and shadow?


As promised ... Is cheap reader - yours! My faithful reader has forsaken me ???


Bah! 1 lost ... I'm not complaining, because I won the exchange


Is it not dear reader that there is a contradiction. Since we can not see the light if it is safe and vice versa ...


An angel passes, then two. ...




Hmmm ...: not very convinced the reader ... Ah! But is that women are more curious ... and thought is as sharp as their language is fast ...


uh I meant that their language is also sharp as their thought evil be to him who evil thinks! But back to the contradiction


Or rather: let it cool for a moment I will try to do better next time


He resumed writing aloud


However I am more positive for the inconsistency: (C - D) is not a very good marriage-and not very reliable either ...


"And why so please, 'm' interrupted softly


"Me: Why? But ... but it's very simple: Because I can not say - using a new "complex language  "


[(C o D) i (L o O)] Which translates - semi-poetic language:


the light is to the right what the circle in the dark


or: swapping the terms: the circle (C) is in the light (L)


what (D) to (O) ...


"Do you understand is not it dear reader


Uh sorry dear reader ... like you were there yourself? -I say to the reader-Arlesienne "I thought you were gone


O "uh no sir I just arrived


GM "do not call me sir, therefore, master enough to put me at ease


"But why did you leave?


O "b-beeeen ..I not understand sir


"And now you understand?


eeee ... no m-sir, but I have found a mistake sir


"Hey, we'll see that later ..... and do not call me sir ... including


"Yes sir


"Where was good - I? Starting from simple letters the architect of the universe composed of words ... a few words are enough to humans to come to blows with their hands ... they make all sorts of things including weapons and toys ... ent games and wars are also conclude with words


Is not this a condensed circular civilization? »»


"Well answer is to you that I speak ...


... ..................


"- They are a beautiful couple these two there ... .pensai I whispered; but do not go astray


We speak here of couples, what the hell ... no couples


"GM consider the question of the importance of economic thought is certainly indebted to the powerful Marxist reasoning, I think you see what I mean yes?


"L you are referring to dialectical materialism, is not it?


"GM yes, though the philosophical foundations are not very clear here, I will try to express as cairement as possible: if the human qu'ikl think is more important to make a living at the time of the tribes, or its domination subsequently rejects the assumption associated with the sharing of shadow and light; it can be argued that if one is interested more in the coupling of beings, and its corollary, the permanence of the case, it does would eventually either domination or survival. Introduce circularity in these conditions would be to wish the advent of a thought-anti-Marxist and anti-Marxist, and what would you consider this contradictory thinking?


... ............


GM - so you do not see ...




"Good I say, it's me time to pause


"Did you at least follow the reasoning, or what I say is completely nebulous ...?


- You do not say anything, a little tired perhaps all these abstractions ...


"Go children while ago ... I'll tell you a love story ..puisque you seem to like it




___scene ... ...._________________________ OF REALITY IN FICTION


(V -.......... rupture L (B-M) *




Leslie walked briskly on to St honored when she felt a hand slip in under the left armpit




She turned suddenly uttered a little cry


It was even in this abbreviated malapris: B - M in one of its towers schoolboy


L - "Oh! ... You scared me!


B M "wait let me repair the damage


He wanted to encircle her waist, resting her hand on her heart


"No let me! I'll be late


"Lagging why, you found a new lover?


"Fff ... anything ... .je'm a seminar if you want to know


"Like yours! .... Eeeet one can know what you learn there?


"Bah! ... You would not understand


"That's it tell you right now that I am a primary one remained, like my father ... that's what you meant is not it? I start to know your reactions bourgeois Little Miss spoiled ...


"I turn right here ... you also want to join me?


"Why not, I want to see the head of the seminary, sometimes we have a mutual friend ...


... ................................................. .


They engage in the rue du Four, which leads to the docks


Entry into a courtyard and two doors; the voice of E. means


... ...............................................




"L-you did not come right?


"BM- no, I prefer to know who I'm dealing with, or rather that YOU have to deal, I'm eavesdropping as once were domestic


"As you wish ...




She enters the room through the back door, but was still noted as the session started ten minutes ago ...












-5 -continue The linear growth is a myth?




G - M: Voiçi the promised story: When I was young like you, I thought the growth was like an oak that rose straight into the sky like a pin ... or. a birch tree?


Well more later ... .au job I revise my lessons things die:


So here's what I wrote about the growth - as the economists saw even the mathematicians: so I'll let you enjoy my sins style youth, and we'll talk later, okay?




GM: 'Hey you (he addresses W) you want to get settled in my place, you read them aloud When I GOING BACK, I leave you 5 minutes




He comes out of the auditorium while the students read the paper




J-5 growth is a myth single "Diary of a natural philosopher"




Advertisement W- very serious with his accent and his bearings '' r '':




Growth is a myth October 1981




"If there is a law of conservation of energy must be general, if there are no more than energy conservation. In this case the man could draw on reserves indefinitely without worrying about the future. "Do what you like" was in fact the guiding principle of human activity until the beginning of the second half of this century


Following are now known: the aberrations of unbridled industry and ecological reaction - or écologiste-




Arguably, then, the premise that the law of conservation of energy includes human activity in the overall process of conversion and exchange of various forms of energy


Can we deduce the responsibility of man in the balance of this trade?


The circular definition of skills and needs is consistent with a balance of trade and an open social space. Therefore equal losses and gains from the social or economic game does not limit the scope or duration of the game.


Physically the stability of the universe is guaranteed by the absence of finite dimensions in its limits. Indeed, in an infinite universe hypothesis of a brutal destruction of the balance of power exchanges has almost zero chance of being realized. It is obvious that we should not reduce the universe to the solar system, for example; star-planet system may very well be destroyed in its own dimensions without the distribution of matter in the universe is affected


To return to the economic level, it is impossible that a man or a community can gain something that is not lost by another man or community


The very idea of ​​economic growth is based on an absurd myth:


The myth of a higher yield, which has never happened to any known to date machine. And the economic machine is ultimately the sum of human and industrial machines. If there is a reluctance to assimilate man to a machine for moral or other reasons, the analogy to the physical plane is nonetheless undeniable: a man consumes energy in one form and releases under otherwise; admit that he can return to the earth more than what it would have received is the belief in miracles


Incidentally, the miracle of the loaves could make today a sacred service to third world countries.
these same countries that have borne the brunt of the so-called economic growth, and he'll have to pay one way or another




The teacher who had remained in the room based resume his position, and W returns to his place



E "As you notice? Curious ... like the style changes with age while remaining the same, is not it? .. Ais it's true, you can not understand, as we have seen, in order to describe circles, we must have already realized that in life, and beyond a certain age are not doing that again


The question is not intended to ... W. it is almost impossible to understand what is read aloud .... but ... if others did not understand, I have to tear myself the rest of my hair; it's not you I ask to make the effort to understand, that is what I did when I was a young teacher, I now know I was wrong, if an audience does not understand c is the speaker who is guilty


W- may, maîtrrre ... rrrr ... I have not done qu'interr- prreter ...


Various movements in the room:


"L why GM? an audience can also pretend, let alone this great constant crowds: stupidity is about the rest who mentioned the other day, this quote from Descartes, remember?


"Ah! Descartes let's see, everything he says is interesting:


"L well I quote from memory:" What surprised me most about people is the stupidity of their comments "I find the remark very ..française very pretentious


"But let a little about this text dates from the 80s, I remember you, now almost everyone agrees that the disadvantages of progress, or the alleged growth, are visible only long after the benefits. ...




Xavier but then to deny ANY block progress


"Yes it is true; there is a margin, I think you will cross when you have learned the language of couples


X I do not agree ...


"Well I will listen to you sir, it is not enough to say I do not agree, it would argue a little, would you say that we explored ALL the disadvantages of electricity


Or the plastics industry ... I'm not going to take inventory of all the arguments of environmentalists




OA- then sir, you think he should go back to candles and procedures?




GM "who the hell talks about candles ... it was already a step forward that!


............... a time for reflection


"Listen, here's what I think today I admit that your question sir the bottom has a little disturbed me when I wrote this, I repeat, the decline we see today m ' Instead comforted in my opinion, and the slope can be steeper than I thought: all social organization includes three stages: a step of launch, then just placing on orbit and then finally, a cruising speed; I believe that we should stop the progress at the beginning of this century, but this brings us to the collective orientation of our society, and I still can not develop this point, not at this stage of the discussion


So I prefer to leave it open debate for now, any questions or objections from what I just said? ... Yes?








... .....................




Street scene ... ....... impossible to play in reality: we then imagine a Parisian decor: a floor reserved for vehicles 2, 4, 8 wheels; two sidewalks on each side of vehicles reserved for dogs women, men; but not to cats; and buildings on each side of the sidewalks




pqs sauqt of that; qrqis? ZHY? St Street honorre n 57 or 59




End of the 2nd session ... and disorderly exit assistants, the master remains in the room






"L and O - What are we doing tonight


"O s-cine? TV or ...?


"I might want to take a bath and go dancing, do not you?


"O-blah! That or aut'chose, I know not many clubs, there is too much noise


"Good will first home, we will eventually find


"Great! I'll rub her back while she is underwater




They go down instead of [Italy in the 13th


Look! I think I'm going to live by qe again


Really? But I thought you already had an apartment


O no it's my mother's apartment but the rent is paid for 3 more months, it's too expensive for my means you feel good; I is being transported when ...


L Your parents have moved?


O yes, it was time, the atmosphere of the seventh beginning to weigh on me, luckily my mother knew the old, it was he who tipped me on the room


L I dig anything that you tell, the old you speak of your father, your mother the normal con ...


M-BUT NO ...


L does not cry like that! People will think we argues


O-B-GOOD ... I start again: the old is the one we just heard ... the Grand Master if you prefer, it happens ...


L care; swarming you, we'll miss the subway


He ran after her, muttering "f-F ... should know what you want huh?


They settled in front of one another in a corner of the train towards Place d'Italie indicates the panel:


L-phew! We came close to staying on the dock, so you told me. ... But it looks like the bad guy sulks big bear ... go do risette his mom ...


O is not push people like that, there is trains every five minutes, it is not at the racetrack


L you do not know; you've never been caught in the crush of 5 and 6, everyone leaves the job, it would have been packed like sardines


O in his heart: the farewell tickling in the bathroom, I figure she knows that she wants that girl, O ... Watch out.


"I live in Paris since ... at least 4 years, I know how to walk the subway


L oh well! Tell me rather old as you say, you've known him for a long time?


O-M-but not any more than you, I thought he knew my mother, but I ...


L he has incredible ideas, but we do not always manage to follow; do not you think you?


Os-yes, I sometimes have trouble too, but as he said, must cling a little .. what;


L that is what I do, but I pick up more often than I would hang me and every time I seem to have missed the essential




they walk in silence for 5 minutes


AG proposes to reuse the outside decor of the previous scene


'The streets of Paris and are very similar' has he explains


but the coordi refused: '


'Perhaps, but ticket they not follow them as street so if you want your fucking room qut multimedia makes the figure; should put some new blood crrois m not you?


Peuchère! It looks like the relationship between the salaries do not improve. ...




O 'shit life is funny, now that I am close to L, I feel I have to detach myself, when I was closer to Bernard in the seventh, I could not feel him near me should not move ... watch my old m-ier!




Incredible! It stutters even in his private thoughts














Continued from ... / 2/3 rd session (growth)






E.: I can now add the text you just read us the linear growth is a myth in an eminently cyclical world


And is linear only because we persist in seeing in cycles that precisely straight portions .Often not obstinacy but hasty observation, the cycle periods can sometimes span several generations .There therefore cycle and cycles. ...


But is not it also the case for the entire universe?


"O_ P-pardon sir ... you mean" there cycle and cycle


"E. Oh, that's right ... .the things written and spoken are sometimes different, I should have said: the first cycle is singular, the second plural


Here is a little about this verse ... I assure you it is not me, I am as ignorant as you in poetry ... a verse that illustrates this unique language:


Physicists sometimes lean towards a universe that breathes


sometimes to a universe that does not stop spread


In short, the theories about the universe


behave like the Universe "physical" 


- Today or physico-social and mental


What a deal! Philosophy


As the economy are two nebulae


but they are not as


a mother and a fabulous queen?


Is it permissible to reason with semi-Alexandrian at his feet?




After a lyrical as laborious


It remains only down the curtain and refer the audience to ...:






End of the first table






... ... to be continued






MOVE (VI) - The devil is in it - O-- B and M: first shock




O found a good room in the street Vulpian .The apartment at number 2 of the seventh he had become unbearable, it's curious, he would have thought he would feel truly at home after leaving his mother c '... how much was the month? Remember ..


Yet it was a day to mark a milestone, his mother introduced him to this great teacher that looks like a ... undertaker. austere beard, strapped in a black cloak It immediately reminded him of an actor he had seen on TV ... in greater








Take good care of him she said with a smile enigmatic is our only child


Who was this Vulpian? A physician or a botanist, it flourished in the corner, Linnaeus street, garden plants, street buffon ..he could win the Lycee through the garden and along the docks of up to the Bastille, there were maiq the stairs up and down. It does not matter, he had nile TEMS nil'nvie to stroll? N taking the metro to the station re-Glaci **




Lail but had to take the metro


It would be made in St. Paul in less than fifteen minutes




bastard of M B, he lost nothing by waiting


"I'm going to fix RV In the wasteland on the streets of the Cordeliers


it is lit at night, and we could not be explained with a guard as in parks. I'll have to study the field before he promised himself




The vedanthaisme t he ignores the necessity of the couple?






He opened his notepad on the train and tried to memorize the last class of the master E "call it P.CUL, really girls, no respect


Rereading a denière times before stopping:


Schedule small problem: there is a need for it -t- growth?


To answer this question we would have to make a detour by this linguistic somersault: solidarity is does not need that if one is convinced of the nature of necessities complémenraire


If the solidarity I (S) and environment are both absolute realyifs and then the story of Crusoe's like Robinsoe growth, freedom, ... or any other unassigned concept a myth; a human being can not live in dehorts of society (human or animal that is not the issue




at least it is up my alley, it is quite like this, come to me work, I who have become accustomed to cram at the last minute ... I must say that it interests me too; but how to practice it all


Here I must remember to buy a bulletproof vest, that bastard son of a bitch could well lead with an automatic pistol ... noon, it could not, it must be expensive these gtrucs there ... not a coat mesh would be better but the case n or find? Fucking life, you are never alone, must annoy others to be treanquille is the only solution




He preferred to go down rather than take Bastille was a match, it would also be faster than taking the train by boulevrd Bourdon and side streets on the right; curious, he had never come by here




young people have a bounty for General - a problem for psychologists to ponder (recruit candidates - servants of the public ...)


treds great ability) to handle general ideas - or confused?


Why do not we leave stains gouvebrment youth?


At least they are not yet nes tones not yet receptive to sirens of corruption


... ..................




Ah! He now recalled the film, as he did a year of medicine he happened to see one of the rooms of the hosto




another set? On doctors




The guy was an engineer, had missed ikl of money, ikl calls a day leprofeeesueur pholosophie - in my opinion he préméditéson sudden, 'admiratrion his girls began to tire him during the meal, gamise reverses a pot of cream or ... .sur pants Professor who treats little monster ... it throws like a frois in the dining room of the bourgeois engineer. The great Seneca had fallen from his pedestal




Monday ... / ... /. 3/4 th meeting: a check and rewrite numbers in words: it's more about






6 -raisonner is also circling ideas


an experiment in vivo reflection see p ........ 56






intelligent and stupiddes are affected by the same mnirere misunderstandings




Here's a little test for you expres manufactures:


ask why certain products are worth more than others


that determines prices in our liberal societies (sic _)




why is it impossible to enrich an individual or a group within a community


without impoverishing others. It is wrong on this criterion that most arguments of economists based; increasingly well on proprememt errors techniques such as jumps in the pseudo -Functions; completely ignored in the calculations of flux; or various factors affecting the choice of agents




first step: put yourself in the consumer's position and ask yourself if you are willing to spend such quantitte of energy to acquire such box of matter believed to bring you this amount of calories




Assuming that the manufacturer AND retailers are the honest people which is far ...


L - sorry Grand Master but I do not see however is the energy aue you quote first


GM is money m I thought this was definitely established after the session on growth m you do not remember? ..das The universe ... physiaque qussi although econo, mic the balance between energy and matter is suppose provides for eternity


so our money can not be that the energy dissipated in the transformation of raw materials


remember the words of Lavoisier; you can spend on a gold mine or diamonds


without spending a dime; the manufacturers or sellers have nothing added to the total weight of contents; if there are gifts a new value (ie if the currency is created) c is mobilisre as they say mobilisre a debt in other gtermes it materializes the energy expended for transfornations m of contents to make it easily exchangeable


you're the?


L_- "quite master thank you


O_ p ... sorry; I n y'm not pourauoi have inventte then this theory of supply and demand


G M ': you are in avace as of -habitude m m I was coming to this law actually does in practice ja; verified ais go and do your shopping in the supermarket and demandew the director or the cashier why law is not applied: there should be daily mercurial fixing the horns of all products sold or exposed


but then you imagine the paddle in households and in marches


X and the ministries


O why ministries?


Note; I do not think that there would be disorders in other countries m the french have a holy horror of haggling m looks like it upset their sense of values; it is necessary to remind the French that all acts of exchange are based on balance of power


Negotiate a price is the minimum that each I (S) can do to be recognized as a human living in a community au'etre




... ...................................... ... SCENE. FICTION THE PLOT




A C and A - G


Victor Hugo was not in good faith when it dresait famous diatribe against the theater


"... .ce Peristyle or courtiers are co; ploter against the king; and where the king is plotting against the courtiers m each in turn _ quote _ Memory


Commemt has he done to set secene his "Ruy Blas"?




conspiracy to transfer E. R_ (the coordi, AC, P and Dean of Faculty)




conspiracy to dep] acer Dean (... .A - GM _ director of ministry
















GM: 'I'll prove it by returning to the § 4


I say "you" because now I have 3 listeners


Magnifique! It is the success: My audience has increased a child


But what will you imagine! It is not our couple who realized the miracle of divine injunction, it is simply the "cherub" out of my imagination ... to believe that recalling childhood memories of youth favors cures


... Well, never mind!




So when I wrote in § 4 (C o D) I was not of French grammar


rather I was trying to translate shorthand opposition between the circle and the right


Mal took me, for the letter "O" refers to the second couple as well as the opposition shadow


Hence the darkness of the subject and confusion ensued


Because thou art in smart reader doubted if I suggested a break, it was indeed to hide my embarrassment


But there was worse: I realized that I had not explained in § 3 why and how I had established a correlation between the powers of 2 and the alphabet on one side and the other the " vision "complexity


Having heard as: "In contrast to the complication




What I f ..


"HEY THAT WAS IT sir! Exclaims O _ rising drive-arlesienne


And frantically waving his notebook a spiral, its behind, presumably to put the full view to the damsel-reader and finally her spectacles he finally rest on his chocolate bar


"What? That ... and I beg you not to interrupt me, you're not here at the radio; what the deuce


O-- "m-control forgiveness master ....


GM "ah! That's better ... I've always said that one day someone, somewhere would recognize my immense talents. And if there was still a master of 2


I would be ... well .good you gonna tell me in the end! "


"V-voila sir


"Lord! Good ... you do not know? You'll eat your chocolate quietly without forgetting your glasses; during that time I finished what I had on the fire right?, we are not here to damn TV! At the time we stopped turning ... except on itself


"I repeat for the reader ... Let's see what I told you ... well you follow?


L "Yes ... well no! not very well ... but Grandmaster i would like to know why the flat universe and becomes dark and lit ... dark ...


GM 'AND WAVES "here I was excited too as myopic" I thought softly not to offend my only myopic auditor


This is exactly what I meant ... '


and then ... .la panic ... I thought alone














"But I'll stop abruptly took a (vertigo-doubt)


"How can you know that you ... if I have not lost memory you were not there when I spoke circular world ... I know


"No Grand Master ... well ... I was next to my friend I listened but I did not dare go ... ah! I forgot the fact Grandmaster: do not tell me "you" as my friend could hear you


"Oh yeah? And then ...


"My friend is very jealous Grand Master ... he could imagine things ... well you see ...


"Ah! I see ... in fact ...


Suddenly I did indeed:


"Excellent remark as it falls to perfection: this is the type of situation complicated but not complex, you catch?


L "Yes ..enfin Not very well Ghent master ..but remember ...


"Yes, yes, jt 'not worried, e just wanted to know how you ... how you react ... what do you do later?


"Writer, Grand Master


"Well, well, it's a noble profession writer ... and you ... and you damsel-reader a very subtle mind, Word! Grand Master says to you ...


On the other hand Grandmaster do not really see what it can teach you


a writer does not need to do math or economics


"Oh yes ... I Grandmaster learn a lot ... when we reason with numbers more letters are respected Grand Master ...


"So there ... young never cease to amaze me ... you definitely know ... you know as much as me ... well not quite-a-done ... but you are definitely too mature for your age ... you get along with your friend ...


"HE IS .... myopic starts to fidget subside soon


under the icy glare of the damsel-reader 


"That's exactly what I told him sir ... she is very old for his age ... and his friend is not ...


"Anyway if that can reassure your friend ..your forgiveness boyfriend girlfriend reader, you can tell him that I am as innocent as the cherub you see at the bottom


"   A cherub ... .where it sir?


"GM: you shall say to you when you learn to respect the great Master ... We are not here to damn coffee


"O: P-pardon ..Grand Maitre..j I did not ...


"GM: we don 't have asked for anything ..and called me only: ..this master ... all I asked you


"GM: Come on ... enough is enough ..assez chatted ...


"With what I'm beginning again


"O: that's always sir again you said, for reasoning also ... sir




good well it is certainly not me who coined the phrase "the truth comes out well from the mouths of children, but in these circumstances one wonders why we need the wise old ... bah! It must surely have our otherwise Mother Nature would not let us live ... role.
GOOD ... pretty chatted children return to the starting point in 24 hours


Remember to solve the problem I'm asking you




* *


New Look at / methodological torments epistemological authors outlined here by the GM on his desk




"E why the contradiction is inevitable? Should I consider


An instrument of the omnipotent and omniscient Nature?


"Enter now the heart of the debate might be confusing for young people accustomed to repeating formulas minds. We seek the meaning of life outside our thinking while WE are that sense, many meanings; our awareness of life in the universe has to unconsciousness exact opposite of our death. Without our evidence the universe might be simply a formless mush and tasteless, that this -philosophe economist called the divine hand is that the resulting mechanical ... no more "psycho-mechanics" of individual interactions. All transformations of the universe - including the big bang physicists are only local events. Obviously this term can take proportions sometimes beyond our understanding; but it is difficult to consider another hypothesis: the universe is absolutely untouchable as he is also an uninterrupted series of transformations. This is what economists ignore in their assumptions, they would not speak of other wealth creation or growth when there is little that the movements of energy and transformations of various degrees, we see stars like distant body while we are both compounds and star components. I can not otherwise conceive the universe as an opposition (S - T), everything is frozen for eternity, and yet everything is movement among the heavenly bodies, it is becaufe that is cosmic consciousness of life not be contained in the vicinity of a star or even a galaxy ... how to put all these things in simple terms ... ..voila it takes me ... not in understandable language; compare the power of adaptation to our lack of balance, complementarity seen as almost universal constant, the inverse of adaptability, time as a fitness room or space as a reciprocal need time ... frank crisis fun; this is what I would get: laughter is not it often the most civilized manifestation of misunderstanding // would be better to stick to the original schedule: I start with the need for couples; there will be time then to challenge the legitimacy of the need to introduce an arbitrary universe eternally stabilized


And God in all this? T will be objected that "ultimately" it's always what one says when one has no more argument ... well c (is the same as we entered the complex world it can no longer have scale god can not be that the coupling of the smallest particle - here I am quiet the quest for the ultimate particle looks more and more like the quest for the Holy Grail, or rather, the race for shallot see ... or was I ever the slightest shit poodle is as important to the organization of the universe most gigantic force field, our language is decidedly below all forces: yet term that has no place in scientific language, the greatest moment of known energy must be coupled to the lower area of ​​material to discover to give birth to God, why there can not be a start the universe ... is that we do not see how such a deployment of matter and energy could disappear ... moreover there is a simpler way to end life is to close your eyes; Nature has left us in the immensity of his (cruelty-clemency) the power to end it in another way, so why complain? Since the first philosopher has found that men were mortal everyone mindlessly repeat this lament ... without even checking whether immortality would be rather inconvenient ...


Well enough of that ... ..I just time to prepare for the next session, What's that? Ah yes! Analogies: Another big piece ... hard to swallow, start by comparing our individual body with all its functions, social anatomy, must go find the arguments to work. ...






================================================== =======
















Since we started with the head we will continue; who to vote opinion would play the role of the brain in our economy colberto-Jacobin?


L state. ...?


GM "quite, the state central government, but also the peripheral centers decisions ... Now for senior analogy between the social body members and the body of an individual suggests ...?


... ...............


GM is already less obvious it is true, I would say that the arms represent half of the unit (P - C). To comply with the reservations expressed earlier about the distinction between production and consumption, we could put the energy left and right inputs of material inputs. And the activities are grouped not according to the results, but in the manner of transformation, I am not, in fact more satisfied with this method as the previous one but it has the advantage of generality: P and C differ only by materials and energies used


"And what are these materials?


W_ rrr ... .il are aborr ... .the commodities


E exact, but still ... how to distinguish these materials


M by origin obviously


E no doubt, but it's less obvious than one might assume ... Voilà still a correction to the current language, talking about industry or agriculture is certainly not stupid, but science should be based on more stable concepts, according to how we could classify more ... shall we say, more generally activities


Hey O have said M-ms'ieu ... according to the scales transformation


L he said degrees no scales


M - one must go back to the origin of products


E very fair, and more specifically, how do you reference origin


M in the Chinese tradition, it seems, earth, water, wood ...


E're not going that far, we have a chemistry that Western proven, hmm ... for good or bad I grant you, but this is a consequence of systems of freedom, I'd rather individualistic systems; So we have the body fluids, solids and ...


O and g-ga-ga. ...


Burst of chuckles


E - "go a little quiet, you are wrong to discourage private initiative, I hope my dear O - it was not a personal criticism, I would be very offended from you ...


O "... pp.


M but what would be the advantage of a new classification, assuming of course that all economists agree to change their textbooks








In Solids: vegetal, mineral ... etc.




3 I would say, my dear, that there would be at least two:


Double advantage of rapprochement natural modèee clalssification


No waste (P - C) all ind. Are both Cons and Prod.
approach consistent with a typology of Ai - Bi






"E Where was I in our ind6 analogy between body and social body?






The lower limbs are obviously the bedrock of any economic unit, it is the middle classes on the one hand, cuttable and exploited at the other side while the living tissue of small and medium enterprises, whose whole business agrees that they are the soul and the frame of the house "France", an objection to e ... eulogy.


L is not really an objection, but I am annoyed to hear each meeting entrepreneurs rant about their talents and courage, has heard they are the only creators of wealth in this country




GM All-a-agree with you my dear L but what could the likes of us, let the caravan, with time they will eventually subside


O b-but posed arm sir, you did not say


GM; I did not say? ... They are obviously superior, multinational classes who live more abroad than domestic resources, and then their frames ... it ezst partly due to the movement of the arms that Lecorps can rotate freely èmême


and feet ...




Attention, this analogy is only an outline, it deserves to be documented, no explanatory pretention I do not guarantee its authenticity, but the circuit of blood in the body could inspire many thoughts on the material flow and énergfie - in prticulier lma monetary circulation - an economic engine




Remember also the psychological aspect in the decisions of P and C, or in our language, decisions fransformation of Contents




double comparison: OS with the human body, eg blood etargent / currency


but also celestial bodies: a contradiction? Yes and no "simple" complex langege








VII - 1 - mixing genres and genders


connection rules in default




We are in the classroom rue Tolbiac


AG q note on its wedge-bread for the floor to be seen with the technicians or coordi




Entry without a blow of P colleagues. M ... .suivis Bernard


Last alumnus P, who introduced him to E. (aka GM), the "display unit" will still get slapped on the wrist ... or something else. Handles hands; Smiles




A SMALL confabulations places ... 2 ... FLOATING IN THE CROWD OF AUDITORS


E SE DE; mended that "therefore came to W & M in its course; Was there grêve in the profession? ; OR was it still a maneuver P


Melange this course and seminar, imaginary dialogues and fictions told him nothing worthwhile; poutant it was he who had insisted on the mixite




TOPIC OF DISCUSSION: LANGUAGE AND AWAY: (P - A) see § 2 (lyrics - acts)?








P If we resume our interrupted on the origins of language discussion


E. the moment seems not right to me, my dear


P and why I pray thee


E. well you see I'm busy with youth


P ta ta ta ... you can involve them in the discussion, you have already done I think not?


E. yes, but not like this, I need at least ... prepare ... and then we said all there was to say on the subject; No?


THEN THERE P_, you're in bad faith, is not it you who said at the end of the last meeting it would take at least ten sessions to exhaust the subject


E. if you think I have to remember all the nonsense that I can charge in meetings


















IE_: s enough! Forgive me this attitude dictator faculty, if I refuse this debate I am aware, believe me, that many elements are missing to fuel a constructive discussion ... wait just answer this question and I agree with your opinion , want to keep up the challenge


G-What bet? we do not not play dice here


E. you a quote or ..


I say what I think ... Mr. Rousseau customs


oh please do not be too personal, we have neither you nor any participant no interest in the triumph of either of the two opinions


I repeat, you agree to respond objectively to this one question ...?


"- THEN HERE: would you be able to separate cognition of language ability? If so, then I rangerai you think otherwise, you admitted that thought like language are natural data .. ..
... I was going to forget, subject HUNDREDTH A degree of freedom granted to the human


Do you agree?




The students first of all having fun with this argument; commemcetn to annoy m by then attacked them, groups are formed; we talk about this and that


... ... Seeing the "display unit" (A - P) decided to take matters in hand; his despairing semaphore sets in the direction of GM who fails:


A - P: clapping her hands, "some gentlemen silence ... .s Please!


I think you know all the teachers P - ... .G- ... and M -


He gestured to the master;



... ..............................



P IS YOUR BET RIDICULOUS It is quite obvious that we have more power, I would say in-fi-ni-ment more power on the second that we did on the first


E "I would share your point if you remove this" infinitely "bothers me


P well: say we have a lot more freedom to control our language




E-Here's how you explain the fact that the words sometimes exceed our thinking so that they are well below in other cases




P: Well, I would say it is still a manifestation of our cyclical


E. But the cycle is an eminently natural event, you'd have forgotten


M: Wait a minute! I'll try to correct our friend what he means ...


My turn to interrupt you ... M - you have every right to rescue your friend, but I think he lost his bet, and he did it even easier than I dared to hope like this, the thing that surprises most in intelligent people is their stupidity, I'm quoting someone you should know, at least is written, go ahead Master M - defend your customer


The odious ... you are. you who


may, I've only defend myself, you should not call me a customs if you were not on your sources




M - Let's go! LET these childish, that's what I meant there should be a simple experimental means you decide




E finally came malherbe Ah! Congratulations dear G - this is a constructive idea, only it will take you to explain the protocol or all protocols experience


P-Oh no, you're not going to trap me so easily, I leave that to the experts


E: Come on!


M: Wait, I can still give indications: it is sufficient to analyze, today we have the resources, so it is sufficient to determine which areas of the brain, heart or if you are looking for trouble; regions that are so Activated-by language under certain conditions


E.: I BELIEVE IN YOU TALK MASTER, nonetheless details would not be superfluous, what conditions; should be such that these regions are well identified




M precisely fairfe should pronounce by the subjects of phrasses tfrellers both centers are in conflict, the example you gave is one ... the name on the tip of your tongue, remember?




E And that's it? This is only half the test if you want my opinion, and we are still far from the laboratory


M: You do not even want all of you that I describe in detail ALL of the conditions of the experiment






I add this second term "I did not think so right" 






P cramped L while some expressions reveal deeper afterwards


I can only assume that the two are interactive and alternately cause AND the effect of each other


in a word, thought and speech are in a circular corellation




G - and why only corellation?






P - 'because I am unable to describe just a relationship between two phenomenon


could you do Mr. mathematician?




M - me; Why?




This is the counterpart of the first: well not quite but as you so well: there is far from the Gap: Let me explain having a word in mind without being able to express shows has evidence that thought precedes language, the other expression shows otherwise


that's what pushes me to admit the simultaneous existence of both, ie thinking and


speech form an inseparable couple and it gives me sufficient evidence may not yet necessary to their natural or divine origin, or diabolical


M-mathematical language is a human triumph




E. as the woman is not it?






You will need to prove to me that life was possible without this coupling of male and female sexes, why do you think D (N) has he thought it wiser to give us a companion




This joke! but to brighten our winter nights


jester, if you heard feminists, the woman could say today since it also wants a piece of divinity, why women should support them as a partner and as boorish uncouth




G_: Who do you believe that all theorems were dictated by nature?




E And who will believe that you are the quellesqu'elles thoughts are the sole work of the will of H (F)?




................................. ;




and speaks very slowly instead of women


"My word you are inspired today is ue Another interesting idea


in what sense


you do not see? The experience that you suggested just now, we could do with two groups of different sex




oh yes indeed I remember being a little gloating of an American reaction




but our minds are already dating dear friend, I had the same reaction ei but I said to myself, after all, why not?




Inter generic comparisons have little scientific interest




= extension of popular inventions findings








I am not in favor of the debate for the sake of conversation, the most passionate debates rarely have a final outcome, hence my reluctance to discuss this issue, I have the rest said in the seminar, business experts call for more serenity than it may be granted in public issues, it can also be distracting in salons, but I hope you do not believe you here in a salon of the Recamier lady will gentlemen some peace














to get to the bottom of the language


















Eter living on Tue LeNet § CANVAS OF SPIDER AND ..


the poor would be "acceptable as aqu'ikls avisetn is not to show that they are not" complexed " 














EXPRESSION "on lebourt language reveals




order of appearance (thought-language)




the vote of the students will finally decide teachers












---------------------------------- LANGUAGE AND THOUGHT






It m 'among other things criticized for not doing enough on the description of characters, some characters do not even have a name .j'accueille these criticisms with a smile; pointless telling people what they do not want to hear, a novel is never an arena where names and surnames, some authors are more skilled than others at camp scenery and characters floating around, but I never tried to pass myself off as a novelist; what I'm writing right now could be a pioneering experience, or it could be a short-lived attempt, what soothsayer could ever hope to make predictions about patterns in literature. The paris and tips rather fall games and sports, not the arts or sciences. Some economists who doubt of nothing ventured on this shifting terrain, while also claiming that their discipline is a real science Let comrades! You can not have guns and butter, must be reasonable if one takes such pains to prove to the ignorant and stupid that the economy is a hard science


About if you ever see happen in your life the moron who found this expression con let me know, or better yet give it some hammer to see if it has a head impact resistant head. We'll just ask you: hard soft science science is supposed to spin complex "" has that? but unhappy! if ever mankind should live underwater they are the ones who survive. And who knows what lies ahead between now and then ...
But I left a sentence in the harbor, I think, as I was saying, forgive me this reader tantrums, but there are days when you would go to war against all those who care about the world remained well protected in their paneled rooms. Can not wait to restore the duel to lift the impunity of those fools hacks


Yes I was saying, it's not worth giving so much math homework to poor students, or to sit on benches hard to go then have fun making predictions about their career plans. Especially if said students realize that their entire arsenal of math did not serve them much ... (*) Contrary to what the first Nobel Prize for economics NOT - I am so ashamed to mention it name I've relegated to the abbreviations; if he died he would not expect me to carry his remains to the Pantheon. Note there is little risk since he said in English, this is not the first and it would not be the last calamity that the Yankees sent us over the Atlantic


But all that away a bit of literature I had left on the names: I wonder if the weather is not conducive to a full dusting libraries. Our economist of E. Service alias GM offered its students an introduction to space language, the names of characters in novels or theater could become Numbers, following the example of the names of galaxies: tools for word processing favor this trend since it suffices to use the "Search" to change in a few minutes all the names of a literary work. But as I note further case sensitive! if we push towards the better to avoid the well: a novelist who does not like the numbers might as well introduce the reader to a bladder by describing it as a lantern!












RDM yield stress




novels as incpt; sawing; x hands; MORE ON IS CRAZY ,,,,


do not describe too much s landscape: leaves free the imagination


order and disorder in the chrono - see the seminar ... No..






THERE IS NOT ONLY 2 CATEGORIES OF AUTHOR: smooth, caressing those readers in the direction of hair


And there's the rough, intractable, who fiercely defend truth as if their lives and their careers and their children depended




Should you see a calm fellow, dpuis time that the Truth is this pûgtain without pay or stipends of aunbcune qu'estèce so that humanity won, somebody "can any one tell me?


















Input pairs (A - P) closely followed by (C - A)




AC "but I thought you had done?


AP "no no, it just remains for me the electricians and cameraman


AC: "no, but you believe that, you do not here the film is serious, the real economy more than perfect competition and without bragging mathematics, will shoot you, I have not got all make me go go household!




A - C: I beg your pardon for this incident ladies and gentlemen; this clash of generations was not planned by the master, the only meetings of this type are in nursing homes between grandparents and grandchildren. But we are not children themselves and the university is not a nursing home, at least not yet, it is unacceptable that distinguished professors began to rant in front of an audience of young future teachers; I promise you that this incident will not happen again; at least not while I am me master of the situation and her master conference




"I could, I'm not anymore, I was your age, I am now a professor emeritus, yet I have done nothing to deserve my fate




"You know master ... we have a service here security should not héditer to call them, they could have calmed the little shit, everyone has to justify its salaie even here I speak to you


"Are you referring to there; our colleagues at Jussieu


"No, I've prarle the hullabaloo of morning


"Aah yes ... what you want, be that boys will be boys


"Certainly, certainly, but I can do without much youth if it is only fit to make noise


"Oh you do not like noise; I thought that the movie lacked fauniversité


"The what? I did not understand 


"I said that the university lacked wildlife animation


"No it's not what you said, you have to make a slip


"Bah! It's not a disaster. ... you'll see when you're my age ...


"Yes ... good to talk about aut'chose, remember starting to move the secretariat, they have to get you to sign papers


He leaves the room, grumbling




"It makes me laugh the teacher, thinks unetour in ivory, concrete it sounds, people they come in a library to flee their HLM and what they mean ...?




Leaving the hall F lacks reverse M - who was about to join the seminar room






made excuses miss, you do not hurt at least


M seems .mon god thing ... I feel all warm his cock against my thigh, he could fuck me even here ..


"M-No, I have nothing




the mysteries of life: an irresistible urge mutual keeps attorneys in a kind of emotional levitation, CA briefly remembered the scene cheater; S Guitry tells how a young hunter hotel became literally raped by a wealthy dowager; put roof instead of these poor creatures, reader heart: the desire to be fucked gives them cramps, but the fear of being dominated gives them wings, so they may tend to flee as if they were at mortal danger, to the chagrin of the gallant old who no longer have the legs of their adolescence. But why has nature diablle she played this dirty trick to half of humanity?


For their own good is the m r2pondent; inaristes m for our greater good


Hmmm ... so when are they going to close this sacr2 s2; inary m or can be ikl fe; ere also


This little steamy interlude ended fishtail without love and hatred in a rustle of petticoats, the damsel sped through the hallway, and our PA) stood there like an oak with his penis which sought to s' evader of her panties. He picked his way to the acenceurs pinning his napkin on his fly; was always a bad encounter


likely in an elevator. ...


"How the community should she handle such incidents?


Will he asked, is it not a thesis for these pimply, let's see how we could call it; "Management of extramarital encounters, no it sounds a bit hollow, not external shocks couples; let your good tomberc'estpas radius, there has to submit the case to the old professor, he knows what to do


... ...............................




Given by nature AND improved human language


I find it simply impossible to imagine that man can create desmonstres if initially had total control over production














Ex lever


who was the inventor of the principle




the you ask too much? Perhaps the woman Archimede 's




Ha ha ha ....




Merçi gentlemen; I propose that we left for the day, this is the best conclusion we can imagine, if the language is not the property of man, by laughter against its main tool of revenge on the Gods






They all go out except ... ...




In a small street ... square.




O - W-L-M and X are sitting on the same bench


L on lap O_ M and ground head in the legs W-


A little spice to the game the author has replaced the characters cited by letres A .... E


who wants to play to find our little hero province?




A-You saw the head of the old


W I'd especially wanted to see his face when he discovered the ... the ... the gift


Oh yes, it was worth the fdéplkacement


O-But that may well have had an idea as ...


L_: blah! A peti smart yet someone had to have as much shit in the head is on




You believe it will make us all pay?




No! because he said he had found a surefire way to punish the responsible


this is not yet a bluff, it is an able paraitement
















E _ during transit from his hotel and Jussieu




"  conservation of energy are the way to go, if one law that should be broken to upset the balance, this is it -There. But why cling to a search of balance, we are not trying instead to spice our lives to destabilize a little fight against this tide constantly rising boredom.


The weight of boredom, that's one thing that young people of our time could not know, that's one area where the efforts of previous generations have produced fruit. In this new century, the pace of life rather hectic seem to indicate a turning prériode, everyone feels and says, but each in its own way, I do not know if the companies that live this state of things go through a higher or lower, but the alternation is no longer any doubt




which reminds me that I had left my outstanding history of the black hen


and his white ass


... ..................




Why on earth referred to as Rousseau was concerned [ikl so of his fellow m them which does pads arretaaeitn create her miseries?




Why Physicist Bolzman croyait- it to a slow but safe degradation of the balance, which I find myself, in all natural or divine "intentions". He argued specifically a re-balancing of the low temperatures, hot springs becoming increasingly rare in the universe as heat sinks they increased in number. The events of the cycle on earth seem to contradict formally - ie in principle this slow but inexorable march toward the heat death: still the same error: it extended by a right which is only a portion of cycle




I do not need to keep the attention of readers awake to cram in here or erotic scenes, since I'm specifically talking about women's attitudes in relation to pleasure


links with energy conservation, or balance appear for themselves.














saying: the rooster who has a sore derriere while the hen lays ^




comprensation between banks = exchanges between glaxies light / stars


the solar system is not waterproof


no life in the universe - these idiots yankees spend billions of dollars for alle r


search the dark corners while they do it here the war, more variety than there is in the universe




back to nasty wolf and the hen (ayussi racism exists in the animal world, I saw with my own yeus seen




self-esteem, how to cure disease cfette, Plutos feature fender of talking depéchéoriginel, H (F) could be held accountable to God: If evolution by cycles ets also closed a con virgin why the hell basing life on a hope for a better life


There is not t he lçàun fool's bargain


What interest do we have a full life àperpétruer trouble cad dive when it does not conceal misfortunes in series, or latent threats or disasters beyond our blueprint misleading alternating feelings of power-impotence


who takes what advantage and why?


As for death is the least of my worries because I think it is long overdue






Seance of ... / ... /




the seminar moves to the coffee trade: for advertising purposes shall remain nameless


actually AG negotiated with a tenant of bistro m, ais it was probably too stingy dsans aue our friend -friend m ussion the disc has cut short




WEALTH AND POVERTY ISSUES ... THE rich do not play the lottery


or to dig his boomerang effect; BE with his teeth, which criticizes the salaried sq box TQNT TQNT and that one day he finds a street


a-t help 'foolishly' to its fall? Could he be the avour?




THINKING HOW WHEN ,,,,? Learning to think: a trade?




Return to oneself: priviliege a shy and introverted


but also a great Evole of thought, meditate on the futility of our Defintions


(Qi - Di) reviste couples (O - L)










"Let's see just how many enemies with the so-called" liberal society "but reserves his gifts" to the rich and influential, able to maintain its OS


I begin by quoting some of these enemies


in life there are the clever and the stupid, fuckers and fucking, winners and losers etc ... vocabulary and arguments abound in these "all income" these "after me the deluge" ... .for carve the lion's share




Embittered, artists, poets, officials ... that the company would not have recognized in time, the merits, which reverse their behavior but not enough to destroy what they love




Solitary: JJ Rousseau, B. Pascal, MARQUIS DE SAD E who have assumed their condition he would have been in the habit of pushing the lock of his gaol in the Bastille


Pessimists eternels:


it is the couple (P O) and not the social leaning towards one rather than the other of the two feelings




I want àrassurer women; since the time that the sages say to H (F) d regader on both sides of the truth, there has been little progress in this world ... since then?


People do not see or hear only what they want - choici - to hear or see




policies dogs after attempts by their critiqes to change society, they decided to change rather camp (from the fable by La Fontaine)


The misunderstood - too savvy Marin Mersenne, Leon Walras, Maurice Allais




In terms of the evolution of relations (HF)


Voiçi how I see the long-term scenario. Women are trying to regain lost ground pendantdes centuries of shared life with men. But things will go wrong because of lack of tact of women, perhaps more tragic in the USA than in France, but as French and French are determinated to copy all the crap Americans then evolution will be the same - "two k.pi" almost as they said in the time in high schools. I wrote a blog about it some time ago that the Yankees would do well to ponder the relationship (FH) in the Gulf countries where they made war on the natives, and especially in Afghanistan .How we could arrive at lock uneducated women with no choice but the "fight against dust" 


IT is the same to ask how we may have sold as slaves black


or seek to exterminate the Jews in any way


the answer is the same in all three cases: an excess in one direction creates a replica as violent in the other direction. Because women lack of tact they will seek to recover in one century they have lost for millennia. The males have beautiful slow reaction, one day or another backlash bring women in their place.


Which place I specified elsewhere why is that for which they were created, and all their posturing and hysterical cries are able to change anything. Difficult to accept his condition, I admit, when we are convinced - if only by the stupidity of his companions that "it is better" 


but women and men all fall into the trap of hasty comparisons, based on criteria ... 2/3 of the toughest can go up to 10, and they and they want to apply it on the field and the conclusions drawn on their own value social.


The wise solution here would be to abandon any comparative inclination; for the reason that over millions of years nature has had ample time to refine and polish a large number of species and a huge variety of individuals within each species: How in these conditions or disassemble expect back in the course of a human life heritage slowly matured over millennia


Since we can not even count the criteria on which were built the people we can not compare individuals a fortiori , rank in a society which we know that the external architecture


Better to admit - as I did above - that people are in-comparable and draw a final result of its role in the community - even then save the appearance - I can not say that this attitude is a rather resigned favorable soil


a collectivist culture, it should perhaps be comparing the two developments of real expenditures and apparent society on an interval sufficient to show two alternating time; to be more credible.












____________________________________ Following the session ID .... when?


No. 7 after connecting a POS ANALOGIES


"Taken up: after the arms and legs were the body itself,


ie: the chest, stomach and lower abdomen, this is where exchanges take place between and transformations; liquid, gaseous and solid exchanges that constitute the bulk of the physiology of the human body, and by analogy meet the needs and abilities which are the source of all economic activities






Limit ourselves to the flow of blood, full of oxygen from one side of the heart, it appears responsible for carbon dioxide from the other side: the question I ask myself is: can we learn from the natural model to remove all the toxic waste discharged by industry ... comments on that?







"So ask the question another way: what could -on add or subtract to the currency that it Joure the same role as that of blood in the body? Did you even think to compare the two energy vehicles?


X but how can you compare a rich and blood to simple banknote cash?






sourceof / life and death money -or




Similarities: same function;




H = natural being of variable degree




_______________________ NOTES NR




... ................. VIII - the basics dui contract asocail 'I (S) or S (I)


How important in order




experience of reflection 'in vivo' (2nd




Pharisees who disetn worse than hang from silver m but crachetnpaqs on dobs criminals * (Church of Nuoro - don luciano and kitsch Color horrible taste




2 error cop: if X has lied at one point so he memti on ALL the rest




we begin by pressing the head if nothing comes out is left to simmer the qustion m possibly note that it faudrqit see the etymolgie in a dictionary of m BUT avoid rushing to a dictionary or a biblio m or Internet


cmment we would ask if we had instead was a corrupt religious




I take the former. Consumer who chqnge co mportement; you remember we had commemce m al 'study when there was this interruption, ... eee




So a consumer who changes his habits Because one product changes price does not jump by reducing a mg daily consumption




X - then all the calculations on the elasticities are not valid?






but on qur not; j qi already a reserve on definitions m so let the concept of elasticity to materaux humans are not a sensibiklite elasticity and why this would be a one-way sensitivity?


You have already seen a trader or producer regardless of the needs of consumers? Me not a day a plant manager decided to increase the prices of its cars as; you think that he has to compensate for price increases of raw materials or


but it may be that it has simply want to offer another car his mistress


various movements in the room






I have already explained why I think frqncqis were hostile to marchadage




people believe that prices are subject to discussion and also mystereieurses manipulations that the operations of adjustment atomic clocks; or seminars on converting units of measurements physiaues




............................. >>


the irritated eyes - or jealous? [In school. They were of no dare say they were of no included




And here I m j 'had passed the master dana [art of making others feel Keurs defects


Here there is no intelligent or stupid girls garcona detentew then you and especially not hesitate n q bullshitting rappelew persone that still holds the patent of intelligence m So stupidity is only an intelligence known nothing m a shadow [I would say intuition


yes ... .William?


Z = rrr ... ah ...... believe that the genesis of all reflechissdnt mamiere same? .rrr ... I mean ... can [we defne a general rule of reason




An important décisoin? GM








"Why the hell should we ever oppose the individual to society


If a scientist or physiologist neurologist had been isolated or genes responsible for this constant thirst for domination, this constant concern career emergence of mass, this fierce desire to "break" as if the community or nature were the enemies of the individual, when it should be obvious now THAT NO individual could survive without the kind assistance of the one and the other "life is a struggle" say these crazy liberal useful idiots multinationals our future masters. Pending "state systems still provide a lead cap or a layer of ice under which I (S) and thus stifle still have to" break "


If we are not born with a hatred of the social is growing rapidly in the sneak attack of the system and its directors or as one of the "  thousand natural schocks "


mentioned by the poet


Fun deformations of language and behavior: these teen or adult say "no longer have a relationship with the community" but going in the forest or on a mountain, which with a hammer - produced by the community - to build his cabin, which with matches - another product that the individual would be unable to re-invent - to make fire


SMC will she finally set the record straight collective time


patch up these two irreducible terms-couples?


How? It is needs to convince the poor always quick to pity their fate people, EVERYBODY is both exploited and exploiter


Certainly Marx is arguably one of the greatest scientists of all time, but what did li need to excite consciousness comrades on psychological beneath which he could know nothing despite its immense culture and intelligence disproportionate


What psychiatrist would tell us that a poor causes havoc in his personality in the uprooting of its initial orbit, diverting eg on a silver universe and


hatred, his whole soul steeped in poetry and love. I appreciate encopre less cynicism of GB Shaw or his imitators, who to trust if the intellectuals themselves denigrated virtues of knowledge on the grounds that they "do not hold water" against the vices of power .


The common people are now ripe for them to admit that cultural richness artistiaque or may constitute a credible alternative to material wealth?


This is one of the challenges of the new OS


There are of course a thousand other: include pm SOME /






It is inadmissible that individuals are punished or rewarded for the skills that they are only beneficiaries / natural custodians




Solidarity is not a favor but a vital necessity for those who believe "help" those who "seek" outside help. The one and the other would be as unhappy if they were deprived of this exchange of moods or needs




(Like Nature's been done for millennia to build eco-systems) OSUS SECURITY RELEASE OF INDIVIDUALS / COUPLES COLLECTIVIZATION




Since all abilities have equal importance, the fact that some tasks are characterized as "more useful, or more basic" comes from our weakness repeatedly reported: inability to see light and shadow at the same time. Hence the usefulness of complex language and generalization of couples (R -I)




The alleged rarities resources are not the result of "greed" of nature, but mimicry caused by irrational fears of the weak and the strong instinct of domination




Why would the legal laws -they more




... ...............




CF / 101 proposals of PDR






SL / 143 second shipment ... ..15 RFE / 03/14 ... more






Sometimes I was thinking out loud, and that mattered to him the opinion of onlookers? I do not know if it's a good idea to bring together young and old on the same subject ... .What about anyway? Lesdiscussions with colleagues Ala were both too technical, the kids are coprendraiet nothing, and also more informal




Arriving dock celestins he hesitated a ninstant -there ... would take a taxi


"A relic of an age eutre he concludes with a shrug, the station bridge boiler, which line was it already. In a society collecitivisée we could not mainteniur relations 1-1 as transport for single person, all services to the person, domesticity, massage, hairdresser, ...
Yes but then we will repeat the mistakes of Soviet communism; as removing any reference to private property in this case








Why you never arle Proudhon?


He told ^ yet something clever: treat them DEPARTMENTS properties depending on the size


The reasoning could also apply to any form of legislation


unions claim for such automation schedule or a pay rise


and increase is applied to ALL employees, it is neither fair nor logical


If this reasoning is widespread throughout the legislative architecture that would challenge


The principle: single justice for all based on a false premise: the laws must not encourage or suppress sasn shares distinction intentions but focus on individuals or groups clearly identified. It is necessary then to apply the principle 2 weights and 2 measures, but 4,8,16,32. ... ..this Multiplicity of principles of justice must obviously be concomitant with a total release of all obstacles. This is about freedom of any other than the liberalism or forced collectivism directed. Solely by the increase of decision centers and greater independence resulting from the multiple criteria of wealth; the overall pace of activity tend toward a "normalization" in Gaussian, geometrically similar to the natural distribution of (Ai - Bj) the differences between the indices i and j resulting in frequency, the deviation between the variable rates of complementarities across groups .


Is that clear in my mind the story of differential complementarities? I would have found a more accessible formulation without formulas or bluff hollow symbols


I'm going to do with M would perhaps be a more clear idea




........................... complexity and complications?
















8-contradiction and inconsistency




R evoyons the question a bit behind this long debate: what is the circular economy ... you have now a better idea of what is said here?


"No! Oh misery ... it means that I should change the method


I must admit, however, that the issue is not simple


"And for good reason: it is in direct contact with the theory of complexity


PURPORT and resolve an issue as difficult in a jiffy




... ... an angel cherub happening ...?




"Above all, do not all seem to talk huh? We will ... proceed in stages




you have all seen in recent years a growing number of recycling operations ... You Olivier in which operations I refer?


"O: j-I do not know sir ... in my building there is a lady who does all the talking recycle waste ... but she has kids so rude ... they piss in the cage stairs and the dog puts too ..this still not that ....


She: no one knows what to call it:


"- You have neighbors who are wetting the dog down the stairs!?


"It's like I told you missy ... and it's got everything


"I -: O good if you allow it will cut your slice of life ... in petoites slices, okay,


... ...............








major criticisms of the "system" individualist coollectif


undercurrent: compared to the 'system' opposite: collectivism individualized




balance of power disguised by fundamentally unjust laws (you can not apply the same law for all on uneven foundations ... growing trend of scams and corruption of officials, intended to serve the masses and not use at their expense, ambiance conflictual permanent self-sustaining, contempt for v alues ​​of complementarity, solidarity refusal taken as an encouragement to idleness, laziness which could become a virtue if the assumptions that underpin the OS following were reversed. can be corrected the excesses and shortcomings of a system, but not its founding assumptions. Even the term "solidarity" means strengthening inequalities that then strives to reduce. Nobody knows who aid until the needs of a community have not been contrasted with his abilities. And such is the sine qua non of progress towards a SMC


That said the authors admit that it is impossible to compare the two OS systems Based on different ideologies (see § ...... on the advantages and disadvantages of SOS)






Following dialogue § 7 (Comp. Inc.)




a plethora of letters could unnecessarily complicate the language anyway ... since he and impossible to avoid misunderstandings ... I repeat your point ... it is possible to avoid any misunderstandings by simply trying new combinations letters


"Yes ... it's just. but what I have not told you because I believe you were not born yet ... I mean, born here in this debate ... is that I had once doubts about it ... .you myself ... .je'll explain that later as an aside, because I see that our little mutual friend gets bored






An example to clarify ideas, but we're not done with this opposition - C -I: beware you can not speak here of torque - but the question remains:




.............................. .. I need regular. End of session?




















Often artists devote to public obloquy a society that does not decide to recognize their merits; they contradict their principles as they seek privately favors from a company they pretend to despise in public


but as science writer would be inconsistent if he refused an award for which he spent time, energy, friendships etc ....


under the pretext that we should have recognized his merits earlier






an allusion to P physicist -philosophe -homosexuel often ogled on the rump of O


He was the perfect type- the embittered scientist who had records of everything aue had illustrious scientific-journalistic ladernau, etn'attendait the time to settle accounts


'See dialogues on the road to Paris ... .... visit his girlfriend, who claimed his secretary Geraldine ... arrears.




You can not imagine how I was naive when I égtais teenager. ... A day I read an article in a magazine scieintifique, the author of the article accused a lab manager to divert money from projects premsonnel his account, I was literally stunned, I'm still several minutes turn the question around in my head, how could we be cynical at this point is something I just could not imagine






Damn you know who does what complains lead author of the drama:


... ................






I already explained this vagueness that surrounds a genuine concern for disorder in the dialogues and interventoins various authors. But not knowing how § refer the reader I prefer that he discovered for himself the plight of broken structures. This multi-hand game threatening to turn ugly, I tried to disguise the poverty of my imagination under a barrage of images and sounds.
Taking the opposite and minimalist currents in music and painting. Art must also have a plurality of streams to paraphrase Foucault




I think I have already informed the readers of these two concerns: (1) why do not we would write novels as is done for works of erudition, ie: several hands? Would we fear doing to disturb the consciences of readers? I have not yet allowed on this review. (2) The second point concerns the relationship of the journey that had a traumatic impact on Olivier. The detective in charge of spinning the old Ford the equally old Philippe has managed the feat of breaking down with a new car; he would have, but I only have his story in fact evidence, picked up a hitchhiker named Serge, who looked suspiciously at his state Stalinof astronaut on the Soviet space station Mir. Serge called the alleged visit Beauce, looking for a glimpse peasant from the station - is it possible to examine the movements of a human being has over two hundred Km away? Hmmm ....


... .I favorite or imagine the love scenes between the young student and the old professor, adding that the reality could be different from the fiction


Hey there! Cried his conscience, is not it you who criticized the attempts of the authors of thrillers that ...


"But it's not the same, I says


"Ta ta ta! You try to convince you as to the readers what you thought could have left a trace in the real world is not the same -this?


"You have a point there ... but then how do I explain to the reader that I had to change the course of history, because that idiot detective broke down without telling me


"That's your problem, recognize that in any case the imagination of an author can play tricks on him


"And also detours, merçi Lesson


But then the father Rousseau is right, we do not always know how to distinguish the reality from fiction


It can get crazy healthiest of minds this story ... Damn! Joan of Arc, it was not a real character? And the Battle of Stalingrad it took place or not? It prevents ... not; I was not present at the execution of Trotsky, how to be sure that all these events went well as we reported, people have so tend to embellish fantasize ... A writer imagines a story of adultery, or heinous crime, or treason; of these novels another author draws one or more films ... a third chap impressed by these works is inspired to deceive his own wife, or betray his friend or his country ... and impressed a new author, also by the one of those news items ..




But where does fiction ___________________________






yield = 1




in a kind of absolute feedback all outputs of the economic machine are reinjected into the entries with a zero rate of attrition


who will believe such a miracle? Multiplicaition ... even with the bread Chrisit could not expect better you realize you ...




It does not exist Circulatory absolute arity, nor does qu'ikl exsite a concuurrence parefaite ouun ésuilibe dynamaique without irregularities




ALL THESE CASES ARE VERY WELL BUT ALLOWED ON PAPER BY THE WAY TO PRACTICE ... everyone knows how to put water in his vin..sauf Muslims of course, though some will go without or drinking alcolols or eat pork, braving the wrath of Allah. Yet it is, I can resist p ace happy to give my opinion on this point, the only precepts of Allah and his prophet Mohammed worthy of consideration


in fact one of you have a religion? Leslie ... you


L "I prefer not to say master" 


"GM: it is your right, but if you ask me, nothing is gained to exercise certain rights with me ... there's no risk to expose your soul, sometimes I have more heart than the interests of others mine, that is my religion: I was born with the general interest in the blood and all that I have said or done nothing changed .And you Oliver?


"O me, sir? eee ... I changed, I was born catholic, but right now I


readings vedantha, Buddhism inspires me a lot, I would like to make a trip to India. ...






: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




Another angle of attack: the words and expressions related to linear patterns


eg interests and benefits acquired; irreversibility, annuities, strucuturels obstacles ... .autant expressions to depart from the language of complexity.


Imagine an envelope curve that starts a bend in the "SMS communications giga hertz or mega, when many other égakment circular motion but on a micro-scale or nano continued to grow seemingly liinéaire" but if they are inégrés the envelope curve should sooner or later see their paths reverse. This es where the difficulty of the policy is, when to take or discontinue contaire measures so that this global movement is never upset at the risk of falling into the classic oppositions - cyclical vs structural measures, or a another level: fads opposed to trends. Artistically eg. although the policy is also active in this area.




All these observations are reflected in the organization of the domestic economy - see § - .. 18 ..... devolved to "household chores"






I'll rewrite in less poetic but more rigorous form expressions of torque - (C i D) o (L i O)




o and i are operators that is the only change introduced in § 4 the terms C, D, L, and O does not change direction


prop 1 - identity relationship between a circle and right side and light and shade are different (or opposite)




inconsistency remains: somehow it is addressed the contrast between light and shadow is always more "legitimate" than the same contrast between the circle and right


So I put the legitimacy beyond the logical validity


This is why the rest I do not think the decalogue, nor auune prophetic revelation besides, if the creator - or as we now say the creator - gives us complete freedom to kill us, is not to then intervene in our affairs, especially not by courier interposed. I'll tell you another day the question of prophets, yet I continue on ... .sur what? ... I lost track


"I think my $ ter you were talking about housework" 


"O hey ..but not silly, he said he ...




GM - the calm, quiet you see O she's right, I t (ordconne him apologize


O why me? .... Eee ... sorry my Msieu


GM, but not to me fool! At L


"P-Msieu can not, it causes me more ... p-and why you ... you call me an idiot GM? I said nothing, me sir ..
GM Lord! Well I apologize to all humanity, you are happy? Why on earth ... god is said intgelligent has he given us such a stupid language? Good ... nevermind ... then these excuses come from?


O M-BUT I TOLD YOU ... .pardon sir, I told you that I can not we're angry


GM: Oh yes, I forgot ...


L he says anything, it is not Pah Shaking Hands


"GM you tell me so, go O empty your bag, I want to know, why are you angry


"L is not ...


GM - I said; "O L -... clear?


O well here sir, she does not know what she wants, she says she no longer wants to hear about Bernard, and then she stopped raving about


GM: ... but that is Bernard?


L was ..)


O is his little friend) bunk dialogues




"GM well well ... I now understand these sullen attitudes


we'll leave it at for today


He puts his papers in his briefcase and then stops, the air Ala both inspired and sneaky: you do not know me you will write a paper on your time ... rather your (space-time) it would be time to practice the couples ... so to speak but I want a collective work, okay?


bbbL- "you mean ..notre use the master time?


... ..


I want you to give your tone on time; thou nparles the past ts to use here: he said "it's his little friend, I therefore conclude that you are not living together ... ah! I forgot this is not for tomorrow


O j I prefer that I was going to tell you sir ...


GM: Yes, I have not told you, because of you I became famous, you realize ... WE WONDER I think the whole neighborhood ied even in my house, but not demndez me thank you, I will be away for the rest of the week, thus Cerra next Monday ... still have questions ... L--


L-I do not understand is -there a general reflection ... or, is that we should talk about our ... my experience


O-but it's the same thing


L-shut roof, you, I asked you nothing







-M - You avedz The wrong - he'll have to ask him puisqqu'il understood everything



It dirigen to the door and closed the amin as a hi


and to quote a great man, what was his name already, the great entertainer ... .A Monday IF YOU IN THE HEART SAYS










L-noon, I have not taken


C ( The cherub is alive? ) he was referring to a radio host, I think it was the game of a thousand francs, it was diffused into lea 9O years? just before lunch? for bo - what bos i-told Monday if your heart tells you ..I his name on the tip of the tongue (the author also maaaiiiiis ... .. it is an epidemic or just ... his master's voice?)




O and then, what was special about that game?


* It was not the game it's mostly the expression that remained


"What speech?


"Good not you know you're starting to agitate me seriously, you got to listen when spoken to you shit!


O and will therefore ... eh.


He lives L who was busy with a guy he found immediately unfriendly conversation he went with the intention to remove the unfortunate




you come ... we'll see L.


B for a moment, you do not see the young man I'm head to head with this lady


O Oho! But it looks like I stepped on a conspiracy!


Making a reverence with an imaginary hat: Olivier Comte d'Auvergne to serve you gente lady want to tell me that I have the honor?


L it is B


but leaves us I t 'we beg to discuss important things


L nothing is significant fors the noble honor Bernard how




O-never name was so m door I salute you down


B - I'm going t 'fuck me




m going to shake ais leslie s' interposes


L [I pray thee B -; this is not the time;


/////////////// :::::::::::::::::: ////////////////




space language (up - down and orbits, circular ellipses ... hierarchy in place of the pyramids, arcs up straight lines ...)








... .................




? "But the fact myopic player did you solve the problem I posed in the last session ..... no ... .peu important, respect is lost even in education ... so here's a second problem: suppose you are both united couple, a French-Russian couple like the beginning, remember, is not it ... and ... .l'autre Tartarin, good: How would you do if a tax collector came to tell you: your field does not include 3100 hectares, but 3142?


you find that it is an unnecessary complication?




"GM: Ah! By the way, have I explained the difference between these terms, passing another small problem: is it. ...


I beg you to note Olivier, and let your cholcolat ... your girlfriend ... ..hmmm, Leslie does not like your chocolate shop will have to change my boy ... .good back to the complexity: can -on form a couple with two terms inconsistency and contradiction


Think about this, interro after the break, go break the ranks!










Now the trio became quartet (not to mention the cherub) is found in the small room that housed more physical activities




Well it is noted ... I repeat the question:


The complicated is it the same or different from the complex: remember, you ... 2 or 3: complexity generates contradiction which stimulates debate. The complication however leads to inconsistency which freezes discussion, also drowned in the fog


they are both causes of misunderstanding?


I have not yet solved this riddle


one of you has an idea on this? .... not


Have you forgotten my remark about the relative poverty of the alphabet ... ah Leslie? Yes? But ... the point! I had to ask you about this issue, why do not you tell me the, you may think that I have a machine memory


"Well great Master ... you said you - even if ...


"No L not now, if you behave like kids who only tried to get through the nails, well I imagine you'll also lose my sense of responsibility


no classes until further notice, so you look for another mait '




He turns on the threshold


Good day sir ladies. If you still want to hear from me it will send me your answer to interro as a postcard, see?




It adds itself apart in the hallway:


"Maybe then I let myself soften, but ... ah. is that we mania at our age!


















8- / 9 the Game 7 errors: P - C the economic policies:




Production and C are alike as two sides of a piece of .... I need regular.


the pair (Order - Disorder) is + General


The same process of destruction and building are common to C and P


In these circumstances why forget to bring these two poles if you do not forget to separate


And why sometimes practice a policy of demand (support C) according Keynes sometimes a supply policy (P) anti-Keynes: Models Hicks, Friedman


Allais, Solow


... .................


Debreu theorems - ... .. (wiki theories of general equilibrium ...).


economic universe behaves as t he physque universe (pahse inflation or recession instead






... ..................


the reflex - congenital defect: inability to grasp simultaneously the qualities AND defects 2 solutions (Supply and Demand)


The words of each pair being limited only by the other one


any policy to operate one term at a time reproduced by pure imitation effects and cycle phases




As I pondered the cycle as a pulse of N (D) = god devil + + Nature Association




The ultimate or supreme torque can only be manifested by the amplitude or frequency (A - F) ... you follow me there ... 3?


"O you see what you understand by that?


"O / A REAL SAY ... .pardon m-mister ... what I mean is ... is .... IS THAT THE FREQ .. ...


"L / gently Olivier, Grand Master is not deaf


"GM: it's true! Not yet ... well ... continue Olivier:


"O / I was saying in the beginning ... the cycle was measured by the frequency while the amplitude ...


L / - in the beginning there was the word, the teacher said


"O / ORDER ... BUT .arrête interrupting me all the time what!




little scene between the two: a taste in that amount of e serala life (O - L) initially to any e ... unless I have to intervene, I thought otherwise ..




"Allow me! He's right L, I'll tell you one important thing, if you were to be a couple later, the woman should learn to control his word ... should .l'homme him master his gesture ... but do not worry; often return to these differences ... the scientists chose to study then escape that ... .continue Olivier, it is interesting what you said ...


"MM-thank you sir ... sorry Master, it is terrible L, you would see with friends is a disaster, she addressed me, she ...


"GM yes, yes I understand, even a small singer said ... Small in size ... but I hear you coninue us lose patience ...


"... Uh ... here. VOICE sobbing




the presenter pulls the curtain miserably to conceal the emotion of O


Hypocrite goes! There's so that women can cry in public?:




end of the ... ..séance


888888888888888888888888888 price = opposite costs?




Therefore (?) All torques generated by the cycle have in all and for all, that two states, I consider many variants all policies, all measurements obtained by linear or quadratic combination of the two extreme variables. If we cease to operate the price you can activate their opposite definition: ie costs IN THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS all intermediate manipulations do not exceed the limits of the pair (P - C)




This is the general expression of the circularity












the author is bothered by a technicality


but as he says himself: if the key is in the detail is good evidence that the importance is a detail


So he imagined writing scientific-socaiux dialogues in red and blue


cad told the printer in script or italic


and then when the color in books, damn it! Cookie is the author, there desimprimeurs that are in 3D you realize, what time you vvvez


ben in fiction, you know


that is the spirit that now: and how vaisje make me switch from italics to scri pt ^ in the same sentence


Listen, I have cmlients waiting there, can not come back tomorrow, we'll fix that you not worry eh


the author pipe word


then do as it ça..t qui.allez tomorrow


the author puts in suigeant suddenly stamping printer


we do that ... we do con con 'it


que'es but damn what they all have to repeat the same expressions, my pauvreFrancequ'est-what 'happens, there is more than desamateurs in your beautiful breast BASIN YOUR SAY I WANTED ... where it is taste for work well done I ask










Basically the experiences of collectivism have not failed because of ideological issues or conflicts of interest with the liberalist world is rather well ... how to say ... .this kjmpression poverty that struck the tourist, the streets Moscow and Leningrad were places claims compared to fastueeuses showcases avenues of New York or Paris, this insolent display of goods, an illusion of wealth at the bottom a lot more than the actual ichesse and how uninitiated the ropes tourist could - he judge the financial condition or commmercial an entire country; Even the trade economists still have problems to measure the real wealth of a nation, you know?






men n 'ontjamais Enle crande let développerdes elationspurement natural is always the one who shouts "stop to the mess, the society needs peace and order for business; you speak as if the juiciest business is not treated in time of war


But these birds of ill omen alorsourquoi order they always come to their voice entender?




Is it not rather see the god D (d) or D (N)


who do not "want to make human s' unite to live outside N or destroy without notice .. god ...


Formerly it had Meeme freedom to rebel against the gods


since jesus and mohammed ke can we do more why?




The bomb does not make a difference?










(K - K bar) since the crtiquer why Keynesianism knows you can not resist him as anti-Keynesianism




(Inflation - deficit) there is no point to denigrate monetary manipulation since the only alternative will always be the public deficit


the same rule applies whenever two variables oposent by their extreme / dividends vs wages; Unemployment vs ... ..X Savings - vs investment ... we can scan all domains and sub -Areas activity-or passivity




the two constants Policies are found intact:




"Let's see ... back on the distinction (P - C) of § 8. I want you to touch the nose and finger fireworks distinctions economists accountants


The pair (PC) eg. applies to both distinctions (production and consumption) and (price - cost)


to show I will rely on two analogies: 1 between a worker who delivers a muscular energy - whether it is mental or a researcher or engineer on one side and 2 - between the circulation pattern Blood physiology and transfers and various streams into what I call a country's economic engine, region


"GM -: Olivier tell me can you tell me about memory what you have been taught about blood circulation?


"O, I c-think I remember more ... eee ... sorry sir Master


"GM -: You and Leslie?


"L: yes! I see a heart on top and arteries that leave one side with red blood eeeet ... on the other veins? ....


"GM -: that is, veins


"L: veins that pargtent another


"O: BUT NO! Returning to the heart


"GM -: lets talk about Leslie, O






maintaining a vehicle considered consumer spending while it is in évidnce investment spending even if they would be recognized in expenses amortissments


Now multiply that cost tens of euros each household cleaning products by millions of households


Do you think after this, that consumption statistics are fair?


Let's go further:


A workman who destroyed food materials to provide energy is not it the equivalent of a coal power plant if the quantities involved are neglected?




If we classified as P and C according to the appearance materialized or not products, energy plants should be among the producers and not consommateus


Ditto for the distinction (price - cost) At the scale of an economic unit that distinction is little sense since the cost is another man's price






All these remarks appear insignificant, again, but you must understand and acknowledge that a few dollars spread over millions of consumers represent the same aggregate amount that millions of euros over several dozen companies




You understand what I'm trying to show? .... Yes Leslie?


"L: I especially see that economic policies based on wrong calculations can not be fair


"GM: bravo! This is exactly what I wanted you to touch the nose as I said


Although in the present state of the arts, we do not even know how to distinguish the true from the false distinction is often made ​​between policies in two seemingly contradictory objectives, justice and efficiency. ...


___________________________ IX - the duel




REM R1: In the beginning ..




meeting (WB) and violence against the O ri re




decor black film (I do not mind the ridiculous: the reality sometimes resembles fiction under the light flood the site desprojecteurs


the two figures appeared out of a scenario of O; Welles




"BM (sarcastically you did not bring any witnesses?


"O you better meter you hold, you will laugh at least two seconds ...


"BM and it is with that you gonna rip me? Ah ha ha!


"O advances air resolutely fierce, but a ... légertremblment lips. it also failing the young O


"Go warn son of a bitch, you do not play there ...


"That's where you're wrong, life and death are just games




you should tighten a little better your Swiss Army knife ... I can disarm you without moving your arm


and suddenly he made a single gesture, sneering, twirled the knife in the air and ended up in his left hand, the right momentum forward hit hard chin O


I need regular.


"So what? You continue or you give up?


"Kind of ...








E. and market it to sonnrythme sohabitude, ie têtebaoissée sns see anyone


He would remember his youth when he wiped all ads showcases and teaches s desmagasins




what a mess, on a square meter shower trottoit can find an academic like me, u, grunt, a dealer p'tt, a great writer, a hooker, combiende canhces that this sample is representative of qurtier, the po ^ lation of eotue entire city; if I was boarding a passing chance, what likelihood is derived from the p ^ Egré the mondede the imbre looks like the air of heaven


I want it reappelle this author began pissed Because one thief pocketing, paid his metro ticket


But really furioeux the guy as if it deprived him bread stomach


"Why does not it resquille also in transport that he claimed




c'st me you speak there?


takes you, I question not the ghosts




R2 like opera a third H (F)


NOTES POS ___________________________ No ... .COMPRENDRE






Shadow on the pair (O ​​- L)












TAKE GUARD EX; POWER: young people are fascinated by power, and unfortunately also by the luxury that comes with money


I had to be as in my youth, so tell me why I can not find the words to convince you that this attraction is as unhealthy as is the attraction to certain drugs, or even some fun




THERE IS SO WELL complexity of the phenomenon of "understanding" we can say one thing that was understood without comprendre.COMMENT IS THIS POSSIBLE


A comment ... so far? Yes? ....








THESE ARE VALID OBSERVATIOINS ALSO FOR PROGRESS: so when we retroune quellequefois about his past, we get to find some ideas certaiknes émotioins intact, as it is believed to have proven so




<By cons when it comes to explaining to a adolexcent why it should not do something, it is difficult to find the language that we had, so that could be sensitive to age


The trouble is that between the two ages was erected a barrier of time AND space, which explains qu'ellle may sometimes impassable and sometimes only imaginary. Such is the nature of progress in its dual aspect (real-imaginary)




Another explanation for these complex phenomena (intelligence, progress, freedom, truth ...) is that they multiply their branches over time, so queles oldest ideas are always more difficult to understand


WHY, because they specifically pratiquemzent unlimited facets and d can therefore be shown or hidden in different ways


When these disappearances deveiennnent too frequent occurrence we simply hit stupiditré lorsqu'ikl is to explain in a context imposed.




IL I have to stop talking or I'll end up a contradiction


Not that the contradiction is a nuisance per se, but ...


O voulias you say something ... go kids do not be afraid to be silly, it happened to me too, I can assure you that we do not die ... yes L?




"Grandmaster I have a serious problem ... but to submit.


"Ah! I feel indeed climbed the situation ... .O- would you get us to drink ... oh! And maybe to eat too, you're hungry children? Yes ... no ... great need for food is also


woven ambiguity, as the need to understand ... 




a large pizza and a bottle of wine for me, you then take as much as you


And the fact ... tell the caterer that it is for the Commissioner, it will include


..ces merchants, always remind them that there is an order, they never learn anything for nothing




INSERT FICTION 2 Friday, March 23




M had réveilée early this morning, it was sure it had nothing to do, otherwise it would have been hard to wake up so early, what day it was made on Thursday or Friday?


Probably not Friday Thursday she would have heard about the gritty ^ Maghreb who installed their crates of vegetables and fruits on the sidewalk, she made a face of disgust


how the mayor could he tolerate Vene waste, there was no other word to describe the mountain of trash dumped twice in March week, the market place joinville stood on Thursdays and Sundays, Lesd riverainscroyaient faired bargains, the poor, but ls were coprendre their pain when the vegetables began to rot in the fréfrigérateurs. She still remembered the question that stands responsible assignments "What is a junk? she asked in M




In a burst of civic she wanted to draw the attention of the mayor on this gross fraud that since desannées held twice a week before his eyes




mole on the right buttock




if she wanted to tattoo a dick but B who loved licking that part of his anatomy had protested; iklaurait the impression he said to suck a dick, which was not his favorite past Remps; two or gtrois boutiquesd tattoos had refused to send


not enough qualified staff avaentils pretext, "qulaifie my eye, given the pace at which this kind of shops are opened and closed, where they would have had time to qualify?


It's like shops selling mobile in less than a year she VATI identified a half-dozen in the only street in Flanders, it seems that the services were non-existent ... taxes.




She wanted to call L_ to plunder the stores, but she changed her mind: ane




X - or (reality - joined the theory (praxis -Fiction


tipping point (flip-flop effect)




Expert dialogue:




M_ some terms of misunderstanding banish LC




popular will, inert masses, the common people and elites, importance,


all terms staples direction to believe that you do other économustes ALSO HAVE not yet completed your Copernican revolution




E. I enends you loud and clear, but I fear in your enumeration sujivant it should be eliminated step by step ALL everyday words




C_ but so did all our time poussiéereux academicians to resasser perpetually the same words the same dictionaries




E. ON deùmande you eh? .... this is the perfect opportunity to introduce specialist e anti-dust-re, I want to talk about women in dusty ceteenceinte as you say




C_ suddenly I see a link between praxis and language differentials at this fonbc sacroiliac saite dsitinction between THEORIS etpratiques exsite not only by oppositin disinterest individual to collective governance




E. a very wise observation dear C_ I note


He writes speaking


you will allow me to develop in our seminar




P _ the fact the status of your practice ... t couples


E. I ele sis more moli-m ^ reme but mélaneoins not all problems


ç I thought one thing: amiusant by the effect of chance I've just entered on the spot a perfect analogy between CL and the couple (freedom constraint) initial same nest (which not


This proves that the community also beoins of liverté and property to survive, as alleged by the S (I)




M_ gte there I am more, can you explain more unpeu


E. This is just a warm ç notices, corolkaire previous k'idee ... on.






general principle: a chanqye mechanical action on a variable fréelle, associate an imaginary reaction, as in a variable pstchologique


conversely any reacxton consumption of individuals should trigger a mechanical action on the desmachines productrion


jenote develop seminar also




C_ is my opinion that your seminars ...


M_ parond OUR seminar, it was not the boss EKU (Emile




if ^ pstchos poyvaient us out tests candidates porvus skills to generalizations, servants and assistants of all designated community


C _ but did you correct definition of Int was $ génezral


M_ but we just give you were not there, sion is reprte labrillante a list of errors of reasoning established by C_ ^ qund we no longer compare a new systemre on the mistakes of the past system of any eemblée dictinction is removed between practice and theory ... therefore more need defintion of the general interest, it becomes an individual rule ... like hygiene or as a healthy alimentaion






- But sonbt freedmen in this mess the I (S or S (I)?


S (I) is the independent variablre has intériurdesparenthese


He n (y ^ has no indépenrdante variable removes you this idea of ​​Head Device


(- Well say alorslavariable primal ounprileur by convention


You see although you may think that e sertd ecalasser ideas, phiulospshes always have the last word










O and P, and X




the dictaturedesmathematiques - with digitization and ordis that can do all the (future desmathematiciens ets bin dark




another dimension




<Why they do not clean themselves all this will end up like the old FEMPS where


fcaisaiint the priests mysterious signs to bluff crowds




you remember he got you pissed the day I asked him to bring aid equaqtions




alogorthmes financioers and speaking very quickly to issues éviterles embarrassanres - idm for women ..;


Trigo and probabilities ... only utilté ..fonctions Dirac why do


geometris Meade, of coures nindfference Pareto no enforcement


curve demnde sugar ... never practice too much verification theorists ingénieus not enough, the traps statistics, position femmesqui is retreouventcoincées by their own discourse no possibility of turning back


or philospshes or astrologers who consider coimme of asgtromes


liberalism; = Dubluff reign, and poker






of beings in masters and exclaves is a bit light


But finally you have roof even cited as a model master-slave couple!


Jaùmais life where you found it, it's not a stable couple mama


Aca then!


But if consider: who helps whom in a company circular causality, you can tell me?




... ..........


father, nds lesménages: masters in children prevail, the master is a slave to their whims without speaking of his own or those of safemme, whereas in excalves the slaves pfrétendus me ne r-order


true or not?


ke am not convinced, there are weak and strong in all classes


Well ... that are what I say, the master distinciton -esclave is paskégitime in a homogeneous community




-hMMMM ... say we get down to business?


There pizzas etdes drinks in the fridge and someone wants to do the service?




But it still has nothing


weary fall, tomorrow; still will not update?






















It was too hot in the old car, no air conditioning, P M took ç right on a dirt road to envirion two kilometers along the Loire. Leaving Blois, he took the county with an ingrained idea behind the head


"It's like being on vacation -there said leaving his hand lay on the thigh of a young student


"Hey we'll stop there, it will be good for a picnic, you're okay


"As you wish sir


"But we will do this in two stages, first fuck then take a nap on the grass


How would you like that?


"Chjoses should not say like that sir, not even funny


"So drop the sir, we're not friends now, go take your butt


They left the vehicle and sought a place in the shade of bushes


So hold glasses and thermos, I take care of the trunk








We will go swimming, I'm all sweaty


So you do lives apas


N-No sir, I do not swim well


'T' not worry we will not go very far, and then I'm there I will not let you drown tge, your old friend will never forgive me


"Who you talk to there


"But you know, dad Rousseau ... you've never done it with him?


Do what?


"Muttering to himself:" Little Saint Nitouche like you do not know what I'm talking more loudly, "So you're going to take and Emile, eee what I'm saying here is that the doting too So take the towel someone might see us




They barbotèrent in the water a bit muddy for ten minutes, time taken advantage of by the old marmoset to tame its prey by Ci innocent touching, insistent there, work pro accustomed to relations of "firsthand" if not paramount tail


Coming out of the water, he went directly to the offensive, pretending to dry the kid, he vigorously rubbed her buttocks and penis by gauging his reactions


"He he! Said he, I notice right on target. ...




Suddenly seized with a fierce desire he threw on the grass near the remains of the meal, he had done well not to eat in Blois


He sticks his cock wildly in the anus, small button not covered with fine down bloond between two masses of white, but white ...!


O Yow! You're hurting me


P "... my poor little. I'm sorry, but your ass makes me crazy


Mmm "he was biting into a buttock is even better than the sausage that comes from eating, wait put you on the side, you want to suck me?


O - "oh no I hate it


Go makes me happy she will not eat you know how, but be careful not to bite into


Also, it's not very edible, so take off your glasses, do you do not need to see me


O 'no no do not insist, I can not ... hey! I see nothing ...


"Hey! You do not stutter as a result, it is the emotion? , Do not worry I'll see to quat'zieux; I fucking hunts that will s "escape from their sockets, that ass, my mother ...


O no answer he took the tail of prof and put his cheek against


"That's my little motion casserole fuck you do that better than a girl, I told you you'd like it, you see that there is


O - no it's disgusting, I want to vomit


P "Well take it with your hand, that's it, the faster


, Faster, damn! I never tire of admiring your behind, it looks like a Courbet, how to call your mom to do?


O "looks like you're talking to a boy of twelve, you know you my mother




P "me, not at all, but why do" you also


"Well as the master that, I thought you knew


P: "in a sardonic whispers interesting that, we could use the occasion




For several minutes we could hear the groans of old lecherous pig and moans of the young veal, there had it not be also the noise of the cicadas in this hot afternoon in June?


"No, do not exaggerate the author pulled himself embarrassed. The job of a novelist did not offer that pleasures decidedly be the generalist does not exempted sordid descriptions and salacious details, "I am ready to earn my living writing porn dialogue he sighed sadly masturbating himself even as an old seat, it is feared that I will never see the door of the academy that the outer side


"Farewell calf, pigs, chickens, looks like my ex colleague ..euh ... that it is already? God rest his soul ... of whatever it is poet


No, there was definitely no cicadas since it was not in Provence, they would have been yet more chic in the table ... he already saw himself almost naked too, in the tender grass; The remains of a lunch on one side, the other a youthful body in a lascivious pose ...


"What could -on always dream of the same landscape in the autumn of his life ... for lack of paint for real ...


"Oh well! I'll be home to fit elsewhere, will now shake you asshole! Y still has work to do


















The same scene of rape reported by L (and O?) GM by September






"Well ... I'm listening, I guess our mutual friend causing you concern


"I find it hard to talk excuse me G-M


tears cinema and voila! Oliveir wants to fight against Serge but I'm afraid Sege is a brute, ilserait letuer justepour able to ... well you know?


"Yes, yes, if we are even to convince the pluscapable jeuns that understands, what would I be asking you


I'll talk


"No no I beg you, iklne not need that ... qu'kilsache.




but I assure you L'm not gaga totaoelemtnt you know, I thought I would talk about it? ... but mam mnière is when?


"... That qu'edst do you mean?






... _________________________________________________________ ............


Intellectual tribulations of the AG:


That takes time to master the seminar or the universe ...




As novelist remark that women take in life cross roads, the regulations and laws of men are not adapted to their size ... judicious observation, of course, but the scientist - a psycho-social in this case? must seize on the ball: is there a fundamental difference between "feminine or masculine value systems"


or is it plitot a difference in the hierarchy of principles: that term can advantageously replace the "values" a term that has a tendency today to associate with too many things.


Value that ... what exactly is a value? ; looks like another what value can we give so-called core values? Here is a question for the kimportante old miser question, it has a high awareness of the bird's value there, it just got to negotiate an increase in the budget under the pretext that his seminary becomes popular


All pellets ... can not even buy a decent suit with all his earnings ... are people I swear, it looks like they will live another hundred years, 80 years they still find a way to save, and for what I ask you, he even no children


Bah! Let's take care of our business; after all everyone takes his boat as fishing ...


And the worst is that he says he is still having in matters of money, shit what it would be if he had a career in banking I ask




And on top of my job I have to prepare his ... what a life!


Comb - ass (P. Q What does it mean Hygienic Paper or b ian comb - ass, but how can-they know ..?; Should I talk to P ... .il me seems more ... how to say less intractable more malleable, that's more flexible, plus they have not seem to hear him and the miser ... a track of time management asked my opinion prochanine the year, it can be noted Pêtre useful for my advancement


Good of you stop tier str plan must be prepared that fucking topo can not even afford a secretary this traveling ghost ... let's see, the forms of diverese tgransformation


What's he going to invent us there; and he believes it to be swallowed kids completely frosted guy Emile




Suggestion: phrase Lav oisier highlight on his next book: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, is it affects the establishment with these ideas to nuts, hmmm ... I doubt it, but then where does it c prestige and the morgue, women maybe, I recognize there qu'kil sit there do maquerreau




______________________________ A question of legitimacy :




The logic of opposition to the terms of a couple is the only test of legitimacy or effectiveness of any policy designed to modify these terms






examine more closely what sanity (what is the (O - unemployment)




Back on the session in March (opposition between objectives (eco) efficiency and objective


(Social) justice


E = ratio of costs on profits


- I'd rather W results since the benefits are not always quantified assessment ue


E - absolutely agree, though counted in also known as operating results, the mons was spoken since your still here ... the new standards.




So compared between individuals and in a case reports of the other concepts in the sentence where; the pairs (J - E) is not legitimate




But I saw that you were interested in this issue, so we'll linger a little


Who can give me a simple definition of justice compared the effectiveness


Z - you said "simple" 


"Bravo mister Zorro, you've seen the trap, it is still a word that will have to be handled with caution I would say hmmm ... endless!


"Then a definition couples


I would qu'ikl Z are reported in both cases


"Yes ... continues




Z torque (justice- efficiency) seems to me not stable comparing human individuals to concepts


"It is also my opinion, if the room sharing


One measure of efficiency, even quantify, not justice


Ratio of costs to the results / benefits




E = long / short / temre


E = social / ind. Or: global / partial


Eg. an increase in the price of tobacco can not have zero or negative efficiency, but has no effect on Social Justice


"Believe you? And the despair of the poor smokers ... obviously money .In






on a former. taken out eco domain




on: derailment occurs if one opposes the period t1 - t2 truth to error) and t2 - t3 the truth lie)


I notice that unemployment - ie lack of activity does not oposite definition of a riot of activity .It are patently a gap dee language or alphabet and such shortcomings can produie of dérillemens cad wells effectiveness




It is here the philosophical foundation of the activity - it also looks like the lack of absolute reference in chooix a social base that is at issue rather than the default policy or reflection on economic policy


philosphes the answer: we have always known that men act to satisfy needs or to increase their happiness or pleasure


problems therefore arise either from a poor definition of these couples - couples or terms, or a change in the relationship of individuals to the activities concerned only because of the repeated application of a measure for whether or not the situation




Other errors: add human and mechanical factors in the calculation of the efficiency ratio = means to results


For a given result is greater efficiency if resources are low +. Or in the "calculation" of the social optimum work itself is a source of satisfaction - in some cases - There would be both cost AND ALA advantages to using humans as a substitute for machinery


Following comparisons solutions using man and machine are not valid, since social lecout (excluding salaries) is not taken into account in the calculations of efficiency




On the other hand in comparisons of social well-being, man is both judge and jury, the results in the denominator term caomme Inthe previous calculation can be interpreted in different ways. Restoring coherence could be done either by using the same units for measuring the qualities of a product and a service, or by observing the blur even in the two types of comparisons


Even in the context of economic strictment meeting needs this ambiguity remains in the so-called substitution effects






Introduction psychological effects in the calculation of the quantities




Post-scrip: the master prepares the session on natural foundations of complexity




Convolution rfetrourner to D or N intentions


But can we really speak of intentions for entities as great, ineffable, inaccessible on (T - S)


God does not like tepid ..a apart from AA it is love ... and Christ sent his supposed that prohibits access to rich paradise; it is the Christian charity that too?






And why would god it our lose, what was done to him


To say that there are philosophers who emissonnent life thinking this would qu'kls once dead, that's the fishing does not take full advantage of life complaining of not being eternal, I gains nothing by being eternal if I touve nothing to do in 70 or 75 years of life expectancy ...




Serve N (D) in the dominant, or vice versa, it is ubne proposal coplexe pusqu'elle is rééveersible, then kil Dickens would have included the comlexité no I do not think there ikl On several ways to go rome pal




Take back the problem, you're hurting asked, but there is really t u problem, here we are in the impasse initially, no wonder you always running in circles




They give us the illusion of freedom, slack in the rope as you want, and as soon as shershe to prndre off, quack rope reminds us to order: it is both free time and compelled determined when one thinks indetermine and vice versa, not easygoing complexity


Balls of Heracles


The Greek gods who forniqueien a vengeance <;;;.. Or round balls ... not seri let hang her jewelry when you participate in combat is losing his shots frepères it




How to rebel against D (N) without involving N (D) in the case feat ...




The only plausible hypothesis god and the devil are bound up, otherwise how could the prince of darkness he had so much power in the kingdom of light and tells us that the property would be more important than the disease


If not because he is for the propagation of life, or what have our aintérêt really in life, which is dictated by a supernatural desire?


Still deadlocked, I'd better go to bed, it's not '(D or N) that will make me sleepless nights when I'm on the other side


Will cancel this meeting, the jeuns idiots are not going to understand anything at all that crap that's not because it's called seminar need to deal with cases of god, each its specialty I say, what's the keeps itself














I continue for two or three readers who do not like good advice:


"I said that we are now a dozen, I have told you is success!




Since you are diligent, I'll racoter an old story


Alorsc'et the history unebone star gone bad, she was seized with a violent fit of coughing, or may (EE étaitce third, it is certain that physicists appelati astronmes once thought they heard an explosion vilente etils baptisèrnt the "big bang" .a term that was not coupled to anything that ey soulva an outcry protrestations Inthe environments jusqy the very peaceful: there avantdonc a madman who s'rmusait ç to the stars explode, they cherch- rent and long lecoupable pensèren have found the day Oulès philosophers had the idea of ​​god, they decided to put him to death but god vitque it was not good lyr He appointed another guilty wicked bear The bear rusécomme.. unles not plugged the wolf It resumed its chorus chasseuer, it appears as if he would have eaten an old defenseless Affirmative Barrit the same elephant that was my femmle.!


Phat slander said a young girl, it estmoi who took him to see my mom and he chewed us grandmother, it was so like that ACRU she was revived, j ' i ncore c portrait lemontrer I rot if you come to my house one day


Exact increases the grandfather, even I myself MAISSE prndre he vvraiment beaucop talents of the wolf


plus he posseède language to swoon is a young virgin, they all deviennetn Foles in lavoyant, that's _a that men hate, they are jealous because their women prefer his company


V'est true that Michael's mother said, he at least ilse not pray, and then if he had eaten the grandmother auraiteuuneindigestion he saw that she had married the poor bones on his goatskin


I ITHDRAWAL entretepsrapproché me the girl to breathe its perfume and slid my hand between her thighs whispering in his ear Desmots gtendres, I love you my little star ^ evening not be afraid the big bang x'était just for laughs; to hear cruqu'ily hommesont avbait hidden behind the étoite god, but they found only behind the scenes. Like Alice through the mirror they saw the big bangs were actually over as fireworks, or rather as a single lamp, placed between two parallel mirrors imenses


so we did not know to distinguish the reality of the empty appearance




mirror - she saw that it was good and God says the same thing -the dick in the ass


When I was 11 I went on vacation with an old woman I never knew if it was my grandmother or other relative, by visiting his barn one day I saw a leaning against a wall closing door I jetaiun look derieère the door and I saw a black hen


But then completely black, I wanted to get a closer look but leaving his shelter échaper my poor beast was attacked by the whole farmyard hastened for the occasion, hens étgaieznt lewd, poor hen immediately retreated under door and I knew then that she had to spend all day or perhaps as the night in the small; I remember this incident makes me beaucop sobering, but I have not dared aps tell someone






black hen and racsisme - sister mouth pursed - egg hidden inside - novel material


big ang repeats like coughing locomotive - the cycle is only after the general rehearsal and it will be nothing more n'ty since spectreurs are gone - everyone knows that when iln'y aplus nothing to do that's sil'univers not exitait




when there are more authors than lecrices or more balls dns women than men plusde caregivers that cared more rich quede paivres


Then they will finally wake Ci and discover that true wealth is in itself, and that the truth of others is tropeuse


All this is that the wind ouset UTA unknowingly east since csidiots deyankees have destroyed the Iron Curtain that






9 - nature and culture; Another way to express the complexity




I listed a thousand insoluble problems - either because they are related to our nature of living things, or because we've created for our sake - By assigning an ID to each problem (0001 to 1001) I could do so without much references to sweat and my first surprise


was as follows: several problems were present in the same number


This means conversely that a problem can be considered from various angles. But then ... .me am I said, but then ....




The best solution might be to start with ... .la Genesis:


The first problem that came to mind is:


you have guessed? # 1 God


I'll spare you the "0" left


On this point I have not found anything to say that is not already in the scriptures, whether sacred or secular


So I went to No. 2 (the death penalty)


small details of form: I have omitted the zeros left


congenital laziness oblige!


I often will use abbreviations, it is usually the initial of the word, except confusion. In this case worth dying (PM) opposes (Joie de Vivre)


So I write: {(P - M) O (J - V)}




I obtain couples using only two operators


1 opposition (O) which has been used, and identification (I) to be used in the future without further notice




The only remaining reader - the others having already asleep I presume -aura noticed that couples oppose term futures


1 "Joy always came after the sentence. ...


it is the poet who says


2 what is most opposed to life but death ... .voire!




Already two surprises: there is 4 if I made the statements:


A couple of couples still form a couple! In short, couples act as the cells of our body: they multiply by division - "scholars say cell mitosis


the (O) are not always clear-cut, neat, what is it that an opposition exactly? Am I entitled to assimilate (I) ie the oposite of oppsé to ... .a assimilation? ... A meeting? And many other things that I do not have in mind.


I scanned a royal gesture that objection, otherwise the whole building might collapse.


I actually cheated a little on the order of appearance of these surprises: the first and last appeared much later. At the risk of anticipating the following discussion I would say they are one of the postulates on fonden LC


(*) Permanent contradiction












a very common mistake is to want a comprenser défaillanece passed by an escalation forecasts and future care


Thus, in a meeting as everyman exceeded quon do it has shown no attentikon decides to show at once odious and far-sighted


All interventions intended to discredit sysyteme cllecif-liberal have a common origin: the ignoprance power adaptation present case sniffed & ine


or ignorance of the limits-or the lack of Limies unlike Ai Bi etdes




POURQUPOI see maoin god or the devil in combinations of interests humins


Why castigate a particular industry, accusing it of "enjoy" more than reason weaknesses of the other branches


FINALLY tnu that can be responsible for changes in appaarence for linear, but circular / cyclic reality in (reality-image) made of phase shifts which can not assess the impact eput aqu 'aprezs time to take stock


And I do not aprle readability of an envelope curve fairte a multitude of variations in amplitude and frequency of any ... such as cahatte as they say it would not find her cubs




against-advice: take refuge behind the difficulties is never unebonne way to defend a theory or anointed viue why when rfencontre such difficulties do not go back to principles, or definitioins?




In this case - and past! Why not tackle a classification scales Bi


establishing the passage of complementarity indices C [Ai / B i] to 2 ENSEM ble economic prize at random or selected for experience


And finitr - for a long time with these vain and sterile quarrels for inventors as well as for engineers and other practitioners






Following the "duel" Cordeliers




After transporting O - in the apartment of M B - again had to bring him back to his room, ru Vulpian since there was - that's what was said O_ everything needed to treat injury


. As he undressed in the bath B_ was seized with a wild desire irresistible






Now go directly to # 79


the system (S - R) which leads straight to the SMC






Liberal collectivism


how long do we accept this unquestioned primacy of the individual over the collective


A re-balancing of social versus individual values ​​is now necessary


This is what is proposed to realize the SMC


Whose liberal collectivism is the application most obvious immediate


We have seen that starting from only two solutions, one can construct a variety of SOS type AB ... BA ... etc


It is still an expression of the circular nature of POS




How to apply for inérêt general measures with individuals who think only


themselves, their genetic family ... ..and only community Aun age and if they no longer Advent what to do with their money?


Who exhaust all their resources and sometimes those of their natural and human environment in which projects the community adheres only under duress


Individuals who shape progress according to their whims, as once these crazy kings who moved mountains and cities for fun


On the other side a single individual is now incapable of ensuring its survival outside of a community - see what challenges I have an (S) making only a matchbox when they believe they owe nothing to the community that feeds on toe


Only a community is able to have a vision, a dream to the extent of the human ex: it is the Soviet Union that began the conquest of space - business noble intentions if ever there was. America has reacted with a merchant instinct and competition with puerile rage of a spoiled child used to being the first but lets surpendre


I do not think exaggerate saying aque US governments that have succeeded in the first half of the 20th century will devaat the court of (History heavy responsibility for having deprived the humaninté of one of its most beautiful dreams


It is also true qu'ikls have realized another in 1969




But we can not spread divisible elune croissants every morning, trying to gain courage to go to the grind by necessity, where the rich go to golf or his consile Administration Office by interest


or the artist who chose her inner wealth - activates pleasure




This does not mean that we should exonerate criminals who << Soviet Union have also helped turn the dream into a nightmare collectivist


But why give up the idea, because individuals have misused laur profit


The impenetrable wall of paradox, remade again its periodic appearance: but in fact ikl never moved that wall, how a mass can it move without the aid of a force - or trick - Outdoor: is a challenge for all physicians, whether or not the concern of


community affairs


Have you experimented with group living?


No person, it was the big idea in the 60s; you were not born yet, the French with their usual aggressiveness were the most violent opponents of the systems, lack of bowl, the government of the day could not have been more égitime l, l Since I had been called by the people ... Of course, one could argue that it is accessible to any politician to generate a grassroots movement that has provided funds and friends needed. But some politicians are so bouleversments "dansz the times" that peronne arises the question of legitimacy - if not their opportunity




But there ▶ Connections HISTORY TO HISTORIANS, do not you want to leave in the wild sometimes leaving everything plan, I'm not talking about vacation, but a change in lifestyle for many years ... yes I need regular. O - ah yes I understand that tiu tell me


but it did aagit spiritual retreat, I mean, look elsewhere if there is, as said common people, away from the city was commel J.Rousseau to better see its flaws, right? I do not feel ... you.






Intervention shrinks and desscientifiques led in political debate


If everything is in a society ppolitique why scientists stand -ilsq away from discussions of companies?












reasoning in cycles mènenet nothing


"- Necessarily because we locked himself in circles, there is no epyutr iujn cervcl out once you walk inside, right




; ......................




stand I have found an old ex of a magazine, I Howabout vouslise passages of this review


"What magazine is French


"Yes it is Val. Acytuelles not quote


but it is you who assumerezla pub eh, I netouche nothing




Financial holding page, I start with the least you impmortantpour




New Tokyo cry your laughs


You say it was a disaster beyond reissue August 6, 1945? the enola gay as say the hidden massacre unprecedented authors




By the way you are you ever wondered if humanity would not have experienced fewer problems fewer seizures if jamonaisavaient won the * World War, no,




"No. I think the poçurssez you plug the Troploin




Well I go on, I said that the re é view is dated January 25 to 31, 1997


AA This is for the disbelievers and other skeptics




A survey of chainaes televsion: headline on page 6 and 7




chains in major overhaul


Or: when the ratings blew the heads and racks




... to be continued ...............




When in town, we see more ... chanatiers.




The media does viv n as chestnut sum






The survey of intentions "natural" is a transaction that can frsutrante assi e ^ be such. criticism of a work whose sypmbolique argumeznt far beyond the field of critical intelligence


Can it be said how Nature cherchit to make Heureus himais creating gold and précieusses stones, springs, confluts - rappeleons for the readers who would have us believe that money is the source of our troubles ALL n. Except this little -gros derailleur, ikl exist ceertrinement others who are not covered by our ignorance, except these details, so it is incontestabl that the arrangement of elements in heaven and on earth contributes AOur pleasure


Then we would say that the pleasure of the creator and of the creature converge?




Here's another example. the engineer who has just built a radio or a flight ressetn engine certres Fiete a father, and no one - not Karl Marx Meem - would dream of treating fetish if it caresses the result of his efforts as a mother that her pain


So what is the thing that eludes us in the creative process


OR dvrait well be said about re-creation, as only the natural establishment or divbine is original










... .The arguments "scientifiaues collectivism








666-66666666666666666666666666 INSERT DIALOG EPCM




EPM ... dialogues.






E: - I know you will chachuter me on this, but ... ..




hey, it done me an idea, we'll see if you listen as though you pérorez colleagues


We had to think of discuterje scintifiauesz membership of the collectivist model, correct?






C ah I did not Casur my calendar




E fanaastique is started on chapreaux punctured wheel, keep it up and I guarantee sene Entere conscrée choice of the agenda




M - Emile heemm right ... for once: we lose too much time to quibble over unimportant questions




"GM now you are talking! That's talk: I'll strait to the point: I suggest to sign a petition for the establishment of a specialized chamber parliament, I have detailed the role of this room you will find all useful information on this document, there also a site to visit: I believe is ...


He flips through the document in question ... shows a page with oSn finger on a line


"That's on page 3 in the end ... .you see?








We do not yet avaons lead with respect, how to create a lobby without money




my dear if you do not try you will not get to know, so ask the politiciensleurs revenue currently has faitre like them




s ongez all this energy spent today trivia or wasteful, job search, sordid maneuvers to divert an inheritance or grant


G "because for you looking for a job is a futile huh?


E. "Nooo! Of course not, but when the company will have changed direction it will become a futility, you know with the LC one can say anything she is both very important and insignificant




... ..


"E _ true or false, you M- Let the great logician, inventor of complex language, you did well in your wallet a tour de force, he is a logical equivalent of what I just said


P I see an electric equivalent, but I do not think TBD will please you; we can not say that it is a current


negative, a voltage source, yes, and provided relatively speaking, but a stream ... it not


M and what are you doing AC?


differences between attitudes and opinion: opinion may vary but two sns mentality can not be given with a sign, it can be stored in memory, but it can not change as fast as opinion








I like the problem-sex example: well, with the intervention of scientists supported by the doctors, the rentier mentality e population could change, people do not spend their time salivating over Dede porn scenes they will sex as faitdu sport, without shame or guilty conscience, you do not think that we have here all the mons celaà people who trust us, it's their money we fcaisons turn our labs, do not forget not gentlemen




then we vote résolutikon




1-2 /


3/4 is there are fondmentales values?




D ecalogue evolved: crimes, animals, sodomy, adultery




the "evolution is not continuous to an ideal of +) to +) high but in ways or cycles (° / 1) + ...- | M - L] etc ...






Before discussing a bioeconomy I would like presentermes homework, I'm the best student you since I n (not forgetting my homework unlike some here avit We asked two questions at the first meeting or deuxiemme;. Premi-larly how cohabiterdesprincipes divergent moral, it was you gentleman who had asked this question!?


X yes indeed


E. and there you have well-considered


X that is to say yes ... and no, I'm certainly well-considered but the result ...


E. we'll see it just now, the second question is an addendum to the first: are there fundamental values?












It is not enough to observe the circular nature of the economic transformations


What conclusions can we draw?


... ..........




The most significant finding is the conservation of energy: the Pareto criterion can not ignore a law of universal physics, no machine can have an efficiency greater than 1; therefore believe that we can enrich an individual or group without impoverishing others is a postulate both irrational and unrealistic


For lossless operation of the "system" Economic therefore important to introduce complexity


Or it means complexity in a lively by isolated individuals AND groups by system:


It means that these two types of decisions should be added SOMETIMES SOMETIMES escape


Hence the need to make explicit pair formation


pairs (I - S) on one hand and (C - L) on the other functions I (S) and S (I) remind us that any measure supported on our freedom to undertake such. one should not overlook the role of responsibility. Similarly C bonds (L) liberal collectivism or its opposite collective liberalism we must consider the parameters of solidarity and complementarity






'Cause, and that's one of the criticisms I have for the current teaching of the economy






dynamic abstract generation consumption while the term "transformation is more general concepts. ... who among us has not had a heart for shoes or GAINST or computer that have served him any clear we do not always sommmes cold calculators, even when it comes to invest there souventce grain e madness wife souenir us a project not so serious because of criteria rentabilté but for its novelty oupire pourépater the voisinset buddies


hmains have the cravings impulses to buy or mimicry, needs that pushes them to look elsewhere for what they could find at home sometimes, to explore areas formerly forbidden or too far from their potential


our bodies can teach us methods of organization of social relations: even interactions, etplus generally circular causalities induce a generalized relativity, what matters is not the individuals but the relationships, God himself is nothing without its relationship to the beings that we are moving


The economic calculation is helpful; but I would say it was developed at the expense of physiological and sociological realities of constitutional bodies or established in cities




The distinctins between production and trade and services is certainly interesting, but it obscures the power dissipation aspect, where these foolish notions of continued growth, while more global analyzes show that the attention focused on periondes of growth, inflation, bubbles etc. .. has always overshadowed the losses that have caused these mouvemnts in other places, or areas .In word here is concerned our inability to seize the dux aspects la'activité , why is it difficult to develop an idea to talk about general mani-re, not overshadow by the same movement the opposite idea or OPPOSED


All this, I hope can be corrected by the apprehension of couples, circular reasoning, and ultimately the organization of living beings in a society mouvnte


as opposed to abstract calculations desblocs, Desjeux etdes oueurs without souls circulet as desfantomes on closed spaces




Stanley Jevons, whose reflections on cosmic and economic relations have been neglected or considered wacky


physiocrats whose thoughts should have etreexplorée mani-re Plous serious and systematic






Here's the big word is out!






Following the natural joint eco-systems there is no skill that has its counterpart in need and vice versa; can identify multiple needs corresponding to a single ability or vice versa, but on a global scale, balance is undeniable; of ignorance or neglect leads us to jump to conclusions, weeds, or irremediable defects in some human beings when all observers or agricultural engineers or social media dressentle same conclusion: There is no "anomaly" in flora or fauna that could someday find its usefulness


This observation justifies further humbled by natural phenomena, and therefore establishes biomimicry as the highest wisdom, both in agronomy in economics


To cite just two examples of scientific praxis











It is this time? non of my newspaper, I wonder if the rest I wrote something sensible on the subject;


; but a simple paragraph like the ones I noted here: (§)


"What we sommesà § L about it, we'll see if everyone follows assiduously






"Go begins:




power and glory








Ah! money




# 101 ..... (Ai-Bj) Related s No.: 363 ... 668 ... 677 .490 ... 768 ... 868


ID = 811 (OL)


How can we hope together under one No. § a large problem


so vast that the whole world has been able to contain it


Since it is the direct or indirect cause of millions of "small" problems


Question: why has t we invented the "money?


Or use our LC


What need (Bi) meets this invention


that is the most fabulous, the most diabolical might add


as it moves - without getting tired


big places like Pampa in Argentina


through some paperwork in an office


Sydney, London, Milan ... or.




First reason: liquidity say economists


I remember a fun pub


as we do not see often, unfortunately


By the way - have you noticed reader-ice


that "good" ads had a very small length of media life




Voiçi, what we read: images of course support:


(("Why bank cards as there are checks


Why checks since banknotes


do not make holes in our pockets


why banknotes


since it may well put louis in his belt


Well ... I'll abbreviate the message


And what are the gold pieces


since we can exchange five black sheep against a white camel? "))




I keep in reserve the parable of Christ


the bard of love that also shouts his hatred! -


the rich and the paradise and I continue:




So let there jargon technicians


money unlike happiness


his enemy brother or friend depending on the environment


is a means of exchange, and thus fooled - would have added Karl Marx


Apparently the most convenient way


as it has become after centuries of dithering


Would you check for yourself


that mankind owes money


Then try to imagine how to live without


Impossible, I've tried it, you can imagine


All we could do in a pinch


This is an attempt to stifle his omnipotence




With simple gestures. ...




I prefer to leave it at that: having myself fulminated


against these "priceless" advisers


wanting - in good faith -


make your life better


with simple gestures, to do such.


brush your shoes and teeth at the same time


or by operating a switch of the show


when you are on the pierced seat


So having said I pinned those kind pranksters


I do not feel the courage to knock on their door








3 things to do "Nose -en- less" 


W - recovers ah sorry!


falait read it nonetheless




Beware of those who denigrate money


Or, at the very least ask them


what they offer in return




Do not look for scapegoats


we are all guilty


since the cycles are only one aspect of our lives


So there will always be crises




If the businesses of H (F) may be victims


both of their success that they failed


It behooves us all to learn


the only conclusion to be drawn


So I leave it to you to do














(*) Another reform prespective: rid our societies of copper coins, brass etc. ...


Many vestiges of a bygone era


In the absence of happiness or lightness of conscience


we will at least have pockets less burdensome and less ringing




(**) Remains still a glimmer of hope that these young fools with their habit of sharing everything


"But not in that? will the grumpy growl-scrogneugneu service


Young Go! The Lord is with you


And me too: throw me then those awful grigous their seats drilled






the bimetrallisme by L. Walras. ... europe and Monez muddle. Noble Prize too? I forgot the name = (exp see the Boutr tongue) § ... ..




9 - 4/5




(10 -1)




The important question - attention to this term! - Here is the following:


How - by what property, what can we postulate handle couples different degrees without further semantic precaution






You will admit the importance of cedébat qudn I would have told you; but is it necessary to reappeler ç every time - that our findings could be used to calibrate the monetary standard that double dare I pleonasme






I have already said a couple could contain implicitly another couple (eg ... ..... freedom -constraint contains at least 2 forms of L - or C: freedom innate or acquired by the individual or by the group, conversely coercion may be exerted by I on G or on the contrary by the group over the individual, and what about the forms of C or L, their application limits etc .... much couples deducted and therefore contained in the generic starting torque (C - L)


All compound words are actually couples (eg anthropology


astrophysics ... ..) And speaking of physical, some not even compound terms are "complex"


Starting with nature, or God, or the uni-verse ... ..


So when one speaks of the "nature of the universe" function function is implicitly built


Similarly, when I write: N (D) I actually combines two couples (Nature-god)


and (God-kind) in a relationship that I have not yet defined


A little patience I have not finished my reasoning










Small - or large - details form


Certais pourrient offended by these "you" and freedom of speech


As I said, they only have to go elsewhere; those who politely trying dre the entuber; I'm running for any office, so I do not have to spare ... misguided sensibilities.


We'll say, because - it is me - not give a damn for anything that puts other, why looking t it be for the betterment of society




That's an interesting question!


Answer: because I can not do otherwise




Small snook - and also a friendly hello beyond the waves of life for our friends K Marx, Bakunin ... and all other


Who cycled in semolina as they persisted in reasoning about "systems - see No. ......... -


Why should society pay more the work of an engineer - or an artist, or a "genius" any


Because they are more "useful"?


Nay! We still know nothing about what is "useful"


Because they have made efforts?


I explained that only the efforts we want to do well


Or better: the efforts to which our nature intended us


And let no bathe me with the alleged will, "savage" of men and women who break all barriers determination ... and other nonsense of the same ilk


Sent to all teachers who have bugged the generations of kids who "did not want to make an effort" 


And what do they expect them - the so-called "higher beings" 


To make an effort. ...


eg. the effort to understand the efforts of some are only the desires of others?


Or more simply: the effort to understand that others do not want to make efforts


If an engineer is "higher education" is because he could not do otherwise, under these conditions, the company has nothing to offer him more than the poor morons like you an me; who can not ... but.




I summarize: "the system of sanctions-rewards" is a hoax, a gigantic hoax - like money, which has become more important than God himself - so asking people on the street if you do not believe me not - like religions, comfort, useful things, fun ... well just like 1001 things in life that people insist on finding "normal" because they see life with glasses principles in sum with the ideas of others


As long as there are poor to gather the crumbs of wealth by accepting - why not - to play the watchdogs of each to prevent others to live their lives, it is not yet cured of the disease appearance and optical illusions


It is such considerations that I base my refusal "rights" inventors, wage differences, and even a salary associated with the job when the two things have nothing in common ...








Rue des Gobelins, in front of a department store:




Beatrice M and Leslie attend a scene that has fascinated: a dog


black guard beating a white bum pauve parceu'il surprised him with an outstanding bottle at checkout




"You realize; there are still sores ^ to talk about the shame of slavery laws and there ... .j'arrive not believe it


"We should talk about the P.cul it was he who. ...


"It's the GM that you call like this


they both burst out laughing, seeing that the other two matrons devastate the gaze


"You think it's funny, you have to be, one of the core leftist garbage, dirt momes; strongly Marine LZE pen that you rfamène the convent, here!


"Come, let's not there, it could get worse


"But why do not you answer him on that .... this Concierge


"Drops, it seeks not only tuvopis romp


M but can not help but start to fat harpy














GM, aka as p.cul said Micheline / Beatrice arrived at the same time that the elevator Tolbiac (*)


which avoided them to unpack their histoitre in public


They briefly set out warrants him the scene monoprix


"It was actually a department store? he asked as if it 'was an important detail


"Jeeee ... you saw yourself?





the sortdesNoirs etesJuifs Women: question (A - F)




2proverbes pourrient illustrates these historiues retreounements


1 - there is no fire fuée of Jamis


2 has a silver lining




In qz prclament unilaterally chosen people, the Jews decided them their same fate cicle privileged to all rancoeus rstrations and peoples of auptres










bla - bla unscientific  :




You think I dream of a utopian world? I pedal too in semolina?


Possible; but I repeat: I do not preach to parish - if not my own, that is not mine, because I'd like to do something else, or better yet, do nothing, because I understood that "problems" of society were insoluble


Insoluble or poorly installed, or indeterminate ... the choice of terms is unlimited


'Cause whatever we do, there will always be the natural cycle that precedes all our expectations and actions and thoughts ... and a few lengths


What is even an understatement since could never catch up in a generation that Nature has put ... .millions years? ; or billions ...


Here I speak as these astrophysicists who speak sometimes billions, sometimes trillions of galaxies


Who can really get an idea of ​​what these amounts may represent? Not me anyway


Or like those paleontologists who have already changed their calculations 3 times if I remember correctly, that continue to say without modesty or shame that the age of the planet earth is calculated in years, a unit that has no value outside system (sun-earth)


And I could fill pages on the swagger of science


More accurately false scientists, those who still believe expliquer..derniere find all of science: biomimetics: but believe you and they make an admission of defeat: it was well worth it to raise so much hope in gullible to get there






9-5 ****




Becaufe ahead of "principles" we are in this position "stupid" I have called the "metro" for lack of a better effect, because everyone - at least in Paris has been able to ascertain, these gentlemen who still believed that the world belonged to them that the citizens and traders withdrew their carpet underfoot, these academics -profs- intellectuals and entrepreneurs ... "tutti quanti; who think embody the elite nations disintegrate, the Russian boyars who still dreamed of majesty driving taxis abroad ... and how many other brave captains who worked on illusions


There is no need of revolution, or shot or thugs to break CRS nor philosophers to undertake the great disillusionment  


Becaufe is all doomed to be replaced by another illusion




I explain what I mean by "Metro effect"




.................. .




In short: in our complex world - it always has been, although some believe it out today - the principles and values ​​are reversed without warning us, so we end up saying and doing "stupid" things becaufe is unmanned, like robots


Note well, stupidity is everywhere: eg physicists. who want to "unify" the interactions in the universe are not smarter than the communists who want to make all the same humans: the only way to make living "equal beings" is to make worlds that revolve on themselves, ie to establish a circular hierarchy


Just as a company can only work on a complex base 


"Binary ie, a universe not to settle for a single principle


With the number "1" is a supernatural monstrosity, by the way - you can not go anywhere, with 2 can be rotated indefinitely




I am well aware that my language is not accessible to the local butcher, or pharmacist opposite, but who knows? I have seen administrators who stopped trample the "public" or because they annoy their administration realized that they would find one day feet dangling in a vacuum or ass "grounded" 




Hopeful brethren, as they say these cathos-hypos-, which are no better than the rogue bankers or tartuffe doctors who are no better than the moralists or the wise, who are no better than all of us, because we are all hypocrites or unconscious


because we can not do otherwise ...
And one that says "Forgive them Lord they know not what they do


Did not know any more than all of us






Seance DU21 May 2007




9 -6 *****


Back to things "serious" 




Maybe I should explain a little more at stake in this debate:


When I speak of our intellectual infirmity, our inability to connect continuously a particular situation to a general axiom I do nothing other than express a widespread opinion among "primary" ie those who do not get involved in knowledge, those and those living with their nose, who do things without worrying about their consistency with a dogma, principle, a general sense of good and evil, with laws established by other short, all the trappings that are supposed hide our nakedness. ...


To make us believe that humans no longer live like other animals who suffer and thus the law of the jungle












... space ..L'economie




GM you may be wondering if fasting am not mistaken course ... or room, but I can assure you




If you souveznez of what I said at the beginning of the seminar


Well I expect you to remember your memories to the rescue, this failing to have assimilated the general spirit of this course séminire




... .yes M




M This is a way to exclude myself from the community, my master?


GM - you can definitely tell you the truth, my dear




... ...




If economists were invited to the debate they would not seek to whether universe is flat or round, they would see things from above so to speak




B - for example?




But I do not know, you might want to ask them!




No seriously you do not coroyez that quarrels physicists are sometimes a little too narrow and Combre are economists who are supposed to take care of the prosaic




utliité the point of view of the motions of galaxies teleologisque


general equilibrium and local perturbatons


the problem of the Boltzmann distribution of sources themiques


Assuming a reversible time, despite the thermodynamic




And speaking of dynamic back a little on earth that can remove economic assumptions about the existence of time?


B I thought that physiciensétaient professor of cétins and could not take anything e


GM - I said that me?


B nooo, not you but I read there it is: that time I do not know on what review


GM then I reonnaie the language of my peers Alzeimerisque but chezun boy as strong and serious, you disappoint me scared boy


B yes finally hereusement that you do not think a word,


GM ah? And what ... where do you deduce that


B-But you say all the time




So I said, is I get to a place in ^




... .
economists said that I had treated physicists morons because they were looking to invest their field refelxioin, or should I say rather their flat -bandes




Ah yes I read I find myself TBD


No. ...... .ce dscours revolting, it's like the cops who are blocking from an outsider wants to interfere with an investigation




For me it proves one thing: they're all people at the same time sns comlexes and "complexed" and I understand there








GM is considering applying to the couple formatioin (Olivier -Leslie) the conclusions of § on lternée applying freedom-constraint


What can we expect from such a game? Sources of conflict or harmony instead? Difficult question, but how do we know if we do not try to think about the experience ... he told himself in arranging his notes ... at least on paper, it does not protest if an unresolved issue is reset more late
















B dmande 5OO bullets O


L offers to lend him 200


He undressed in front of O L_ and pretends to fuck


O cry of rage and vows revenge


hence scene Cordeliers - Paris XIII






It rained all it tells you the Grandpa Emile


Bad! As usual. Are true and false, must think


L this is what we will do together, I promise?


O Where you see the false lad'dans, nmoi I troiuvé it was impeccable.


BM- Impec, impeccable, you find yourself impeccable cettethezorie bimetallism


O but it is not SA theory, he only tried to expliqeur


yes but it was obvious that was s sypmapathie, ikl prendWalreas to god it shows as a nose Hump Figure


O you noticed that too you


L-I think he is telling the truth; he defends more than he says, that said Mr. Rousseau, you never know what to think, it must still be said conscinet this qu'ikl


BM you pay us a drink, you have always the money you


O my money j el wins as Toutle world, you're trying to do has much


BM alleeeez! A glass of beer that's not going to ruin you with us Lili


O how you call .... Lili?


L no, I think I'll go


BM you will s annoy you alone, and then look a bit


Where? .... And then ... .What as there


BM you notice anything? Decidedly




is une bistro queers, we are in the swamp not forget, the neighborhood of every whim


And it Tegene entering a coffee as you say ..pédés




Me? Précisxémzent ... not but I'm not going prfétrendre êytre dce I'm not


guess you come to me despropositions another day, if you come with us problèùme will not arise




The insidious inversion principles




Warning: The inversion of terms is not a criterion (as) stability of a couple. Statisticians use the term (no) = (almost absolutely sure) as mathematicians once ended their demonstrations by the acronym: QED


There is no judgment to be drawn from this behavior: science may fluctuate as do the time and space


On the other hand, it is not and because a reversal of terms does not seem to make sense today, it must be concluded that it makes absolutely no sense: eg whether " nature of the universe "as noted so complex U (N) appears to have reversed the current term meaning =


world of nature may seem less obvious


At first sight only, for ordinary language - which also handles common ambiguity - using synonyms. In this case universe means "together" in which case the expression N (U) would also have a sense




I think I said - if I thought about it, which to me, is the same - but I understand that such and such who read these lines are of a different opinion, and even, I sincerely hope (and it she) express -:


in the world there is not right; I specify here: There is no right or dots


question: How in these conditions we are able to these aberrant abstractions?


Mystery and crystal ball how can we master a language that we certainly did not create - it's still a personal opinion -


why we oppose terms that sometimes identify themselves ... and why are our .comment unable to sing like birds ... the problems abound for the curious.


In this connection it would be fun to count in the current non-compound terms but covering a "reality" complex, or ... opposable terms under certain conditions but not in the absence of other words language ... There and would have an alchemy of language since there also in chemical reactions catalysts




But back to our contradictions: I sometimes associated with the image of a pair diameter (No. ..........) ie two points on the circle:


How do I proceed now that the points have disappeared from the language?


And how the image represented by the reality of a couple on a sphere


What is still the condition of the majority of beings or not -pensant


And as regards language, virtual all male or female terms


Maybe not in Paris if I believe the opinion polls - nearly 50% of women living - and some very well - in singles


But opinions are personal is not it?


So they did on earth, a personal value




The debate remains open on both "points" used above mentioned:


And since I perceive - in two senses of the word - or remuneration academicians, and tip of a politician; I do not see why I'm tired my brain to tell people how to speak (Identification of terms) or to show them how to mate (opposition couples)


























PHILIPPE E. DISMISSED after his interview with Mr. James


arises desquestions on utiklité OS And fdémiurges


people are not enough murspour organize their life, but it is better to refrain from intervenion






9 -7














We talk math "paradox" when it is as plain language ambiguity. One point should not exist outside of intersections, and this is still a concession to abstract thinking, especially in the world we see shock


Could it be that the cause of misunderstandings?


The question deserves to be dug






There are as many chances of a inscrir fonctioin coplexe within a 0-1


in a intgervalle 1-100 ..... or 1 N






So dig, as would have said the unfortunate son of the laborer (*)


This is just another homecoming, in short




Statement jumble of issues as they come to Exprit:


1-we went too far in abstraction?


2 how to distinguish two couples without using the image on a circle diameters


3 we would be more in harmony with nature - or the universe or reality


if our thinking was limited to visible objects ...


at least noticeable?




Will we in the future rdenoncer the subtleties of everyday language?




I say immediately that I will answer no to this question, because we already see the impasse to jam should be to remove the previously


which is in the fruit


like say unwisely the "wise sayings" 


In other words: it is possible that humans have been in harmony before the appearance of the word - I can not resist in this context the temptation ... .non the term is a misnomer ... let's say (!) I can not resist the desire to express here my admiration as fabulous àl'explication of Genesis
Admiration soon tempered by the duplicity of "fable" 


If I can train a couple (thought - language), we see right away why you can not answer the question 3. The two terms are circular relationship, any change of language "rubs off" on the thought


which would have designed the language. I repeat "might" because I do not share this opinion, and if I explain why I lose the thread


A theologian might even see where the original defect in the mass humanly theologians love to jump to conclusions -


One author very talented and very respectable says


"We see with the heart" quote comes without warranty, but with which I agree; How then distinguish the perception of vision?


And there is no reason to stop what are the respective shares of the two directions in the formation of ideas, -on can still say that an idea has a "sense"? ....


as I said, this is the impasse becaufe do not know where we're going


Still a "natural" language contradiction






I immediately set aside the question of technical progress and I think I have already explained why (not right = no geometry = no bridges, no roads etc ...)




This leaves two questions, which amounted in fact to one:




to be continued ....










the sensitivity of (HF) changes in environment


ex. the discovery of a planet with conditions similar to ST except


gravity, oxygen - potosynbthese




adptabilité power of Humina RECREATION and conditions survieH = D (N)




Why Naturestocke deseerggies under gterre - fire and water


to disperse a dns day esapace (volcanoes) what education?






Langevin theory of Pr false?




Why can not -on see the future of the universe.


Hubble coast - not the microscope, one that




hey 'sir you confuse the planets and bacteria




I meant of course the telescope, the terms "scope" still medesarçonnent it ESTM. Hubble ui gave his name to the instrument and not the reverse,


in a compact universe and does not exiszte of voids, ie if the material is distributed in a regular or uniform should see both the past aue future




curious, moreover, that physicists make the same mistake that the eco


universe populated cycles friends galaxies fleeing in same direction


what you will admit to scale parsec seems ridiculous afait




without light we can not measure time


no light on n E can see anything and so can make TIRN




recalls, the first time measurements étaiinet simple marks the position of the sun, you ui donone a idéed of laprécisioin tolerated in those days, if the seasons are taken into account and all ui ensues






the first man was to be the Einstein relativistic sense




Or B poincaré


Oh yeah that's true ... but we will not entrere in these petty politicking, I think I have said repeatedly that our ideas belonged to the universe


but it is not enough to eliminate e vain quarrels on the property












GM réflichissaità aloud




"But that happens, then, with France? Amteurisme back to despreatiques I ceroyais long abandoned ;;; I become gateux too, or is it the bie zsociété that starts out badly




phone does not make me resposable fde the carelessness of the SFR


Telephone society?


Yes, but also the company of republican France, one that is drowning in nbos eyes while desphysicines graquent improbable particles ... a world that!




































MEETING MONDAY 24/09 / Monday, October 8, 2007
















The question to be answered would be:




Given a company a bit basic, how to link a particular solution to general conditions, without recourse or abstraction or imagination?






I found much to square because in everyday language I found the same anomaly in the classification problems of social organization (POS)


Omissons and double use: If there are two words for the same thing (synonyms) that there is also (said, vice versa)


2 things designated by the same term (polysemies and shades)




Where we see that we have added to harm "and vice versa" as charged in the summons to Sacha Guitry




... ...........








9-81 all SOS resemble their inability to


_ To manage the eternal




ity of POS






REM connect to ... ... No ... 49 ...... SYSTEMS.




L fati windows rtentre then, is preparing a "snack"






between the volcano eruption in permanent (- M B) and mortdesprofondeurs (O) why should I choose?


And if I chose, would I be happy with the result


I think I'm an eternal unsatisfied, but why is a question I should ask the master; why Nature does therefore does not key personalities, our permsonnalités ^ I seek not to make a trade, I do not try to update pezrcer people ... well a bit anyway ah lord that this is hard ... it's too copliqué for a woman, is also the -what hommesont these problems, I dout with their air conytroler all in real time they say






such Mireille?




I Preliminary RV sex?
















Press criticism of an idea to create a system S2


On foundations made in S1




Eg paying artists (or inventors) in a society where money is excluded as the sole standard of wealth


"People will not invent anything ... .personne will want to work




FALSE: If money seems to be the only sting of "creation (recreation or human invention) is becaufe established a link between wages and income; if labor wages "is detached in a society of the future (eg SMC ......) This link will no longer have the same effect




_ Refer a system S1 reviews and / or error S0


those that S1 wants précisémet avoid




eg tell the whole truth in S 1 (more war)


Review: truth under torture?


S ° war must be avoided goal S1 =




Following classification ... ..








CLASSIFICATION POS / see § ...... /








-------------------------------------------------- -------------




Monday, April 26?








"Hello dear friends


"Hello master ... .b'bonjour sir ... hello ... great master" .voix cross public


who has reached this Easter Monday a critical threshold: 12 apostles!




We discussed yesterday with my colleagues this problem, I quallifie of étrernel; this is how I titled 100O0 AND I Promblèmes OS


But as the title seemed a little pretentious. ... Briefly, I would like today to explain the flip-flop effect: thanks, or because decett that the problems OS Never have a definitive solution. Why ^


I speak today?


"-O-p ... paceque


"No, no I do not think O Whether you have the solution, I'm uh bit angry against myself, and I ask all of you not to interrupt me


is that I was so debated, dissected this issue in my head that I fancied it was obvious to everyone ... so this is a mea cupa I m here before you book. So I says before starting the flip effect - flop, the concept of materiality, the difference between RELITE and appearance are related. So we attack first, I am sure you will make the link qaue by yourself if you have understood the reasoning.


The term "flip-flop comes from" the ekectroonique it means, or rather because I ildésignait vousnparle of electroniue Grandpa with iron and solder and everything, so he appointed two transistors placed upside down I let .good electronics down and spend the realtions between human / Imaginrez aque I put two people in the same position




... .............


"Yeah ... I see your ribald mines what you think, but it does not ESDT that at all, I assure you, it would me much more you think about it ... let's be serious for a moment: imagine two people as it takes little here ikmporte their gender: Mr. M on one side and monsdieur or Mrs. L on the other, I chose these letters to make the argument more clearly


M is a convinced Marxist, autremeny said a supporter of collectivism.


By L against a liberal, ie partisaon of individualism? 9A is going so far? I have not forgotten anything?
... .......... (for once the audience even respect the conflicting desires of the speaker!)


"Well, I continue: Luckily L and M entrendent very well, he and she can therefore speak to each his hobby ... well during the long winter evenings ... and evil to him who evil thinks, to provided that you conspicuously evil by the fire ... They make so much so that they are able to convince each other, and what they conclude from you


... ......... see above, nothing moves in the room


"Oh yes it's true I asked you not to interrupt me, merçi rappelr me of my order: ikls conclude that the two systems have many advantages than disadvantages and that the man who believes very intelligent should take advantage of two solutions and this is the rub sk


transposons the case to both communities, things happen like aps for M and L, as <Michael and Leslie: in relationsd N to N it is rare that there is so much intelligence aqu'entre two individuals : chque time the clan M, I keep intitales as before to denote 'Marxist-collectivist) and L for -individualistes Liberals) Whenever the two clans meet it is to send to the insults figure


you can imagine. , Card only on both sides there is even any of despersonnes who think, and what do they find these people, they find aque the two systems of thought have avatages and disadvantages, and gradually convince ilsarrivent their environment; and more pogressivement, the process may be spread over several generations, the entourage also manages to convince his enturage


And what gets cequ'on end of the process? I vousle donnd a thousand ... I would mêùmeplus in 1001: the same résuiltat that vientr to do with two individuals. BUT ... with the difference that both> M and L still does not talk, we end up after plusioeurs generations in the same situations; the two principles of OS Namely individuaisme one hand, collectivism on the other are still opposition, but both clans have changed their appearance, each having taken the place of another.
Thus I résumains effect flip-flop, which also means I hope I have said, the swing effect, in other gtfermes great ideas like Marxism last for eternal life because whenever they are abandoned by one half of the pompulation, they are taken up by the other half ... it's all calir now


... ........... (see above, persistent silence


"No, no, excuse me, I lift my ban ... before we go any further, I want to know whether you followed all avedz


"O-oh yes sir ... for once I figured it out


"GM Well that's a point for my self-esteem -sale, I have selected the" for once " 


"L-- ... shut up so you are unjust O


"B-why not ... it's true that today's speech is master parfaitgement clear


3 I do not understand is why you do not say it often


"B-but ... parceaque .comment this more often


And the sneaky intiative GM whole room laughs


"Ah ha ha ha! ..... Ha ha ha ... ha ha ... ..ha


"Lord! Think the computer does not like him either repeat the "ha ha" as translated poorly thought the reality




Well since you are in such good provisions, I leave it to you to apply the same reasoning to other points: the importance and futlité classemnt always recommernser and then lneur to approach a distinction entrerealité and appearance. On this dstinction you should read the story of the fountain from which is derived the moral, only I did not demùande you approve stupidly, but unlike the critiaquer sharply: what is situatikon trouverit by ex.une society the gfns not deem more on appearance mine looks m. jeande the fountain. I was also thinking of St. Antoine Exupery syntex for raes who had the honor of knowing him. ...




Remember above all that your supposedly Devois are only internal obligations, does not make them if you say "ah barba fallaoir will still do what I asked what our bore master requires that the question nagging you until 'that you felt the need to physically get rid of it otherwise it's time and pain of lost


Go! A children Thursday




END OF SESSION ........ EME ... ....






















meant that we have a ... by dedécouvrir infailllible lecoupable means (BM)


one that would not run for the convening (stool test)


Seminar compromise for a goose poop or dog poop




____________________________ Opera Act 3




Relations P B O




The inventiveness of the "people" skills to ride their dirty tricks to beat their opponents only depend on their survival energy


Energy which is itself bound only to immune defenses and instincts observed type and not on any market trend, a zeitgeist or a theoretical evolution of the company to trade satde entr'hiumains




eg How million. Fisher decided to tackle the ... chein Ms. Meyer having found no other way to respond to his ataque: it did look like a pedophile on cats Internet




Commentr know Al & vance what will be the strategy changes of I (S) in this vast plateau of games what the global life


We know only enumerate the Principa $ es that determine the behavior of I (S) or ds S ​​(I) in their lives (resp emotional. Teacher or public /


Finally what rikment all supustaions of eocnomiqstes on "preferences" of consommagteurs vore even producfgteurs


pouisque encorfe nobody bothered to calculate or need each others' abilities 








just think of the energy losses caused by the struggles within families for a legacy ... the diversions of corporate assets and ... public goods on individual interests? the ravages of competition between merchants and industrialists when it borders on clan war, just to balance these disadvantages with the main advantage of the collectivist system ie: loss of voltage sources and / conflict / to tip the balance of decisions for the latter system


already mentioned in the reserve if lon excludes final advantage of novelty, no system can have more advantages than disadvantages


since both sets of parameters associated variablezs or variable oppose pairs exactly as are bi / ai or Qualities -Défauts in the case of a person.


There is novelty because collectivism without central leadership has never been experienced in any country - except error




"GM rtevenons our concerns out: voluntary or involuntary ignorance psychological feactions in the economic calculation of the so-called notionaux aggregates: income, expense consumer investisemnts etc ...




psychology is probably the only discipline that can advance the ideas for distribution of tasks, hierarchy in several institutions and pharmacies political or mediatic power


Why this science she been so neglected


It had all the TMPS to observe fruit flies, ants and write encyclopedias, the içiencore familiarized evolved according to individual whims and also it is true of admirable devotion


which are much less if it clears u little intentions, and if we surout reparque eternal and continues endance of indivcdus to an inescapable fate; How else to explain a poet, researcher, exporateurs ... might sacrifice so many values ​​to a single goal? And quellevolonté human could withstand countless solicitations necessarily through any exsience if n 'was behind these relentless obstinacy logistics and maternal patient tutor omniscient selfless nature ... in short and too short a word for a reality incommensurable




applaudissemnts a thunderous welcome this moving plaidoierie


Finally say ... rather small given the size of the burst assistance - twelve or Treiz pezronnes auqyele joins the master-teacher shamelessly




O - not complexed he applauds the master himself




think again, my dear! it's not me that I applaud is the opportunity to share on a topic that generates passionate membership but non-confrontational


I am not against conflict, on the contrary!












Much confusion inside a washing machine, which we know neither the program nor the content not to mention the source of the water or detergent is how sometimes appears to me the "champo investigation of economic activities


It is definitely far from the order and beauty of the systems that astrophysicists describe us without qu'auncun economist will be advised to find their equivalents on our planet




Is it really too early to explore the language of space for describing the phenomena of industry, trade in goods or parliamentary exchanges?


Will there be one day in France former pupils of scienses politiues do internships in the space shuttle to get to lead a community?


It is far and difficult road to integration socio-scientific




two fifteen hour: O out of its first course Haikido; this fighting technique that claims to harness the efforts of the opponent to overcome ... .He changed our former admirer of Mahatma Gandhi




shame, self-esteem? ....


"A luxurious said O who has vowed to wash the blood the insult he has finfligé Bernard in the


duel rogue and "I pissed on him and he has not reacted, you call that a man? You




"Hey I'm going to pay me a beer, they gave me exsercices let f


He returned to the bar that holds toue a corner of the Place des Gobelins


Unevraie factory pressurized he said I do not understand people ... aui farm where you want Aun said unclient server


orae in the ir as like a pub




you also should close my O_ what are you doing here huh?


Another rotting faiutre of the same thoughts, they ue you just did there in gte premnnt for Rousseau


allezsiffle tga beer and get the hell out, martial arts, it's not small beer it not, how I could master my biscottos a guy like B ..he must weigh boien 9O kilos fcacile


but the weight does trien to the case, will you remember the O_ puisssnce e will




drop is stories for American idiots that, Lekung fu is not know that here, yet enfinpas gràace god ... fiar believe the poor fools like me that can open a prison with his fingers in s' resulting in karate, it's npipeau, how can you still be vixctime this kind of scam




He went out of his briefcase a book in which he noted the list of errors that was based on the master guide its work furturs Sociology










4 - Introduce a finite limit a series of events whose first term


Was not counted




3 - transpose a reasoning of a limited domain to a domain without limits




2 - solve a complex problem in the field of scalars


(Reduce the progress to a straight while living beings evolve on rings, circular or elliptical orbits








Back to things "serious" (2nd)




Maybe I should explain a little more at stake in this debate:


When I speak of our intellectual infirmity, our inability to connect continuously a particular situation to a general axiom I do nothing other than express a widespread opinion among "primary" ie those who do not get involved in knowledge, those and those living with their nose, who do things without worrying about their consistency with a dogma, principle, a general sense of good and evil, with laws established by other short, all the trappings that are supposed hide our nakedness. ...


To make us believe that humans no longer live like other animals and they do not suffer, therefore the law of the jungle












Mitterrand DESTAING AND TOUR AND EN TGV Montparnasse



morality in a society or science plays a major role (ever =)


unecollectivité the guides should be recruits in the mileiusscientifiues not politiue



But there are also po sciences ..and even a school


LET S2RIEUX B? even economists unless qu'ikl not have made studies of the physical and yet ... shall be unable to determine whether the research Souchez cellues is not justifiéeou



Yes alos if you go by that the scinetifiaque as you say, we do not know basically what this trerme recouve ... ... these people are all the time to go, see the theories of global warming by climatiaue



That's right, I forgot this detail






Maybe not in Paris if I believe the opinion polls - nearly 50% of women living - and some very well - in singles 


But opinions are personal is not it?


So they did on earth, a personal value




The debate remains open on both "points" used above mentioned:


And since I perceive - in two senses of the word - or remuneration academicians, and tip of a politician; I do not see why I'm tired my brain to tell people how to speak (Identification of terms) or to show them how to mate (opposition couples)








nd the importance of science eput not êytre dissoxciée its ability to amaze and amuse people or culture éducaiont modest




the 'general equation of motion of a community has not yet toruve general solution, it is not worded correctly m-th




















act "normal" formula Moivre


the econ only need to trig equations, formulas vieillezs our good enough why will soar on math heights (who could read Serge Kolm CH


after ex.


DISCUSSION P - M ... Mireille and W (Australian named van degurrelberg)


one who wanted to do everything and that equation déclenshéla wrath of E




M will you put it in the crane E will not begin to col-re that poçur destabilize others, he is cold-blooded snake unnvrai




you say it to ... because it's a friend you


not at all, I have very little sympathy for him, with all the evil math qu'oil said, Verily I'd uhn traitor to my family


Verily ohilne not think this quildit if? ...


Think again, it told me qu'ilme exceeds 100 lieuex that you dégoise in his courses


it's not over, it's a seminar


yes, we know there bie no difference in the final there auraq draftees and not elected?




By the way what do you get for a sémoinaire follow if there is no di ^ ploma after?


But estcapital, eg. one day you do a thesis on eco mùathsd, you will have me as a supervisor ... and as we know each other better, I could not decently rob me to my obligations










as supervisor ... and as we know each other better, I could not decently steal me my Bond ations




X told me to do a PhD with a teacher, had to fill iklf marry his daughter


I think that "ikly has merit, given the clikmat of trust that must be established between the PhD student and the director, it seems to me a very opinion based; which is qiuvous said it


it's free to desparticipants séminnaire it nevient not often, but ikl tells me about you all the time


oh yeah? And in what terms


* That, sir ... ..I can not tell you


By against a man like Walras was unjustly neglected


I saw a professor at the Sorbonne please say blows to blow he did not believe in cycles and that Walras was rough then aue I did not experience as clear text and reasoning as accurate as those Walras -


L but there were two Walas I believe, father and son


GM I talk about Leon, the father ... ..this arle true that his father but personally I have not seen any work of Father


O or I file the


B O sacred word for always crying with laughter huh


M is as likely reaty qu'urait wrote Keynes PDJM


I asked plkusieurs Bookseller sà London, ^ nobody knew what it was




Etdire that crtains econ respect him no not parceau'kl wrote in eco but the knowledge of this digression I would say in math


The rest




_____________________ Drift on sexeuels spenchants of (philippe - Olivier)




M is silent - hyoocrisie of woman? Or ... prudent reserve.




OPNT they benefited from Revol, you homos without risking


F (H) invents nothing but maintains - eg household task, dopnc ancestors avaitnent it right?


Yes ... but progress.


progress - straight REGISTER Inthe great cycles of civilization




right to vote taken away from women?


Mondesdes different women Deshommes, alorspourquoi associate to défendredes valeus who do not BONDING to personalities




M and B - discuss new sexual orientations O and L


How to reconcile permanently moral codes "natural" and human evolution towards an ideal of spirituality?






















NOTES _________________________________


.courbe flat universe ...: O introduction in Light


So spread straight line does not exist in (S - T)






letters of the alphabet? ROLE OF ART TO MARK H (N = versus N (H)


romance between the myopic and the damsel Olivier Leslie (O - L)




couples: S - T AND (verb - flesh) AND (V - E)


static dynamic and F = A cycle


Is not it 2 equivalent of expressing time and space anyway?


Notions of displacement included in (S)


identically: change included in (T)


introduce special relativity definitions


what meaning attributed to the words "wrong And truth temporal space


or: genuine mistake and space weather?




Statistics GIBBS = ergodicity (detail)


we spend time in S by change of coordinates


sinx as is offset has cosx




Invariant concepts and related anisotropy


phase shift (T) = equivalent (or inverse) of the offset (S)




the ultimate use of the farm cycle discussion => inconsistency?


Is there an ABSOLUTE pair (a - z) ie such as / when a change - or shifts from one position a + 1, then z change in z-1




Another way of defining the Supreme Absolute or couples:


2 terms are irreducible, interchangeable and waterproof / mutually exclusive (to) ... on the other




eg particulate matter and anti-matter


but has never been able to link without risk annihilation these two things (or words)?


periodic redefinition of (N - = nurture cultural education = ... = ...


Derailment and upgrading (direction> 0 and <0) orientatioin diameters of -Principles




... ;;;;;; ..


epistemology? GM: dictionary regardedans










10 ~ *




8-circular economy and complementarity




Speaking of the carbon cycle is another way to express complementarities inherent in all life on earth


complementarities in éconopmie first is that of (Ai - Bi)


Economists, who are always very distinguished although less ordered today, should have started by defining the object of their discipline ...


what do you think ... Leslie, sorry ... what do you think L


"Grandmaster my faith, I do not really know




Return to the journal the author: OBSERVATIONS IN BULK on Ai -Bi ie: A to B and skills needs










the layback: Thierry




January 1986


A free society is not much more than a bad company run could be infinitely good


Interchanging the terms "right and wrong" a -constraint hand and "" freedom "on the other hand you could say: If a company run (or stress) could not be oriented only towards good then a free society Nor is directed only evil.
becaufe It's always forgets to combine the two parts of a circular motion that it has come to admit the hypothesis of infinite evil instincts release without admitting consideration for the property .In fact there can be no such thing as linear evolution, always oriented in the same direction, positive and negative individuals cad- instincts.








Thursday, September 22, 1988




Back to one of my obsessions: the adaptation of skills needs


What is needed for success in a balanced society?


A company is in equilibrium if each requirement is an ability and a single. Differences or variations more or less abilities and needs cancel pairwise over. The period is defined as the time interval between two passages of the company by the same situation .. It can also be defined as the ratio of amplitude differences of change in individuals unlike the frequencies of these changes. In an ideal society, this ratio is equal to one since the amplitude variations are exactly opposite to frequency variations. In such a society the individual highest to lowest frequency and lowest individual has the highest frequency. An "any" individual is always placed so that it is both higher and lower than all the others; We arrive at this result by defining as many combinations of initial torque (space-time) that there would be individuals




FICTION thoughts on su ... .réflexions log E -










September 1992




Is it absolutely necessary to classify the needs or abilities?


In a multi-criteria society the problem of division of labor would be terminated


If there are so many different skills that people then there should be, to avoid any ambiguity as many criteria for assessing the abilities of abilities to appreciate


The only way to reconcile the disparity observed in individuals with universal equality would be to consider every human ability as a criterion for all other skills. The main ability of an individual is his own, or fundamental frequency, all other skills mastered to varying degrees between zero and one is the train of harmonics.
speak, eg. that man is neither angel nor beast literally means: given a number of individuals equal to the number of skills listed there for an individual any more than an ability for which he is ranked higher than all other and at least an ability which belongs to less than all other



"So ... comments .Olivier first: honor men today under power parity of expression


"O: I dunno m-mister ...



"Well since you have SLAP (airinspiurés every 2 m ais ... would not you etatamourzeux


I will feel very distant you 2 that happens (t he?


"Hmm ... good


In a society organized on a circular hierarchy all activities have the same importance; I will avoid adding: municipal sweeper national member past the head of the regional credit ... .which would mean I'm not myself








9 a little organization ... in the science of organization




A provocative title is not it?


Repeat a word in a sentence, that's a good way to illustrate the circular nature of the argument, do not you think?












Our inventions are they able to reinvent Nature?


Nature has she recorded "progress" in its program?


If man is an eminently natural, and if the natural condition is stable - not dynamic - where we get the idea - or intuition linear progress?


If the number of business areas - agriculture, arts and culture, sports, crafts, war, science ... tends to a limit FINISHED


would be provided capable of measuring the influence of a technical innovation - or social or commercial or. Industrial


 ..._ On all activities -  


I have already shown (No. 546) a novelty in one of the above areas could in any case benefit has one half of the community - due to conflict of interest


I quoted the saying about it: happiness of one is the misfortune of others


I formulated more systematically addressing the issue of the division of labor; the distribution of requirements (Bi) and skills (Aj) on a homogeneous population living in non-extreme weather and geographical conditions are such that the degree of coverage by Bi Aj is always 1 regardless also other living conditions - demographic, political, economic or social -




Methodological incise:




The complementary measures the ratio in the expression of a logarithmic derivative


Between changes in needs (the denominator) and response skills




The adaptability is the inverse sensitivity: Stimulus needs under variable pressure ancient skills - or the birth of new skills




All these economic measures of elasticity - in fact the sensitivity of demand to price changes - or the various rates of substitution are only accepted


For the definition of derivative of small intervals; a derivative is meaningless indeed if the functions are continuous; which is never the case for the functions of demand and supply, which vary by "jumps" 




Unlike conventional functions describing the behavior of individuals, complementarity and its opposite: adaptability are measured in cells under these conditions are physical variations measured in calories, take a continuous look at the individual level - consisting of million cells - and therefore the calculation of derivatives has meaning has physical and economic times










SESSION April 2, 2007 ... OR 2008?






FICTION COUPLES ARE FORMED ... and deform as systems


(-planètes Stars - satellites)








10 - The economy is circular or biocyclique .y ... has nothing to do!




Seance restricted as realtivité




E. M_ O_ L Philippe -




"Finally a firm direction I tell myself ... I'll have to take me back, damn it!


we do not run if you put young anarchic ideas in their little heads. ...




Do not I said the economy was the science of the organization?


"But you said as Grand Master, it was not science


"... Really? ... I think you misunderstood rather, all forms of quests are science, so I'm sure you have said ... so what? ... Is not that a false debate?


"L yes but there is science and ...


"O but stop! Lets talk ...


"O merçi I am old, but still able to defend myself ... especially if the woman intends to discord in the couple, is not it? ..... So .... eee ... hmm: I mean, of course, the couple of the shadows


and the light, not the pair (O-L) ... but you would have corrected yourself. That said, do not make me say what I'm trying not to say


About ... here ... here is a good opportunity to review some of our definitions ... Leslie can you tell me what is the difference between complementarity and circularity?


"O-complexity ...


"GM I said Olivier L ... unless ALSO HAVE decided not to switch roles ... oh! It's funny aque I say ... fun and very deep, in a stable relationship is perhaps ^ may era good exercise, reversing roles is a good test of the solidity couple..qu'en think you?


... ....




"Well you're dumb every 2 ... so you do not think anymore?


"(O - L): ... but if.


"GM wonderful! You speak in unison ... I hope ... hmm ... I understand allonssoyons serious for a moment: I was ... you want to ... Olivier remember where I was I need regular.


"O v-you said it étaitun false debate sir


"GM GOOD ..... we are well advanced ... Leslie? Any comments? ... I find you ... mineaujoud'hui little trouble with votrepetit friend


"L-I have no more boyfriend ... cause you .a Grand Master


GM: devil! That ... just make the Gr-M in your marital problems?




Ah! I 'am: supplementary circular, what difference?




No? Can not you see? .... And because there are hardly Lejour and night are complementary is that correct, and how we pass t from one to the other


... ..


Well how I await your response, I get tired just talking to himself


L-well master, changing from day to night with the natural motion of our planet


GM "bieeeenn! and this movement is ...?


O is circular sir


GM perfect! We see that you complete them both well


Now apply this scheme to the needs, if Nature created us as complementary beings, so it is thanks to a circular economy, you follow me so far ... only this circulire movement between Bi -Ai I remind you that the economy science of organization - should be in any case a study of the complementarity between beosins and abilities, in this case why the répartitioin task is not it so ... so ah! I can not find the right word you know English both how we Raduit "smoothness"


L fluid flow?


GM "flujide yes, it's got the word that I had in mind, but it'll do, this passage needs abilities and vice versa is not as fluid, not as obvious as in the case of celestial bodies, namely, the earth and the sun, why?


L we are not celecstes body master, I certainly do not deny the influence of the stars> ... but then to behave like spheres




GM aitji said this? I say why should -iy be tears, and even blood every time it closes a plant, why can not abandon an economic experience as we abandon daily loads of chemical or physical experiments that's what I blame our OS


P but you it is sociological organization hold?




... ................. but it seems obvious to me ... what do you think of that would be?


P_ I saois not me, conflicts of interest, phase shifts as you pointed out yourself, the role of currencies also


E. but has palce these systems where you have to pay for everything and anything that has the privilege régaliken in one word?


P - it is society, or the banks, it is all of us in short


E. forgiveness, for now I see that the state, and the state it is an OS FORM No?




P then there I protest, it exiustedes ùmonnaies who were born sponanément evidence is that it starts over again ajourd'hui avecce beginning of the crisis ...


E. .il my faith ... there may be some truth in what you say, but I would not give much to the lives of these currencies when they have crossed a threshold, believe me when bankers voint danger they alerting policy, and the like depend on each other


M_ you vraiemntn a dark vision of the company


E. WHAT, you say both I tell fables, but so reagardez autrou you, that's good obtuse physicists, you would be the useful idiots of the power that it would not surprise me too much, but with so parflez citizens, young people are there because they want *




O see you agree with what Professor P_ (Small?) Lejeune said ??












I go back to what we were saying on the fluidity, flexibility, social mouvemernt why is it not as flexible as the movement of the stars, that's what we said just now is that no, I had not finished explaining the idea of ​​all:


And that's where Nature reveals great: because this movement depends on both of our instincts AND our minds, minds which are only one form of the more polished instincts, is not it gorgeous? It is as if our creator that he was male; neutral or feminine looking ALA times to make us live with each other but do not obstruct us from sinking into boredom, routine animal instincts, in short difficulty forming human couples instinctively, it is a what little spice to the relationship between human beings. And we poor fools we complain about everything and nothing, when should welcome this challenge ... if parcequi cétrit as easy to proceed directly humans and donkeys or snakes, we would be the first ones to complain also, life is too easy trouverit too bland


Is not it beautiful, the nature is definitely handles all our comfort and our discomfort with the simplicity, I find it all simlement ... cool as you say you young ... of commenaires


L I agree with you master; I just wonder <;;;


gm "yes, go ahead I'm here to hear the good as well as bad ideas


L-I wonder what else we can use our intelligence if the creator and chews us work, if everything is as easy as you say


GM my faith is an objection ... it's even an impasse see! what it's like to talk too much, I got to disagree with me alone as a great ... .O- you would get an answer that just said Leslie?


O n-no sir, but I was going to say the same thing, it has taken me from the mouth


GM definitely you are in tune together ... so it is I who am out of touch; I'll think about that ... but that does not stop you from doing the same thing, we will compare our thoughts next time




He begins to gather his papers, stops




GM "This is still a track, I agree that the question is difficult: it is where the doubt ... doubt it is the opposite of fear, if Nature makes our life easier by complementarity on two levels, it does not leave anything seem, God or the devil never said anything to the human, it is through this that keeps us in doubt, and consequently in respect for creation, you know what I mean




... ... "No? Actually ... I do not see myself where all this may lead


but I promise to think about it, do not worry, this is not a formal interro, think only to find me a shot envelopes Example of your daily life ... how some things seem complicated when they are very simple when think about it, that kind of stuff ...
































































SESSION .... / ..... / .....








The author is faced with the same dilemma that could overwhelm or stimulated any fiction writer or attempted representation of the physical world by non-physical symbols - such as the alphabet eg. or non-verbal prayers. If it was absolutely necessary to conclude the discussion, then I would say that the concepts of torque or cycle stand as obstacles to the ultimate ambitions of all logical interpretation of a universe that obeys only one ABSOLUTELY sealed internal law any physical or mental representation


that is independent of any law human or divine power. Any other assumption invariably brings us to the binary explanation: the couple ie: two opposing forces, and the cycle that governs the alternation of these two forces.Si is then noted that this term "force" it is possible to introduce all kinds of entities at the whim of the alphabet so we will have a clearer idea - more confused or otherwise - of our ignorance of the spatial or temporal dimensions of being.




What Does such a "conclusion"


1 First on the vanity or utility of a conclusion to any discussion


a world that begins and ends anywhere therefore anyhow. With this alternative note that the two-qualifying determinants "where" and "how" sontinterchangeables


2 on the failure of attempts to unify all -chimiques physical theories, philosophical, mystical ... and therefore economic thought to give a complete interpretation of the architecture and operation of the universe -humain included -


I quote some ex.avec hope that the reader can fill in with their own experiences gaps in reasoning leads throughout these pages:


2-1 the theory of natural selection comes up against obstacles teleological, moral, ... and more specifically human. A world - limited here to the life on earth is "conceivable" following the only natural laws, they -Same "inconceivable" without introducing a divine intention or human intelligence.


But on what basis do still use an "intention" of last resort? While attempts at interpretation are still calling in despair because of a magical action - a "force" for example. - The flaw is in this case purely logical.


Where we see that it is simply impossible to evacuate the "human factor" in any case construction or more humbly representation of the universe, when one is forced to reintroduce subpreticement in the conclusion




2-2 the words of physics, are also waves it is possible that the terms used by economists and philosophers. Force returns here to the concept of torque as the semi-speculative -purement speculative methods in the case of philosophy, among economists, since they have no control experiments, which by the way can not avoid tears and blood. So there is good re-introduction of the human in a scheme that would by purely logical or purely factual assumption. Only the truth of physics might prevail since the couple (reasoning - experience) is present at the beginning and end of the scheme of interpretation. I repeat "might" were the latest woes theory (indeterminacy of order 1,2, ... n?. Unquantifiable subject-object relationship? So reintroduction of uncertainty related to the human factor)


but experience (information finite increasingly improbable particles research) not to mention the confusion of genres experience guided by a bias to the number 1, when everything in the natural fact indicates the ontological necessity of the couple; ie the number 2 .dernier episode in this quest as hopeless as pathetic as obstinate as expensive add the economist, the Higgs boson, BEH renamed the names of three -laureats paticipants Nobel qualified and a little too pompously hastily "particle of Life". like the number 1 was always the ultimate magician of creation .The again, I repeat the factual -naturel- observable opposes a scathing denial and daily this theory


2-3 Should we then ask mathematicians to remove from their memory the number one factor of many ultimate discord? Or so many illusions?


In this case one should also ask linguists to destroy and rebuild a course alphabet that spawned so many misunderstandings


One might also ask economists sociologists -psychologues


revise the foundations of their science, starting for the first natural COMLEMENTARITE of (Ai-Bi), or what is the same: the paramount importance of the carbon cycle, or even the assumption of perfect circularity - ante homo - or almost perfect after introduction of the human factor .We also ask them to proceed by successive coupling of ALL the variables except one (which ...?)


In these circumstances and only then the social body could see its operation closer to the functioning of celestial bodies, ie: after a couple (A - F) which would be assigned a lower and upper limit.


We could also ask the same effort of the last reorganization and second (psychologists and sociologists); not allow me to clarify here-my eclecticism has its limits - the nature or extent.




It might require ALL -philosophes scientists included - they waive any universalist claim, arguing the dire consequences of such pretensions - alas followed stock expereinces para-or anti-scientific in the history of humanity. Suffice it to the philosophers to forget God and pay more attention to the human ants to cad pair (H-F) can regain its harmonic and fundamental as a musical instrument? Or an ant?. The amplitude and frequency of the individual will be compatible with the couple the same terms (A - F) established on economic criteria of production and consumption. Himself revised the method described in the body of this discussion? Ie: (P - C) i (D - C) i (O - D)




* *




E-- has his desk ma cha, ber of hotel marsh.




\\ ` `Party on one issue: the economy is it really circular? I end up with an uncountable multitude of questions, since each of them generates a sub-multitude. And I have barely scratched the hypothesis of a renewal of language, the abandonment of "land" of high and low, lower and upper-planar hierarchy in favor of terms "space" of circles, ellipses spheres ... and last but not least: the bumpers of the imaginary space that are the right point and the number to which mathematicians cling against hurricane winds and storms, despite insurmountable logical difficulties related to their definition


I repeat the question list can be extended "ad libitum", when their effects on the "average life" could be reduced to a trickle ...


Or ... as average life expectancy, at odds with the current trend of medecines, which may go haywire doctors ..Allons good! After computer scientists, physicists and metaphysicians, here are the doctors.


'll Also reintroduced as an ultimate torque (divine and diabolical)


for a new verb-torque or torque-verb


based on logic pairs of letters, symbols, operators ...




Is not the best conclusion at a discussion on the cycle and the circular?








Sets of "suystèmes" blooming "in a society that inerroge its future global solutions → 2: 1 return to the natural state


scientists have admitted their defeat renounce any direct activity




END of note ... ..








____________________________ FORM see new text = rfe -form








1 / A - L = V - C OLIVIER VERB


2 / L (O) V1 DIFF - C2 O> L CHAIR 2 DEGREE




... ...............




3 / O (L) = C1 - V2 L> O 2 VERB
















matematricien O


theor. 'Anything goes'


universe = modeling clay?


So CL equal LC harmonic solutions?








I put an end to the session of presentation




--- It ITHDRAWAL time, the piece will soon eachever a drama




consults his notes "so it remained to be familiar with the old story of croutons but ausii a young new recruit Professor E. It is not yet known whether he has personal or academic projects only, if you want my opinion, the teacher plays a little lottery with people; I entrendu IWhen explain his idea in the cafeteria; policy should simply be based on a random lottery, a game of dice for example, it takes a number and pan, a law repealed or enacted, I see here the paddle, it would be a little crazy this old crouton it would not surprise me, i-toues ways are all crazy dansz this house ... but I talk, and the job-i is not alone






why wooden leg?


To announce the curtain ... the 3 shots you know?




















So Miss Madeleine Rudo u well if only aps Micheline Rudo, bah whatever you'll recognize his grandetaille and his bright red hair: a storm lantern is ditait alluméeedpar wholes times ah! When she passes a cinema, I can guarantee you that it's what we do not watch posters


That is what comes next?




Gustave M - Philippe Lejeune - Maurice T - Emile Rousseau - Cherub






R4 flip-flop effect is now L O who blames the misleading




SESSION Monday, October 22






13 - vices and virtues of complexity




"So where are we of our loves?


Season cooing ests past


"You know what I think: (OL) there are issues best left as it is, here is an ex / TNGOs people still need to be their fixed ideas on a lens: a small but aupaavant issue


O what you think - but be careful not to think too much, I want an immediate response - are you ready?
'O off his glasses from his nose, without a word ... a feat vena nt the part of impulsive


"Well: what do you think is the biggest problem in life everyday?




"O unemployment? NO I KNOW ... .e-excuse me Mayor, I am in no condition to disuter today


"GM -: ouch, I still goofed




Well I will not ask you the same question leslie, you are smart you I do not laraison gifts: for I have always believed that it was the coupling (HF)


but on the other WCC chagée life has to teach me that there were just as important ... autresproblèmes unemployment disiat as our friend, conflicts that are born and die you never know why lahierarchie The role of women in society, instead of the photon in the universe, ond of gravitation if it exists, and then ... there's always god to those who want sréflechir pa to all that ... You see There are so many critical issues to humans that we wonder how we managed to classify.




"L-GM! I thought about what you said on -Clean .you love ... remember?


"GM n-no ... actually yes but I'd be lying if I said, continuing, you interest me


"L but I ended up ... I can not coprendrepourqoi vanity perhaps ue chsose dirty, I repeat your temes? ..


"You're talking about gold as always my dear L, it's a bit deschoses this aspect that I wanted to approach it with ex mo; But it looks like I TROUNE AUTROU POT .as if I was afraid of falling in


"You fear sir? So ... .allons!


"Yes I'm afraid that if I said I let myself be drawn into yet far removed from our pro ^ pos regions


"HMMM .... therefore remain here: L said that proves over and over again how e SEXES can trompmer mutyuelles impressions about their intentions or their récipriques ... explain a little woman there appelaons Aline n ' no idea what aque arouses his friend Bernard ...


what the latter calls his cinema of pampering for nothing, sulk for a single word c or too less, ignite or aucontraire close for no apparent reason ... it's clear so far?






"Conversely, it should also see that Bernard has sometimes reactions that do not let that surprise ... he is too soft lematin, he wants to play lorsaque A does not, it explodes also no reason etc ...
n as an Man I obviously despréjugés affirmare but I think in all fairness that this Homeric liute and eternal, man souven denie the word: it is the rest of aque confirms puisqu'lle Nature has created more responsible That said ... the thing sourraient change


And it looks like women aujourd'ui - we sum s in the European continent in 2000 and set a few, this aqui not mean much for a millennium debate ^ All this to come to two great ideas as usually I have had when I woke up


The first ...


"A! ! mean you lentemlent GM, I écrispas fast, and I feel like I'm a historical phase engtendre






"GM -: That's note: 1st idea: if Nature has seen fit to enamel life couples are such small incidents ... but sometimes large and small deviennnent can cause dramas, so if lady <Nature has FDIT it - always for our bie as the saying goes, that, am jemoi to find fault ... everything ... .yes mond knows when I say everyone I understand, there must still be a well-considered some of these problems, and it also fauti have lived a few years to meet




"Who did you meet mister ... AND THE FACT how old are you sir you've ever said


"GM -: you got to look in the dictionary ...
I said then: everyone should know that every time we advise to correct nature, we discover after much reflection or after an inappropriate action we étraiut, ellement away from the plate, which had made ​​him the wrong plate ... nature has so many steps ahead that takes too long to correct our mistakes by claiming avoid hers


"O WAIT WAIT! I dropped there, you want to repeat ... Master, I have not grasped


"L is really true GM I'm not you either




Very bieeenn! You are at least agree on one thing


Here is an example: J4AVAIS CONNUNUE woman when I left university, she did odd clculs that gave me the strength to migrainea try to understand ... but why she did Ci, and how she could do that


I ended up concluding that a hypocrite ITHDRAWAL




Big mistake! But I did not realize until much later? It was actually a shy, a jammed as it was called at the time or advertisement of merchant and fabricnt prétndait electro menager otherwise


You see what I mean? No n ... bah! You APPRE, NDRE still too early no matter ... jth say then if ele doing this to protect themselves, so it is that "n agissnt natuerllement one obtains a system -réflexe imunitaire somehow why my e nature propr me she -t not informed of this state of things, why have jepas able to decipher the motives of his conduct, I could then react a little less stupid than I did so ....


And as always, I have given up, if we are toujoursperdnt this game, why not submit to the will of Allah according to the discourse of Muslims ...
Except the Prophet of Allah died


Except allah or whichever the name given to our nature we are all his prophets, not more or less importantq commeje believed, but more or less specialized, we tousq employees dme Nature or Mr. god or perhaps the prince of darkness, you check is it not that we do not come out of the couple (OL) you are definitely varnish ... so égtant all prophets employed full time or hundredth th of our time, our journey on this planet is necessarily proportional to the wisdom that we could develop from the inheritance received, our efforts to improve this course are also included in our program to be moving, that all these efforts are directed toward the gutter, through various pipes of the washing machine and the city, and my faith very clever cat who might know Quele puorrait retrieve quelq small after all the fuss and all much ado about nothing




















Meeting of February 12, 2008




Having lost one after my database log - the one I sent only copies the publishers sanitized - because of a flood, I learned that the electronic gizmos could not swim
Having also lost my calendar 2008 due disorganization of my files caused by the same flood, I continue courageously nonetheless Romano-scintifique saga of our (friendly force) and (-spectateurs actors)


is the law of habits (hard-soft), but it's the law












WITH T Gauss's law becomes half cycle because of the exhibitions are linked aus circular functions (MPOIVRE)




yes a condiiton dintroduire ue imaginary dimension




but that's what I try to ue show you ... .l'erreur that are eco today that all mond is actually so 'lon prale current language


this is to consider one aspect of things




See eg. cedébat policy of supply and demand


I hope there will finally wise-fool to tell all these people é but why are not the two things fderait SAME TIME?




GM says to start hammering his office


"But why slap t he Surla table? M wonders who do not like the noise




Should already qu'ikls reread Keynes. I do not think it was so pzersonnellemet cut in his defense of the stimulus by C. I have no gtemps review WNSC book but perhaps one of you could confirm this?


"Not amateur ... as I understand, his books are not what I would call pleasure parties, but at least it had the merit of banning formujles mathematics of his theory, and on this point I can believe that I am his example.




Moreover cerains passqage nogtamment on the fable of Mandeville, show some culture, you do not accuse eput dr'avoir both fired his cuti and have made a fortune on the stock market. This kind of complex character is quite in line with our seminar, it would have been just as Alexander was in his time a good disciple of Seneca. Dating people of the city and the club of Virginia Woolf, it is still a reliable index


But as we are all more or less envious, more or less cynical, more or molins gullible ...


"What, you master gullible? Nooo


"You, a cynical and envious? I can not lecroire




"GM I did not staged, I mean we as I say" people "forgetting the epithet" brave ", as I would say" the world " 


"BM ie you talk to say nothing




"M - I think qu'ikl be a little closer if the discussion


"E. quite of your opinion dear Maurice, rfevenons uhn little on the heart of the debate: someone or some one you have a comment about this inability to grasp the complexity, take in the moment, I'm not talking This happens CIII, of course, always hold Ledouble aspect of décisoin


"B-but sir, it faudrfait that is super




But what is déjàinadmissible from an honest man becomes dramatiaque chz a specialist finally you realize it is journellent in think tanks reasoning sometimes subtle, sometimes as the result of these high cogitatis déarque on Inthe office or ears of an entrepreneur, even of state agency. And what do you think happens then?




Well you will not necessarily admit / even a creator entrepreneur "wealth" si'il not palit you even a chef has only one eye, as if by chance he told his staff, "We need to pay attention to this aspect, but WITHOUT neglecting the other side. ...


If he says that his staff will take it for everything ... except for a leader


What do you do that you the reader and I the writer FACEA this crowd


"Modified extract of B. Shaw commengtaire after succèscontesté by one viewer of his play .." do not ask me why








ALLAIS / .....








Samuelson / Solow / VON NEUMANN




MODEL SMC trig equations


(Ai - bi) indexes complement and transform. Fourier integral






















econmiques current models are not useful; they serve only to flatter the ego of those who designed and can sse grieve such a dissipation of energy in the community. They remind me of zue disaint the mathematicins mathematiues Bourbaki, games e hildren Bourbaki




Cite me one example that has received theoretical demodèle any tentaative application to real economy




Their architecure is almost typical, we give deshypothèses general equilibrium conditions - of course never realissables and auters the ùmieux know that anyone - then aligns a number of differential equations supposed grandstanding


























SESSION 3/09/2007;


rem incohreence dates


AND OR corrrection anchronisme explained by the desire to bursting drama












R 5 tasks and domestic scenes. ... (See R2)




You remember what I told you aque the importance of the tasks?


"O - AH I KNOW! Sorry ... everything is important, not important rfien


"O great and what I said the other




what is important for each (F) is not for the others (H (F))


And I thought that


"Women course


"Yes but ... .aux women in relationships ... the couple




IT is not enough to obervcer to observe, if you do tirepas principles ctions on the community, on how to better organize the observationsne are at that despasse (old time savcants r ^ éveurs




Thus the sages derived from observations on leuts FEMMS they were more flexible than H (F) where the marriage contract which was actually pure transaction between families, the woman used as currency and also extra variable "adjustment, come say scientists who have nothing to say but the sociéyé knew them - mpemes


Why avoid that upset about, we're not talking about self-love here, if you knew the number of conflicts n ed because of issues cetordre ... Casa Anna-Paula ... all was perfect for some women, and c ' is where resided the error of the old, not knowing how to distinguish ... they blindly applied the law until the day ...
And you can guess the result




Who will blame them for their stupidity, others perhaps more stupid people because we think we are all smarter than our ancestors, take the Bible for example. some think that the author of Genesis should receive all the Nobel prizes of all time, others are rather nerdy style, rehearsals and affiliations razor strips, hollow or exceeded etc> <parables ....


but they still find time to read it because they were told that ...


I was saying that will reproach them for their stupidity parcequ'aujourd'hui yet, right as we speak there may be an officer or a manager who writes a decree - a law that does not take into vcompte differences ... .autrement said that ignores the ... ..qui ignores the ... ..


aside make a gesture Octave, otherwise they will feel silly, yes, but what e gest could express the complexity


oh I know! fingers crossed. ...








problem of household (sales man. ... °




coment distribute household chores (cleaning, alimenfgation, body maintenance and recreation in a single space-time constraint


2 constraints (energy and time)


ranking ds cleaning activities according materiality criteria


: kids -animals - Couple humoin neighbors and notoriety ...




All problems "dometiques" reveal the difficulty of classifying activities as an absolute hierarchy


How to define the importance of objects meeting Ades needs as diverse as eating, sleeping, recreation, maintenance ...


And last but not least définitinve: what the uimpportance




AN ex. more precise how to store objects according to ntrainte co:


increasing visibility proportioin more réquente use


With this toputefois limigtation for emergencies:


A exgtinceur not beson Visibility + GREAT PAIR OF SCISSORS QU4UNE IN HOUSE COUTURI7RE ouun Barber


kil but should be available in emergency


other school exercises: organize daily coment his time between his marital duties, the education of his children and his worldly obligation s




The idiot laugh primary sprats devraoit not discourage scientic


Toyr unvebteur ebtepreneur has a stock of anecdotes about his coportment enrourage ridicule, contempt




All these questions will tell you, do not I feel you reluctant L


"Me? .non Not ... Grand Master, I do not perttrai me


"GM ta ta ta .... you n'pprendrez not Aun old monkey how éplucherune bananae ... .je said, you find all these rotten discussed or mons bie treated in female magazines but nothing empêcg we economists to address them in our time where everyone mondeveur meddle in the affairs of everyone


Is it still a good définitiond circular el'économie?


OLIVIER, what do you think? By the way that reminds me of the different defnitions circular economy? I need regular. THOSE QUON SAW AT LEAST I9I






1 Application of the theory of complexity: all variables have a growth phase and a decay phase; the "normal" is a series of = and (-)


and not always more wealth, more and more jobs




2 organization circuits (P - C) waste recycling


3 coupling of input - output from the market (employment, goods, capital ...


4 know aquel onnprle change (& er or e nd degree, there Aurit aps chanement if not gensne prelnaient habits


5 the huain is a being who s'dapte change; complémentariet and adaptability are sometimes in opposition but often in phase, we can even say that the power of adaptation influences the complementarity of the Ai Bi








7 The proliferation of social divisions binary involves a new method of reasoning iteratively circular




eg RC On 3 steps closures consequences of the event 3 on the causes of the event can be 1: delta 1 salary →> → inflation rate savings or loans


-> Delta 2 wages




But this kind of reasoning "given the eye" should not obscure the differences in the behavior of each other, the circular causality is itself a consequence of the ambiguity of individuals: men of heart but also because


"In which category you fall you ... Bernard?


"I cxrois the second ... no I'm sure


You and M, the other I understand their position


M Ondit I'm a felmme head, but I confess I've never really questioned


"Okay ... you have a unique opportunity


"I promise you to think about master E




I move on to something else if you do not have any questions about what I just said








Thursday following the philosopher-physicist P Olivier met out of the station; they talked about this and other cabbages and queens. Socrates is taking P - O has said "trying to get to know you yourself" 


and was taken aback by the bitter response from the boy, "you've tried it you?


"Yes ... of course he stopped immediately not very convincu itself


a woman passed between them on the sidewalk taking a look at ineressé O


the philosopher followed her beautiful legs look that wanted connoisseur


turned to O-compliec a smile




"I knew you were looking for your path in Buddhism, if I can help you in ... WHATEVER. in a tone that already distanced himself


"Yes sir ... if you can convince my parents to let me go in India


"You live with your parents?


"No sir I live alone, I'll see mzis each semeine


"They are here in Paris


"They moved last year, they now live on a farm on the side of Longeville


"It's not in oregon?


"Yes there, is 6 kilometers from the sea


"P pourait we are able to wander both, what do you think, you think they would listen to me?


"O-p can not say sir ..faudra leyrur I wonder ... but I do not want to bother you with my problems


"P but not if it bothered me I would not have offered you ... ties me to call this number ONVA try to fix it, I have to go anyway in the corner to an old case ( *) ..alolrs it goes like this


"O-s-v-if you want sir, but I did not want ...


"P do not worry about it, go courage my boy ...


He stood for a long time to follow the undulations of the cup boy


You'd swear it pourléchait chops, so the big bad wolf in the large incoming -Mother or later admiring the glossy hair ^ Blanquette ASS OLD






' (rem friend who researches)












an unfaithful girlfriend but faithful reader pointed out to me a few anachronisms in the narrative; placing (eg.) previous discussions long after further discussion between P and E. O on the same subject: ie: the trip to the Vendee




Voiçi what was my answer, based on 3.2 points, but I hope that these arguments down I'll find others, and maybe I lose one or two along the way, nothing is lost , nothing is created ... like say ... the creator




1 In the theory of a cyclical universe there can not be an anachronism since time does not exist. GM ever measured in its excesses would say time is a non-zero constant


2 is culture - and perhaps likely - scientist I can not avail myself of literary talent. I have some admiration for the authors of novels, being unable to submit my ideas, or what others call my ideas to a Schedule r






But this respect was tempered by various observations: in particular the insistence of some authors of some thrillers to take the reader to a moron; remind you the reader passages like, the thing does not happen like on TV - as heard: my novel speaks of true reality -


These reckless think authors should have my own questions - followed or preceded by many others, from other authors I mean; -sur the fragility of these concepts: real - imaginary succession etc ...


if I start looking for my pro ^ ^ pres references I'll still lose the thread, so I prefer to continue to ensure my momentum


3 seeing that science would ultimately a poor religion as were the previous ones, since it will eventually divide those she wanted to meet at the beginning. Better: I do not claim that my lip history in scientific when I consider the behavior of others scientitifques like these great kids astrophysicists excited about the discovery of the Higgs HIGGS & Co. (?)


sorry for not mentioning the Belgian, he had only born French! -


but apparently not concernbés the fate of their compatriots


drowned in hassles


We are all great gamains certainly, but-t is about continuing to hunt improbable particles when the people of France is drowning in the real or imaginary problems?


Reminder: This book has been drafted between 2013 and 2014, but it's actually


a coat Harlequin 's made of fragments of newspaper - thus covering the period (1980 ... ..,?) upper limit still open, as god and nature AND the devil credited me quelaques more years Agrea bls or disagreeable it ...


To these are added tattered personal memories of my students that I could otherwise temporal acrobatics include in the log, and the ideas I still say they do not belong to anyone in particular, but in the community that will be the custodian "in general"




That at least one development that fills me with joy, because I am convinced that this time I will not have the unpleasant feeling of having forgotten the essential once the ordinary closed






















COMPLEX = SOC = strucuturees specialized prophets




CONTRACT? A GENOUSF (H) ----> mariaiage: H (F) has four legs to clean toilets f>




Writing auto = R3 explanation: everything is reliable to do what ikmporte


simply find the path (with DIRT N inputs) → N> infinity?


So COMPUTER memory has circular or cyclical process of calculation




cycle = open and closed space (S - T)


with the number 1 can not be created "printing" unlimited








causalities circulating (ext. S / 989)






REM / PAGE 30 1ST END ACT = total 140 PAGES








_______________________________ NOTES real life ---> pic. Opera




the peasant figs and igrat King (No. cupiditedespauvres the blog HAT




p ost ... .2009  ?




Dialogue 2 levels (parents + children)




grandmother who no longer believed in small fuls


pcque he did not spend on TV




But Mom listening, me, these people do sqont desmarionnettes that you know, people to be able to not show


Really? And President Chirac is also a marioinnette




That respond to that? The president said was precisely weathervanes


ceres there a difference between vane and puppet


but she would have no pi choose another example, not


damn life is compliquéee, seigneru dier


pourupoi inflicting we UNESI Bellevie with a keychain so ugly, pouruoi, pourequoi, etsurtout me say how you do the calculation as diaboliqures while remaining "good god








why are they are also words as vague and ridiculous, how a master of the universe purrait -i be "good"


And especially how to know what goes through the mind of those who Disnet av oir heard god say this or that, or even write a fable of Genesis


where it is said that this snake would have been the vehicle if not the cause of such conduct, which conduct would have freed us, so that there can be free to be before or after the innocence, the origin of life is None Average case may be visible or perceptible by living and all eras and all ...


In short, a jumble of ideas, inconsistencies, fabulous stories too, but why do all that? Was it really necesssaire to help us live


... Or die?




I see that I'm falling into the trap of stupid questions to people with nothing to do, for philosophers evil quest and female that you ^ males (cocks) ... DONDC CHANGE OF SUBJECT AND PATH












Leslie and Micheline avaine tfait windows together this Saturday late spring early summer. They were in the exploratory phase and each could boast of it-even to give a good opinion


Leslie's head was riddled with troubling questions, male love was he a decoy














O and B hurts violates L


the pair (O ​​- L) dissolves




Leslie made his living with Michelle






ACT 3 cople Training (B-M)


Olivier Bernard and get in household






ACT 4 intervention demiruge (GM)




swinging the 2couples will live a life of collectivism Larzac?


Baltic Countries or ... or ... in Greece. I need regular.




morality: TAKE x the criteria and couples SMC =




"GM: You reunited here my friends, what should I tell you? All is well that ends well ...




"M ah I stop you master, nothing is ever finished, is not it one of your


verbal foibles?




"GM: leave, leave now, I am very sorry to make me take a working girl, but you see I do not let it show


"O you want to be not-witness sir? It would be our pleasure to all


"M hey speak for yourself sissy


"O ... pfff! Coming from a working girl, I take that as a compliment


"GM: wonderful! You don 'will not get bored this winter, that promises to heat up in your bi-eeee .... cottage, are you sure Micheline, you will not need to make the decision an odd


"L what is a GM mac? and why would you need a Mac since you say you will not miss the heat


"O no i-spoke coat big pie, he said p-important hand: as the number 5 ...


before his disbelieving eyes, he insists:


"5 is an odd number, right?


He is wrong to insist O, L_ is already far away ...


Cherub benefits as usual dips conversation


... ...........


"GM but when you have finished talking about me as if I was already off, I will not leave you alone you know


"B then the permission, it is you who will end up alone


"GM know young whippersnapper a thinking being is never alone


what do you have therefore retained all of my speech?


Have I mentioned that so as to see you today ... everything




It triggers itself applause of the group:


"I could not even find a rhyme to conclude our seminar


I'm definitely good for retirement


Of course it ... farewell carefree youth




big kisses, wandering hands, kisses ... small.




Everything has an end








eat and play at love like four / or five










21 - Moral Légitmité veresus loigique validity couples




How justified by logic or morality in a divisoin desobjets "utikles" and "nuisiblzes" 




Gardeners and other lovers of the earth saventbien that say "ùmauvaises" herbs have been classified as - as have been the rest of the series' (Qi - Di) becaufe that did not know what to do


Still here and printing cycles (O - L) dominates




hold rather than using ç still image of the earth from the moon or from any point, we will do an experiment to us 4, M-why is not she come? Bernard you do not know?


B "if s, but I prefried you talk after class




















CHAP IX ........ AND XII / PARTS /




Advocacy for collective liberalism




















The company is on its liberalist defenders


the last bastion of the expression of the will of man


and therefore also its freedom


are pleased to liberals: the transcendence no longer exist in a system where


individual initiative. would be completely locked or removed from the public eye


true or false?


Fallacy: compare two systems. On assumed projections


starting from one entity (still found carelessness on our global complexity) *


The economy will never be complete if it does not allow science experiments in a dramatic context watered with tears and blood




this error is observable in many accepted truths without real questions ... see No. .erreurs and systems)


It was reported just linear projections on cyclical realities


as when we suppose - is wrong - that people stop working the day he would be given their pay. Anyone can see without proof that work is in itself a positive or negative depending on the individual sanction, superimpose another penalty has only complicated relationships within the community




A Will is the phenomenon of atrophy of enthusiasm for the conquest observed in the USSR, Cuba, China; ,,




If law enforcement or incentive human laws could really change the behavior how to explain the persistence of offenses and crimes long after the application of these laws


The m ^ zeme illusion was entertenue - and by philosopher please - on perpetual peace and the eradication of violence ... all phenomena tied to the nature of beings, and as the


home does not Auraa Copris coment Nature does this, it is impossible that he can claim the correct














































J 'have shown, moreover, that the mesues of utiklité are iMeme effect szocio-ind.


nconsistenes with conceptr of social efficiency or




Objectoins of this reasoning?








Is r
































































EX: the ind. Which combine to divert a legacy


or to drop their enneùmis


no struggle for power




INC; left in the dark to see how the defense will liberalist




boredom (lack of contingency)




company = last Astion the spirit of conquest


emulation = this feeling will not go away with money














sociological foundations = Individualism


... psycho .............. .............. = Collect.






logics: complexity _ binary divisions (L - C) and L - T ... ...


















L - O


It was a rainy Monday, finally a sync weather: if the Sunday $ doivcen be radiant, Mondays can only be rainy. Pensa & L - like I'll have to submit this thought to the master, it will surely amuse ...




They were, she and her partner in their kitchenette,


rain would lthough wanted to invite him to lunch but no one listened to his beating on the windows Leslie put the teapot on the table


Buddhists do not drink coffee, but tea is just as astringent and stimulant, then?


"Tell me, did it sitting down what happened during the trip with Professor P


"But nothing, why do you ask?


"Because I think you changed since you came back from this trip, you do not want to talk


"No ... well but not like this, not now, I need to think about


L "so it's so bad?


"Serious ... frankly I do not know .... but it's about our lives both, if I have to tell quelau'un it can not be that you


"I supmose I must content myself with


"Madame Dubois does not say anything


"Ellle you ablaze


"I was not talking about that, she said nothing else


"Say? ....? About what?




"But about me, both of us, you talked about them at least




Ringing of the front door ...


it must be the guardian, finish your tea, I'll talk to him










----------------- AP is Madame Dubois ;; .. the same as the WOMAN OF JAMES


ie the former lover ... E alias.


damn I think the qaue uateur or coordi became entangled brushes


* And I look what me to prfésentre ghosts, of prénos circulating as soulless records or guts Ala mode Caen ...




Not to be serious, it is not a low fiction SERIOUS as cell-Ci on approximations; ikmaginez a teacher chime that says to students, is a reactrion afait last week with methylene blue but in reality it was Prussian blue, or I know not me nan bullshit style mee












Pivot of the argument in favor of collectivism (CL or C? C.)




Do not let the investment decisions


and especially hiring decisions and / or dismissal


the discretion of an individual, one community has the right to life and death


on I (S) ..... and yet (or N oo oo ... 0002 ... 99 the pine death dies hard ...).


work ethic: Basic but with other


So avoid the trap complex réponsqes


but ignore the other side of things


Asmettre some S'I) and even Desi's) draw love vivere sansq gtravailler


s etmême year deal if one day we decided to at least subsitituer terrme "occupatioins" after "trvail" covering gtant different things


while it is still poorly defined auxxi (ILO archives Geneva ..1996 ...






ADD TO _____________________________________REM folowing s, m c






JOURNAL And CL LC sontils really equivalent?




23 / 01/14








Ultimately Marx was wrong to be right before term


He came into the world too old and too late


I too was wrong fdaire the Advocate a collective liberalism or "liberal collectivism




The only reversibility of terms shows that we are in the RC


But I made it clear and repeats that ALL OS systems were equivalent


this statement is true only dynamic, ie all systems are "more mins" equivalent "


In these circumstances why push for a system over another?


Then I would put "freedom" say above all other requirements of businesses


and / or individuals - according to the phases of evolution -


Even then collectivism would remain an option for some individuals


presumably the S (I) but I'm not sure


If the desire for collectivism as a system is part of the freedom of OS then it should apply only to neither ... nor (see § No. ......)


ie those who find freedom or in slavery or in ... freedom!


And here we are again in contradiction: but we know now lift this contradiction-indeterminacy: It is sufficient that we no longer speak of linear progress


Or better yet simple laws that are not superimposed on complex functions


such as freedom


If one claims the free enterprise system in a liberal


It has every right to claim in the collective system, freedom of not undertaking


I will return to this negative conception of freedom




This raises the problem of frontiers: the sets of neither ... nor will most definitely ignore the geographical boundaries of the sets of "and ... or" 


By designating existing companies that blend genres: eg. those who want happiness OR money and those who dream of the two together


It can be deduced a little hati vzemnt that are more consistent


Not at all: we are still in the natural tendencies




... ..... FICTION










eliminate women


cdroire do something without making (based modern policy)


P.CUL O confesses to an island not believe in hiumanité "normal" F (H)


incapabed'exproimer his hidden desires pass = a extrêne to another


commeles Negroes and Jews:










All these sometimes tedious developments could have been contracted at a glance:




A definition of nature is:


Unlimited succession of primary or secondary amplitude or frequency changes


Under these conditions all attempts to improve or dreamed DESIGNED talk called intelligent beings are useless since they are already in the course of the eternal cycle




But brevity-or drought - the scientific discourse flange any contradiction in the debates. What would be the value of a discussion in which all participants are in agreement on all points




The above it does nothing more has objected "seriously" but only a taste of the game


If Nature or God or the devil together or separately agreed originally that everything should be possible on earth we are forced to bow


Even if one rejects this original idea would be to practice the same debate


Accept unlimited cyclical change does not mean to resign


Since we are all born players, wisdom is to defer to the natural "will" without ceasing to pretend to make things better


And once it is inserted in s ... game.




Now, if you will - despite my attempts to include terms of space in the LC - elevate the debate we come to the final question of philosophers that human research








Clarification of the above: elevate the debate is a misnomer pujisque I repeated that household tàaches étgaient tou as important as other








... ......................... ;;


The answer?




Remlplacer "competition" by broader concept: "complementarity" series Ai / Bi








Be fruitful and multiply ... .DISCOURS VAIN AND RESEARCH tedious




return on importance of language (see § 2 ... ...)


end of cycle bio-eco-socio-philo-psycho-metaphysical












A god who "wants" that deshumains races spread and proliferate behave exactly as the author of such work ...


who "would" also that his work is very turns reproduced in multiple copies for fear it disappears




Fear and vain as vain desire


I will not even consider any of the gods as beings not vain?


What do outrahes them do we not already suffer


all for our delight ... gods gods x




Point out once and for all - because the reader always going to say - that we ever miss a dimension of complexity


And it is precisely that of eternity in change




I have two comments on rponsqe philosophers to the problem of the search for happiness


1 individuals can not pursue happiness


they do not know the set




This has rgument can be fought to its toutr by this objection:


In a world of cycles, it is chrerche something (or being) that if it was ever found - has gtout least glimpsed


To Mother Nature, or devil seignertu things are simùples: man seeking woman woman seeking men and vice versa


Yes ncertes but neither ... nor said the devil?


This shows that the intrusion of Eve in the jaredin are illusions caused damage


but this must be understood on two levels at least




The second arg. is more "serious": How can we tackle a static définiton on dynamic concepts as "just"?


Happiness as described in Genesis - and even considered by some


covers such a reality qe consciousness of boredom is totally absent


I argue that the dynamic definition of happiness is the succesion of "sad state" and cheerful "


I try not to discuss the regularity of these states not to lose the thread


It must therefore be admitted that happiness is not inconscinece sysnonyme boredom




Or recognize that the pursuit of distraction is more general than the pursuit of happiness in its classical definition


Return to the theory of differential game


the concept of distraction or better entertainment is more "general" because it includes alternating, so the change when the happiness he is considering that as a fixed direction '- for some people - maybe not philosophers


I do not criticize for the sake of me putting my ideas into value


The role of philosophers - whose language must be precise - is not to imply notions npretexte as they are too obvious, but rather to remove all misunderstandings


the fact that one of entre'eux spoke of perpetual peace reinforces my position


No one epeutnparler perpetual peace or eternal happiness if one believes in a preferred direction of the universe


Also referred language scholar anisotropy


In my opinion this direction never existed - but I do not seek to close the debate




... ............. LINK?




But our language - whether oral or written - can not take account dyu dynamic beings vivaints as it has not integrated the complexity




Back therefore to "" origins of language t




But a question remains: share, give up profits, act on local cells, all share good feelings ... BUT CAN BE DONE YET CONFINACE men, some men hungry for power and whose thirst for revenge pourait that is not sealed in the blood


"Chanted like the classics and ancient dramatists; where there conaissaient in massacres and other dicey; who will headline the strings of society sharing


Or will he once again highlighted the proverbs good intentions and hell and damnation ... and golden belts.




I HAVE THE mistrust more I found only this sentence Chavette rehearsing before going on to hatch all hopes measured or not








j 'here takes a personal twist to add "spice" to the speech




Marx did not like the job - but what work?


He that is able to write a work of colossal - and also as indigestible - wants to give us his definition of work


What souhaitrait probably this prophet - provided that allowed to interpret ^ ter his thought for others - is that the notion of susitutiat occupatioin than work or social function fixed


I would also rigid or linear


Where we see that all the problems and principles of OS are linked like a chain


as in the chain of transformations in the universe


It is becaufe wants to assign tasks to individuals fixed


we end up against them on a scale scalar


Sorry for the pleonasme


When beings like particles sailing on various orbits


They are thus in-comparable, which should not stop us - we paqr I entrends those interested this game - to compare


Or, as I said above plkus "semblalnte to compare




On another level the difference between people like Rousseau and Marw and certain other


is that we believe to be useful to society in our proudly exhiubant intrelligence. We have naissandce or nature of the constant concerns over the general interest ...


- That trouble and enemies gave me this carefree arrogance!


When ... the "other" only think that has leverage the advantages and disadvantages of the same rules established by companies for their own benefit


I vainly struggled with others and especially with myself to know which of these social categories was right


After all take care of business and let the OS has the divine hand, is also a philosophy of life respectable. However there are several "but" 






INSERT FICTION A4 dual and crisis couples












all in all good ..deshonneur?




HA HA HA RIERE Homeric (P.CUL) AND ORGANIC CHEMICAL (olive and fig Seroxat)








another ex. evolution flip-flop artists semlent appreciate chque day more benefits big money while on the other side of the band of frequencies - and frequentrations - art dealers seem somewhat confused by mood swings People tend to forget plusviteles benefits they derive from their collective life experience that inconvénientsqu'ils So no one will challenge the monks and other marginalized the right to live off the local community, although it may otherwise prétrendre






BERNARD after the duel and death of O


hit in the liver? Or settler?


He treats while violating!






He dialed her number and waited, the (watchful eye


"Yes it's you Mark? ...... And poeut lejkoindre where? ......


Listens realize serevice me, I have a wounded here and I can not appemer ambulance ???
No no it eezst not what you think the message he repeats kui coprendra ... ..this a student of Fine Arts he must not know ... do not forget .you eh it's an emergency ... the bponhomme can claqmcer .il can not eappeler me him? I'm ... not ... the corner I can not t exliwuer is street crodelieres c'zest all I know ... wait .. I see passers, they will perhaps find out










He spent Tone arm around her waist, being careful to avoid the knife handle




you think it will go


but yes










There eput exclamtions retain a surprise in desqhabillant O_


Damn I've never seen a work of "aret also p arfaite he passed his hand on the buttock gfauchepuis taken a sudden urge he unbuttoned his fly pulled out his tool ... thin ... a real dick, and slipped between the masses maolles


what happiness: the wounded man agikta too low, which spoiled nothing




you love huh bitch




the questions and difficulties arise when the old rich and politicians and mobsters want to imitate the later while keeping an eye on their interests


In theory everything should be spending half of his life to destroy it built during the other half. WHY practical experience does not faithfully translated it this "theory" 


the answer is long and arduous, it will be found in part dasns the "1001 POS. "Or better in his own thoughts, in the tangle of laws and principles in our irrational decisions, petre may not know us anything yet timeless injustice, we know eg. distinguier the s pincemens of heart and rational behavior instinctive responses, to what extent the phase of social relations they enter our own realtions?


It is impossible in the present state of my experiences and knowledge to relate to a particular state of OS principles of automatic and instantaneous. When I have found the solution to this mystery - he also hoped SHOULD CRANIAL me jamaisi do we get there? - The economy or the art of living in harmony the communities will become a branch of robotics




The solution to the problem here ie: the line between public interest and private interest is to see the lines in this book, I will avoid the obvious to give not offend anyone 




If as I eairépéter; it is iumpossible given the number of parameters and variable compoarer and a fortiori select an SOS parmai others, why choose plutôtle collectivism lkeliberalisme


Or liberal collectivism or LC or among different variants of this combination?




Just for the novelty; since we apparently he exhausted the benefits system known liberal with his dirty money that has not deterred the dirtiest hands or the cleanest souls, having erected the rechjerche profit in the dome and have lowered at the crime, he would not feel a bit of gtemps our inclination st aspiratrions our sharing in the general interest and other socio-demo-nasties






to stay in this ex. intelligence is a quality defect And as is the case with ALL our conventions




We must therefore show - proudly if you're young and stupid - in a collectivist system FOR help preach the wrongs and other collective cowardice


But we must carefully hidden in an individual entrerprise system to scam, manipulating hit in the back, and other acts of individual "courage"






incise comment:


this reflection mp 'oddly enough allowed me to finally get rid of this discussion on consistency and contradiction. I hasten to remove the ambiguity of the preceding discussion of this item ^




An OS system is more coherent if one incorporates more complex situations


math language diff. S; Tuned!


derive = multiply the criteria - or viewpoints on social fonctioins)


hence the name: SMC


each of his trade to shrink défibir exact posoitopnj of ind. On the scales of social frequency




rem: the mockery and insults = incentives to change behavior they would be used more wisely SOC? even! ....




who is smarter. I need regular. the upstart who etale wealth or the miser who hides it better to use










return (interro) on TIME




dynamic and complex reasoning ((ST) relativity is a way to introduie complexity in REASONING. eco




"One thing I do not understand, or are Bienle temùps or ... ..




(See § LANGEVIN ... ....) said that being said we can admit that there have pussa spéciles areas where space and time are one particular dns confiuration rather by pheres which inflate and deflate at speeds sometimes incredible, that's the vision that we should also have eco priority areas, or otherwise in troubled areas like the one we are in EUROPE? YOU DO THAT Decorate the Financials galaxies have nothing to envy to other ikmaginez some billions of opératrions fastened and closed out within seconds, millions of beings uqui their joy while others take a mug, maybe even take dansla face, what spctacle




friends is horrible what zue you say, you're a real bastard without financial heart


He then calm girl, I did not say I approved qaue, I see only beauty ... how to say ... well yes it ezst almost epic beauty of the table, for the moral aspect must be seen in the room 22 or 23, each of his profession as heck




Yes otut well, also speaks froisdement human drama


Listen with all due respect I have and my superiors and my age I have polus senior, the rest you know what cmon opinion on these crappy compraisons


So with all due respect you start to piss me off with your thoughts




contradiction, Ekle is everywhere you want me you now require a comples language




go chick


maius you will not hold the blows,








the math language is also boàtrré paradoxes and waves devfrien header uses represen tees non-ps on a diagram map not sinusoids ùmais




_________________________ Money




INSERT FICTION (Love-Money) (Love, Money and self-esteem)






A he succeeded where all gods have failed? Uniformity


To believe the reactions of the young generation of our early 21st century


Money has already gone the way of retirement


Hopefully we do not go to the end of the logic circulalire




Rppelons that our inventions - and the money is certainly the most rfeamrqu abe of inventions - especially if one remembers that "it is not associated with any particular name - we look like, where we gather as goes, as the complexity divides us


SMC is quite consistent with the new local intiatives: It's judiieux local creerdesmonnaies by combining an ad hoc basis when the ENTIRE community - or communities - is better interest








N +


No POS ....


why social retrournements they cause tears and blood


while scientifiaues theories may be discontinued without shedding tears or blood




Patience! When science has become her religion like other religions susciterea passionate debate and also bloody conflicts


Violence is the ultimate form of the interest that relates to things and beings


and blood seraiti then concentrated saliva, sweat intelligencenaturelle and artificial energies of all shapes


- including monetary energy there?


 : Ultimately: the Supreme fluid that prevents social seize machines




Go rfeprocher then to the "old" their hateful and stupid sacxrifices


WHEN techno brouillzard from seeing clearly the best is to put sen to perspiucacité oracles vivnats or dead






-------------------------------------------------- -










dialogue initiated between P M E. and Candide ... ... F 'philosopher)




language - connect to 3-4-5 alphabet and changing tastes and necessities ...








I understand that women are sometimes annoyed when the smoldering gaze - not me though ...-
myself I sometimes feel discomfort - there really are people who do not know what to do with their eyes
I have three announcements to make today (*)
 ;; ...........................


Social relations are based on fear, force; etc ... cunning.


Nothing that can be transmitted through education


So What are the schools?


A produce lambs and wolves; It even seems they manufacture sharks, pears and foxes, chickens, nuts, lions ...


and bears ...


- "But all this flora-fauna is already in Nature


So why go to so much trouble to imitate?


- "Got to spend time doing something




The contracting parties are not as clearly defined


power and people have crumbled: a step in the direction of a SMC


a step also likely to decline dune civilization flamboyant


that can not accommodate a long agony








Should I take a leadership of Director of Studies


To show the ignorant that social relationships


can not obey to one principle


It takes a minimum of 2  : 1 is a monster born of mathematicians


Admittedly there are monsters in nature


but not recognize them as such ... .Untel?


Who decided the first to set a standard


Logically only a bear can write a social contract


Since it is difficult to describe the movement of a herd


except to get out of the crowd






While the bear (JJR) writes ...


the lion breathes his breath herd


and to guide its destiny




- "The company would therefore need leaders to embody his will?




- "Only the foxes or pears can talk about social will


How a mass could she have a will?




Subject that the course is different companies - or independent - the course of the stars


It is no longer possible to assign today monolinear direction movement of societies


Towards what? Secondary in nature?






But who has decreed that he should imitate the natural order?


Is it absolutely necessary to establish a hierarchy of values ​​to run a company


Who first said, it is more important to live or sleep, to dream or act




"The first who asked a fence. ... "


- "Sorry, Jean Jacques, There has never been a first


If we knew how life began, I would not be torturing my brains


the conduct of the company




This mania to reduce to unity, a world that can not thrive in the multiplicity






E. and L_ rendentnvisite the injured


apartment left by the father before the end of the lease


Bd maubourd the tower in the 7th



























Can it be an OS provided an etalon to measure ALL lres wealth?











the trouble begins when a closed system of social organization is applied to a group living in open


It was going around in circles - and the following discussion will show - because the substitution of a system S2, deemed "best" in a system S1 reveals two things - at least:


1 human thought - is it a congenital defect, or an attribute divine essence? - Is unable to highlight a principle without also overshadow the opposite principle


2 - the behavior of I (S) change when going from one system to another, thereby changing the system  itself is a disadvantage - or advantage - in addition to the other (*)


Why in these conditions of social organization change as individuals adapt to change


In particular, the power of adaptation turns disadvantages into advantages, and vice versa addiction benefits invalidates any hope of improvement


I refer below to the "remarks" my general opinion on the technical changes








How do I attach - or 2 - Generals principles to a particular solution


the former. Ci below shows that rapprochemnt not always obvious


on the other hand recruiting leaders should be more aligned with the skills  avéréesde them to solve problems, not as is often the case; their eloquence, ie their ability to mobilize energies to raising enthusiasm, or by pretending they can do


the ideal leader of course being provided with these two skills





evening at the Zenith, city of scieinces de la Villette Friday, October 12


The whole band was of course present at the "meeting" of répiublicain front, several stars including a film director of films, a member of the area and Italian singer


Suivan recommendations of GM


(Guru-miro) or Grand Master by young moods, they ask questions devaitn choiisies on a list and report the answers to the next meeting


MAOIs which party could make the teacher, who was interested that by far has the policy?


And what surout profiets allaientils take them to this exercise in style?


Nobody was able to réponsder this question but since the master had ordered




the design of the banner should have been explicit if  dessinétait him clearer: it was supposed to be an ex-banker / trader / finance from the mop


... The morning after a party in a dance hall littered with confetti ...


sweet revenge of women activists say readers of feminism


Why did they not get that idea?








And many others (2) still


The legislator as the judge would find there an elegant way to reduce the prison population by applying a principle of LC




REM / BANNER ID / ....




NTP <"that has too waltzed millions


< "must be able to sweep the party favors




      drawing: $ ... ..balai hat and confetti - Prison / dancing / bin /


Safety -Fort






legend / ................


 Reflemen accounts - author - hero


In short our jeunecouple will refomer assuming flip-flop


the woman who bore a adoratrion men fell in love and cutting a rabid feminist, our non-violent Buddhist became adept kung fu pendantr the son of Colonel lass "street brawls, chose the antics nocturenes in a bed strewn with rose petals. Lord thou shalt never tired of horehound and people up and down and from side to side without ever vary the menu?


As I do this almost ue I want in cetrte house - when the know it goes without saying -


the end of the story has doubts ... pls


The author of the best failure depends only on my good or nmauvais want for its daily bread, especially his daily wine because it does not eat bread in the neighborhood with copyrights


<I not only steals my ideas, claiming that our ideas are only locaions but it also uses me as his "alter-echo" a case of resonnance where he pours all his trops full daffectivité, projects vengenace, joys ambitions and hatreds repressed


how can onvivre normally with so much noise and mouvemrent in the head and so little in the belly? This is what puzzles me






A quick review of the distribution of tasks can appreciate the chaotic evolution of social "systems"


I put here the "" to show that if the thoughts of "Bear" were both ingenious and abundant, policy / or initiatives / wolves, sharks and lions have left much to be desired


Why not distribute the "people" at the end of each ballot a document clearly entitled "Social Contract" abbreviated CS?


In which every citizen would have recorded his new COMPLAINTS next promises of elected - do you imagine the frustration of engineers and other professionals qualified vulgarly "people", forced to submit to the decisions of ministers who often have fewer graduates and still less wisdom in the service of said "people"




On which so; every citizen affix his signature


By accompanying the need for comments, suggestions etc ...


To start a  master plan socialdevrait cut this people into classes more in line (up to date) with the complexity of our societies


A complexity that all experts now agree cited stress


because they all had the same with the whole, ignored yesterday


I will not repeat here again the misuse of the term


A CES-defined classes and only then BOTH the French from above will be able to assign tasks to their French from below


Another insulting language that does not seem to offend anyone, good well, who am I me to find fault








The importance of a good distribution of tasks


How were assigned tasks in the past?


I mentioned this in a book about shyness (4) as a person living in the days of cave not told me about it, so I assumed that males were assigned outdoor work and females have had to take the rest


So it was "natural" as it becomes natural now that forests are cleared and therefore no longer afraid to see our streets more women than men


Again it is only a guess; I'm not even certain that the first humans (attention to this expression!) have well inhabited caves. This assumption does not in any way become in principle, each type of company may be invented and / or applied a different distribution


In short, by limiting ourselves to present societies living in Europe, the United States and also in Australia; can be summarized as the inventory: male humans make round legs in offices and anti-chambers on the day, and at night they find their female companions who should have the meantime clean the toilet before wiping the brats and prepare food


Sorry to use this rough language, the head of the family who speaks


He said, returning drunk as usual "and not advise you to perform these tasks in the disorder, otherwise. ... "










What theorist decided that the tasks were more or less important?


You could even classify them?


If it existed when he receives here the solid token of my esteem


Supported by an equally strong kick in the ass


males / females want details?


So I expect the No. ..... of 1001 insoluble problems


TRT: = importance?




<They say eg: the important thing is to ensure the happiness of ALL citizens of a nation, every member of the community (**)


Well done! That's the solution all say in chorus members and heart


except that some members (men, women, children ..) base their happiness on the unhappiness of others!


this term importance - as well as other the rest attached to it as the utility, freedom, responsibility. ... - Unravels when a serious inspection, pushing social conventions in their entrenchments


entrenchments poorly supported by the inertia of tradition and often sit


the low survival of the fittest


Or smartest or .... the more ...


But humanity has still evolved, what the hell!


Far from me the intention of denigrating the law of the jungle


I would even believe that it is time to recover, as it was rather hastily evacuated




System changes and their limits (7)




After careful reflection on the standard of materiality decided to abandon


Since there is no absolute legitimacy - a point of view is only important if the analysis is restricted to two fields


Thus changing criterion: does it not be better to give occupation to everyone?


Without attaching salaries or penalties, neither rank nor sanction, neither ... nor


And runs into the same objection (modulo 2pi, logicians say) some people can not handle that observing others






Second change: meeting the needs of all using a AUS


without worrying about their activities (6)


Directors who have applied this principle - RMI France imitated or not another system anyway, for a time a department duly fulfills his ministry ... I will not bother me to honor him


But the flowers thrown may have thorns


It was not necessary to temper a good intention in moral judgment


People who want neither an occupation nor a social rank, but


require to be supported by the community are in their rights


And fully consistent with a social logic already outlined


If any being is helpful / harmful  in abolu  ; then a worker / brave is little more important that lazy / loose






Therein lies the essential Shopsystems between collective and individual management difference: a single S (I) will never be stronger or more intelligent, or more ... (here you can scroll through the whole series of (Qi - Di). ... two I (S)


Why? 'Cause all restrictions imposed by the laws of supply and demand no longer apply. From then nobody can set an ultimate goal of a community, all behavior related to the instincts of domination such as imitation, competition, gains and losses from the game, rivalries, motivations .... are destroyed completely. The fight will cease for lack of this famous fighter reportedly said litterateur; where it has no more need for security, there can be no fitness to rule. Complementarity is achieved in two ways: without safety fitness point of need to dominate.


________________________ § A MOVE



Nothing to see here with miracles, which would be them, barriers to the laws of nature


the laws of supply / demane are not natural laws


The French chemist Lavoisier, quireste decidedly eternal by his famous sentence: Saharan is lost, nothing is created, everything fransforme


At least I hope not to repeat these words eb vain - I admit in effte avoiraps not made the effort to check the source cepropos


I suppose that M doic .lavoisier would not have observed of law - OD) or the dns, animal or environment in the plant environment





The objections which then come to mind are numerous: among others how will you get people to make efforts if there is more motivation? We must sweep these objections as much reflex-system based on the priorities, the ranking of needs and abilities, the profit from defects and excess resources or jobs. Because nature has endowed us with power of adaptation, we have - unlike donkeys - no need to act as a stimulus in that direction rather than another. Therefore in the SMC, even if the community decides to allocate an amount of energy to a higher S (I) as an I (S), it is not going to complain, and if we Otherwise - I remember pm the first product more than it consumes, the latter being the opposite - the two things do not change their behavior because they choose to do or not to do has not been done under the constraint of the market, in the opinion of others, or any other method derived from our individualistic language. It can be no question of "why I slave away for peanuts while the neighbor taking it easy, or" how come -there X gains more energy than Y


becaufe, complementarities are defined strictly, these comparisons are meaningless. Clearly a company that built the complex; There's also understood that it was difficult to "take it easy" 


than slaving away as an ox, thus there is more frustration to ensure social stability by seeking pleasure. The pleasure and pain being balanced pairs can not even take the "punishment" to classify



A small reserve - already mentioned below - if the power of adaptation is actually unlimited, why change the social model


The answer has already been given: because of the novelty. If it were excluded to establish the Liberal collectivism in an educated society only 20 P


percent, this is possible in an educated society - as -to claims 80 p. 100







F (n.sinx) x F p (cos x) = periodic function as (GPA pn / np)


NB _______________________


beings S (I) are free and responsible beings


the I (S) are the beings partially or completely dependent on society


"- But how to distinguish the objector will wonder player that is firmly anchored in the individualistic world: It is neither useful nor necessary to distinguish because there is no market for values ​​- values ​​malls, moral, religious -


"Me finally what do you survival instinct! "Exclaims the objector who does not decidedly disarmed. He is so full of his own indivdualité - I almost said "individualism" that has a lot of hard to imagine a world without people. Therefore he could not properly read what the previous §. So I let him read again and convince himself


However, in re-stating that no critical system based on a new database using arguments based on the flaws of the old system, always respecting - so strong are the habits - uniforms links between causes and consequences. In a system of circular hierarchies how to link variables also changes



No. ..... see the versatility of the "system" (Qi - Di)


and reversibility of sanctions / rewards




Objection of a third party: Why not "to each according to his ability"?


Objection against (that shot Ci is me throwing my two cents: why not "to each according to his needs, taking intoaccount capabilities?


Etc ... .débat hopeless (see precedents: innate acquired ... (organ function) and other festivities of the past ... that may well revnir fashionable


There is nothing indeed more than the header CYCLE




I thought solve this puzzle by RC


In a society filled with a HC Each individual has more ability that makes it independent of S and at least one need that makes it dependent on the other (S-1)


the trouble is that to go from our pyramids to HC should determine all series (Ai Bi)


This is not a synécure




In the meantime ....




We can continue our cycle


By saying that there are two ways to circumvent the aporia significance criteria:


1 never change the system


2 change with regular frequency, without waiting for the inconvenience rattrappent and overwhelm the benefits, without even knowing if a "stack" solution is better than a solution "face" 




Local notes  :




1-1 Case for:


A thorough analysis of the pair (A-I) conducted on a sufficient interval should reveal -time strictly equal pros and cons


other hypothesis is based on a social imbalance


cons - argument: (A - I) invisible, caused precisely by the adoption of the new system or a new indoor technique old system




2 introducing a new element - given parameter ... may result in loss of control of the system (eg a born in a country in a country predominantly Protestant mode, applied to a country with a Catholic majority)




3 - General Comment: In the absence of exploration of ALL the benefits of an innovation on ALL the activities within a company, review the couple of (A - I) is limited to an opposition human interests ( policy) and natural (religion)


But we can also say: "the designs of Providence are inscrutable" 


And the risk that a crank - which could be just as honorable as responsible citizens - dares to enact another law of 1905




The above came globalization


latest invention of American - after the burger and drink which psshhtt!




It should also move the criterion  of importancedans clouds


And speaking of "cloud computing" if one were to swallow all the wisdom of a human supercomputer by asking a rféponse on a particular issue (eg, the death penalty, or opening shops on Sundays) there is a safe bet that the computer would begin to tremble


which is the electronic sign of indecision (x)


Human Translation: the most rational decisions on a complex society can only be the result of chance


Increasingly clear: a government with "coin" is the most sophisticated form of democracy when the Ci have exhausted all his ammunition




Under the reservation already mentioned that the best may as well be the worst in LC (3) The difference with the procedures expressed in everyday language today is that the "worst" and "best" states n ' not the same significtion with a collective individual fixed direction or circular


 __________________________________ ... No. 23/24 ... SMC = multiplicity of couples


critèes Classification of activities ... and the needs of business


In any case you should never consider "abnormal" situation, that as a consequence of another abnormal situation over; but opposite


Whereby any improvement in the situation will be called because of another anomaly in the future




Another argument which tends to minimize the importance  of the changes based on a supposedly better approach to problems


itself based on a "better" understanding of the technical




Can we escape this eternal balance, politics, the economy, the physics are they only inheritance errors (+/-)


I am forced to kick for touch - my wisdom is limited to my instincts -


So I would say, god only knows, so I do not know what his plans


and I will not lose this aqi rest of my life to guess


what you will agree is another way to refer the decision to the clouds, until further notice, above - and below - the clouds there are the courses of the stars


 IT professionals - programmers HTML - PHP outout another future lanhage


seoaient and guardians of new temples


until a messiah of the second degree can drive them






i nsert here:


      crafts fools or foolish people " 


      since it does not have a stupid pouraquoi business activity, job occupation of a home is so important for those who want to know


Sutrtou and why he is so many names of trades in the toues lalngues and civilizations?


You tell me: is the demùonstration peuboiteuse, there are also stupid gfens in all languages ​​and toues latitudes MAOIs I maintain Umon argument proverbs are translated dcensés complexity trucutres c-ad socités the number of divisions and parity aiunsi to chque proverb from Deune claeessse "optimistic" or racketeer or "dog"


should oppose an anti-proverb "pessimistre" "sentimentliste or" wolf "


I recall in this connection that when I mix human and animal varieties, dvez you understand that this is figurative language and not realistic or verismo, I had often talk about s bear in my speech JJ. Rosseau is the type -ours antisocial who returns good for Lemal and that fact alone has over boien society than ontpu to all architects and missionaries during all their ca rrière ____________________________________________________________________________________




 main criticism of individualism - the liveralisme is obsolete as a result of unspecified degree of "freedom nd ed number


Being attached to - light source


Parsuite and all beings we deions responsible


Under what "Fable"? How é willingness of heaven, what a divine pleasure xpompetition erected in the value suprêùme dynamlaique groups by successive shocks of individuals


The strongest, the smartest, or the most patient


But to go to what fate? To realize what an achievement, what criteria


free range of I (S) to happiness - social equilibrium resulting from "a miracle is not control aussiune UTOPIA












1 - Connect a general principle - ie the sum of proverbs or philo systems. to a particular solution: old abortion diet pensions, inflation recession, art nouveau / ....


move from a particular solution to a differential equation. General




limit the period of validity of laws (physical or legal, there is no absolute knowledge / eternal / outside the ring




keep in memory the decision generators abuse / build / excess / shortage / inequalities /.........../................../ // ................




dynamic equilibrium and ataraxie


technical progress and eternal oscillation - or ever -




experience of private company time




inconsistencies: complaining about social injustices by agreeing to cover defects within families




point out the shortcomings of a proposed reference to the conditions of this system system - or being tested


eg delete the job / or patents / criticism: people do not want to do anything / against-critical: if we suprime sanctions 2nd degree people find their instincts 1st degree, removing money one must also remove social constraints that drive to seek money, power, etc ... domination.




Paradise (versus boredom if fear disappears, she leads with her pleasure


to be afraid ...).




-electronique mechanical society (critical, what are you doing "spice" of life




At the station we talk more trains but 3446 or XXXX .....


Why talk about "games" if all of life is a game?


At what level of processing a social system is no longer




      01/13 ... ADD: Again there is no escape from circularity functions 


Stupid people make stupid trades that are foolish people ... No. 876










response of the master if the rapists are judged must also judge the courtiers


how <?


see CEQ had ilo I said two weeks ago not to take a decision on whether the A conraire A is allowed impunity


One who woos women it is the opposite of that definition CLUI violates or ^ to beat them to their senses


amois obviously you can not understand what I say ah aue youth







NOTES: It may seem pretentious to use symbols of dependency


on living beings, ie provided with its own dynamic


I write this: I (S) to denote a system dependent individuals, or of a state of society, but this dependence can be reversed


For comparison: the gas pressure (p) is a function of its rempérature (t) is written as p (t) = x. but what about the inverse function 1 / x notation is not as clear: the function t (p) Has a meaning?


for a physical quantity common sense is more evident than for economic variables


what can we say eg. the employment relationship (consumption) 


and its inverse / opposite: c (e) differential value - or integral: C (E)


In a social space the relation S (I) denotes a system dependency, individuals (I) are free


But are they really? -: Circular reasoning (CBR) and back to the starting assumption




(2) I find it unnecessary to recall here since they have already been exposed and explained elsewhere (POS S / 812 .....) cf: 1001 eternal questions






RC => LC complex language to express complex logic (binary)




series (<<ai - bi) sum of skills / requirements expressed in a given society at a given time




(4) Chapter IV entitled: social dynamics




(**) All principles have equal importance and / or validity




(X) as a first approximation the sum of wisdom could be summed up an inventory of proverbs from all cultures


even a simple scan thematic encyclopaedias -




(5) (6) Basic Income Survival AUS too snoring like title


but already a revaluation of the minimum income




SMC Corporation multi-criteria


(7) I'm certainly not venture to define a system


For the simple reason that I have done several times, but I can not remember where. So I say to ..n umpteenth time any couple or group of couples objetsou beings connected to Unen manièreou another constitutes a system, the curious feraientbiende consult a book or systemic cladistic or Meue of cybernetics, this prétndue sciuencedu government did a little flop as it never rise high enough to fall too low and too high, poor poor wiener Ross Ashby, Gry Walter and poor Latil françaisd well dshez us who consacrie part their lives OF a nice chimera








PS The notes may not be sufficient to clarify the speech - sneer parts - so I persist and sign a






 Can be envisaged in the future to treat a social body by examining eg. its ESG


(As it traces the electro cardiogram of a patient in a hospital?


Or better on the assumption of the sun on the infleunce comprtements of I (S) measures the phto-sociogram of a community? - Utopia or daydream?




Voiçi another example of a link between the general conditions and problems:


this banner the  globalization is accused of all the ills of the world, among others: (1) the disappearance in France at least, of a job well done, (2) everyone wants to be rich, so everyone imitates everybody, (3) devaluation of the word / speech politico / scientific, experts proliferate whenever a problem is thrown into their pasture by the media raging competitive (4) speed and superficiality established as criteria knowledge ...


To name a few of the ills


our societies in full decline


... "Cows poorly guarded and crafts" are fools arrangements known proverbs, unfortunately I failed to find the right formula to indicate that dogs were, too overwhelmed by the insane pace caravans  replaced by trains


________________________________________ Additive 12.01


















air from the vile ITHDRAWAL do and dry air of the late winter morning sun struggled to cross the foliage arbes aqui vordioane tle as celestins, our 3 friends ùmarchaient piecemeal at that fre descoersations zet knotted unraveled


I had a moment with u flottemrent epensée moved to all who were to "provide" a cerain number eces anonymous phrases that make up






the liantde this qu'ilconfvenu ppelerla of literature




How testify of his time on earth by not having to produce for his defense as clichés lounges bo-bo or pin heads talking about


such other bo-bo before preterm and who had the chanceou lamalchance be convinced of its superiority


To be above the fray, out of line saying men shared media, say economists distinguish emerge from the gloom, stand out artists always have color in addition; but flew back which could characterize the entire species, as surely as the pursuit of power or domination of others. This quji was barely acceptable in a primitive society, where humans still had some leeway today becomes a shameless pretension, since no individual is able to live without the support of the society. The time is ripe to rebalance the instincts that oscillate between individualism and collectivism




If we could isolate - so control the discomfort of domination, ravenir knew CL would certainly plausible


But what about the widespread indifference, dela original soup, which would fall in head-on the best standard-bearer DesArts












A leitmotif of moral intellectual processes, metaphysioques, spiritual. ... : Qauand otout says that e must decide which is impportant for a community?




And to say that jereprochais ^ hysicienes their in-finite seeking ever more improbable particles


We also apply the circularity: if collectrivité are a compact universe without surprises then the necessity of an absolute fades


olny the community has the right to déciuder the true, the beautiful property and maniète lapidary - complex of any investment decision (and on) the future




objection candid associated with this time: (- grumpy-piss -vinaigre - and other supporters of opponents nothing about everything and nothing




"-Joli World you promise us there: more absolute dream quest over St grail, more gods to worship or burn ..but what would remain so for men?


Who're you to decide what is meilleutr for them?




As websites are now saying: alle so visit our FAQ


I'm sure you trouverzz the response to your objections


you might even find - surprises sources - for reflection






in a world selected by surprise hypothesis sns


admit that the author has very strong








THE RESTRUCTURING OF COUPLES (Olivier - Bernard) - (Micheline - Leslie)




and .... (GM o MP) in elderly




dialogue on the relationship sexe- artistic production and / or intellectual








M an idea on this?




Should we deprive artists to stimulate their appetite for crzeateurs - or re-creators?




Why not prescribe the same traitement for "creators" of wealth ie: entrepreneurs of commerce and industry?




C avirez not you even insisted on freedom of indidividus




E care chque time I p) Arle of freedom j (did say "add a qualifier under penalty of nullity of speech


C it and not what it's about, you rappelkz vousq saying that man is not an ass did not need to how do you say ... .baton ... or ...


E - yes I remember I said indeed that for beings endowed intellience the sting money or fame were useless, and then what ..










about how these salads will improve your situation (housing, food ...)












SESSION ... ./..../ 2008




The importance ... .de importance: a logical farewell




Ultimately all quarrels surrounding the OS issues come


to determine a priori principle should base any reform or rebuilding of an existing system ie:


What are the fundamental issues -primordiales - vital - essential - in a word ... I wanted to avoid the important issues related to the institution or the reinstitution of an OS




Happiness of the community? Or the individuals?


Immediate happiness, or an overall balance in each individual case? Bliss at all times or rather a periodic succession - or alternately - states "happiness" and "unhappiness" 


And which individuals do you speak, and how, by what magic community could it also have its own voice ...


I stop there these supposed answers




You will notice that one is pretty bad because parties will gradually roll out the same errors and corrections in which we sommmes already been engaged ... procession.


"Since when did the O?


"B-but sir, I do not know, since we are ...?


"Good that is nobody knows anything, I and all of you here ... and you see a little why the fundamental question is already an error of method


O b-but why sir


"GM: bravo! That's exactly where I was coming from: why and how will we determine our path because we do not know why or how we got there ... you follow me?


L has real meaning master)


M could you be more explicit) superimposed responses


T should know! one makes the philo)


..or of the economy)


... ..........




GM, became suddenly very old stands sighing and paces the room, "I see that we are still not on track, then resume it another way: this time I will not try to make you think, I'll give you the answers you swallow as sweet - or bitter as medecines, and if the result is not satisfactory, you will get treatment elsewhere ... that's right?


... ..... he returns to his desk and puts her hand on his face:




First; there is no fundamental principle, or more important than any other, any application of the principle of OS Conduit community who chose an impasse has more or less imminent


L - but master ...


GM: there are no buts, and no more master, you are incorrigible: quandje let you speak, you gtransformez encarpes, and as soon as I ask lesilence voslangues are fluttering like sperm in search of soul sister


just as incoherent as we all the rest, but we want to be guided in a democratic way and that's the position of the "back seat driver" so it's a mismatch, you know that American-English-speaking, I suppose: we want apply a general principle that is in our heads, to particular situations that will happen we do not know where or when, that is, conditions that are in the minds of people who are not yet born, but also in what we call the reality, ie something that is in the minds of those who have not experienced this principle in the minds of birds and plants in the trees overhead, that is if trees or plants filled heads in the head wind and light ... in short, everything that surrounds us. And this is another inconsistency ..or perhaps a contradiction ...


"What rapppelle me that we have not resolved this other question; but it's probably the same: what is a difference between contradiction and inconsistency


Clearly when we adopt a general principle, it should be said right away that it is important to and for how long, which means, reposition ourselves every time we make a decision that may affect our future us determine vis-a-vis all those concerned that this décisoiin




(Or both dimensions imposed on us: that the pair (S - T)


In absolute nothing matters and everything matters relating


you'll notice we entered storey in the complex since the statement is reversible in the relative nothing matters and everything is important in absolute terms, and there's your answer: complex language can not inconsistencies exist because there are only contradictions


Therefore recognizing that we are in complex terrain should always specify before adopting a new law "for how long and on what space" which brings us back to the amplitude and frequency issues, the change in a society complex, I have repeatedly said is a matter of cycle, so this is our business and it is not our business ... as far as we ayions learned something since we are immersed in this world, as far as we still know something of this world, a world I recall yet light and shade, all we have to do is choose the pair (A - F) of all decisions laws, principles, solutions ... .jugés important ... and you add the other attributes I mentioned there is a moment crucial, vital etc ...


If we were wrong good and too bad for us, it is no need for ultimate reference if a company is oriented by set, by random chance, or by any means at our disposal lottery.
This is what I have to say, I do not ask you to think about, I know that those interested in these issues will do so without me, as for the others they will forget everything I just said just out cete of room and it's just as well ... bye children, heaven bless you all, as I was having too practiced LC I will opt for both the curse of the land for the blessing of heaven












Farewell evening after the results of the seminar: the gift




How dare you make me a gift, voresule presence here is leplusbeau gift that could make me academy, estdoncmoi this should give you a gift, but you know my low opinion of this kind of anti-social exchange




Broken on the rim of the fenêre




NOTES SEMINAR vaiment not affect the education of participants, but for future fans theses spouvaient ocnstituer it an important asset for candidates




... ..........




At the initiative of B and M_ a farewell party was organized after the end of classes


E., was distributed in the presence of other senior and a few guests from the School of Physics -Chemicals the suitable certification to the most avid listeners. In exchange for one of the students had handed a sealed envelope to the GM stating that it was also sent to other teachers


Lest indeed be oposer humiliating rejection, participants decided adressser him a written invitation for the evening




He promised - always written back to "pass a moment" this kind of exercise is more his age.


He spent indeed and seeing the smoky atmosphere of "specialized bar Marsh had made dispositioin youth room in the basement; he preferred to sit at a table in the open air, where he was joined by members of the group Scattered order, each having held to choose his formula of thanks for his efforts and dedication


He greeted with an amused smile-sometimes these attempts ceremonial touching it is true "but what devotion he replied? My word it looks like I've led you on a battlefield or I risqaué my life in a suicide missioin to save your souls. It seemed rather strange to our friends who were presented last, he had also taken some "stuff" for the occasion


"You're going from when? He suddenly asked O


to which the latter replied bafouilllant as usual: I waited over two hours for the visa, these Indians really have eternity to them it seems


M said in a low voice because of the noise that his case was on track


what GM responded with a nod understanding




Ten minute later splus rare adult clients invited by god knows who, or maybe they were not there by chance, were surprised by its very sound and almost squeaky laugh and hi hand he made to our friends, equally surprised










DIALOGUE ..... P M E ...... ...... ...... C L ....... D






How can you blame a minister who writes in the hushed quiet of his office to make a decree law applicable on imports of textiles, to ignore


1 - that at this time, the European Commission, or whichever the name of the ad hoc institution will be considered a new mouturedes textile materials standards' of importatioins


2 - two days earlier housed in a basement tile time laboratory has developed a material that simply cvonsdtitue a revolution in clothing: an absolutely indestructible vinyl that changes color according to the light, and could therefore escape any border control


3 3 hours later a reporter learned from leaks ministerial intentions, preparing an article with pictures. One death pictures showed the minister in question in gallant company in a place that left no doubt about the relationship between the lady and the gentleman


As legend another journalist had told his hand reissue the decree on insurance with a date illegible /.../ 14 19 ... /




Certainly the "virtual" image of a business world made up of billions of particles playing against each other can be an epic beauty almost poignant, as moving as the story of our ancestors written in the stars for eternity. But controlling the fate of humanity in the face of adversity is not it also a company of interest














Thursday 110CTOBRE 2007




A date that will mark it probably for the rest of his life




She was lying on her overshoes litles wet hair and melancholy, the sound of bells reached him through the double wall of his studio, pulling sharply from its torpor


O is she asked, would finally decided ilk?


But why not open his questins n'llaient certainly not spare him the trouble if it were to dismiss a seller surptriss ... or in the other case




"Who is this? T she shouted through the door


"A low growl, followed by a raclemen feet on the floor of the corridor










she had a inbstant weakness, which sample of human & ppa not to fawn horny G - (or B - or M) suddenly became a bloodthirsty beast, it loui plonhea his teeth into his neck and his hands gently kneaded without small breasts delivered to their weight,


Quite naturally ensuivitn a moment in this duel trnsformeé immediately in love duet; the feel of a hard body chjaud and her ass was right in his last will to resist; therefore the two animals regained a rhythm dating from the garden of <eden
To the extent that Adam was tempted Eve sending his derriere and not her breasts. The suffering humanity appreciated




Although filled L did not fail, however, still play the ambiguous role of the eternal woman abused and again appreciate the humnité


I do not pretend to subscribe nullemmnt imbecility distilling -communs few places on the "eternal feminine, or ^ perennity certain gestures beyond the modes, or para-mouvementspolitiaques scieentifiaques (I am referring here to the so-called theories" of kind " 


feminism, gay pride and other imported from countries Yankee commddités. (Which are the Yankers anyway?)




But I think I'm almost compelled to add my two cents to this unfinished range: so will the fury of horses


lafin that the carriage ends up paying


opinion therefore all these furies ui find that things are not moving fast enough, or that attitudes are incorrigible




As life is both a speed race AND resistance


complex society - or circular - will finally may be wise to leave such idle questions to interrogenr parity finally on the complementarity of the two sexes and therefore their solidarity necessaiure


What is certain is that the problems associated with differential psychology 2êtres (F - H) occupedront many centuries venr


What permte to me to depart in peace, for I was afraid for a moment to distract the humnité successor on my only genius; reqiescat in pace " 




To return to ave a tradition I was in the moving gtemps sometimes grotesque end of the book, the author feels compelled to build the reader - at this time of wisdom balbuciante women should be banned from playing -. .d'édifier lke so on ctor




Do not you think you make too




it's like that kind of comment is found in some thrillers (even good) in life things do not go as Inthe series B on TV


and I've always dmandé is a film director of awesome movie could do b IN A SERIES




Result that these ludicrous attempts of almost insolent authors:


people are now able to seraiznt sorir their i-phone is ilsvoyaient a shootout in the street, or all major ouvirraient their hunts instead of taking cover, risk taking a bullet dasn buttocks becaufe abused TV Here plairaiyt that well one by one son more bobo crazy his dad














the coordi comments: I have to apologize to readers here


He reads his notes


No, the teacher made it clear: the readers because I cheated a little on the dérpolement rfécit: so that the facts are consistent with our ideas, told me one day master, ikl might need help staysWellness a little?


And so saying, he slipped me a ticket in hand, and disappeared without even waiting for me to return his money


What could I do you think it was Aurit mortellemnt ofensé if KJE had made him ... calling him a peingne -cul


in fact, it was I who plugged the kids on this nickname,


if you can call it a nickname, I can tell you the rest in the introduction right?


Anyway beware of imitators, the general author like all bosses has no qualms about poking the ideas of its employees


What can I do you think it was he who pays me


well ... I have to go there, so here we apply the flip-flop master it arrêtepas to tan ears GESN with that, san, sdoutepour monytrer he faitr of the electroniqyue of dad ,, you sound young y enfoutent their dads


In short ... but I tell you any more, you'll see for yourself-even






OLIVIER BERNARD AND / GERARD (B - M) and (O - L) the property is not | I / O | = Lumiere




end: two couples s masc - fem conlcusion? ; and 2




EFFECT FLIP FLOP / when B adopts Buddhist thesis (O) it swears by violence


B you know what we should do: leave together in India


O pouais, off ... it's a bit far India:


B parlaois you're good as it at first when we saw each with Lili


O it's been a while anyway


Ben my cute B: time i-te not file the train looks like, for me it was yesterday, like I even called your gesture when you come back the consulate, you're reappelles? Disgusted he ITHDRAWAL the fig tree




O and how! Besides, it's a bit because of that I permit tolmbre


"Hey want a hypocrite O says the reader


Yet the présenateur we had not warned


You know cequi'd kick me now? It is a xéjour in China


B y has lka Buddhists as well, it's true


O-oh no it ESTV not why, did you see the American series on kung fu


B no, there is no TV at home, it's boring the dabe but I listen as the messiah, the only thing that does not want to let go, everything else is cool, not like the good women They are always after


O 't have any sisters you too


B women at home, there is always one shovelful, B-you should get dressed in blue andnot in red, B what are you going to eat in these affreuese gargottes, B-cleaned you should rlelavabo the ùmatin when you shave and why you shave, beard teva so ... Oh peuchère!


O they are younger? ... Younger or older than you


B I'm just in the middle elder than me two years and I go over the younger of two years and a few


O you should our résneter the case, how is his name


B-listen to the other, I will not suffice me buttock rat?


Just like unpeu by where I show you


He rolled on the bed and plunges her hand aupanier


that's pretite bitch, ren, ds my rod betweenthe hands while I annoys your cute ass


yeah it's ca ouaiiiis faster, go commotion combat


motion the bottom of the con ... .dius con fig ... ass ...


Ile = schanent every 2 air dam on the ass


music and lyrics borrowed from the repertoire esapprfentis-carabins




you know it would be nice to your sister between the two


you're not sick? Baiserma sor me repeat again c'tte salad and I t 'a lie ..


O_ yeah that's like in the movie that I saw yesterday, the type with one hand ikl sends three cowboy boiys the mat, that are keg I wanted to tell you just now, that's what I want visit in China


why ben e, n china is the jamaonais masters judo


but it's not that I'm talking judo big cock


ouias; judo; karate; it's all of that desartsmartius x Estla same thing


Noon you're not, kung fu is diff "ent


pff ... zarrêtes bullshit, the main thing is to clear your man, little mporetles means, technical selule aui works is to go ahead and knock the rest


- T (know nothing, everything is in the method, which I copgtait on toiu for me apprfenbdre desgtrucs


destrucs? WHAT TIPS,?






moves u little shit, I'll fuck toutça on the bedspread






do not you think it was funny? This is me talking ... you do ..alorsqu'avant Cessis ratatinerles balls with me .. "the state without desires, the way roiyale




bullshit, so I do not see what inérêt to live as a vegetable or dead tree


dns the g






shame pride and feelings of doubt = rich (luxury)




a tiger - or H (F) whose life is in danger


do not bother with such scruples-feelings






S / 134 IDEAS




change (inne- acquired) ex. inconsistency = mixture of LC and everyday language




DC or AC naturelou chget artifice (if H (F) = artifice




prendrela life as it comes, I finally comprics this language


pourqu that "people" do not have meanwhile changed his mind flip flop =


when the rooster chntait the farmer still asleep


and if the farmer began àchater ... that feraitle cock?




ex unusual relationship artists who complain-or is plaigniane tde their bohemian life


in any inconscinece 'because the "creation" is not accomode unevie of bourgeois (i e need pain to feed the creative process


O - Letellier family living art and history could not escape such thoughts on a true vocation or false destiny of art. The combination of his dramatic art studies with very little academic teaching of the master had driven into deep meditation where clashing values ​​of the West in decline and those of the East in alarm. Very few focused on money and power he condemned without trial thus not appealable, the mediatico-artistic-political excesses of the new bourgeoisie who tried in vain to disguise his passion for money under the pathetic delusions of modern art . Is not that a good immersion in the chores of national service could put a little lead in the brains of these young misty crazy staging their bodies as puny as their monstrous ideas. It thus reflected in its own language the square of her new lover and guardian BM sentences.


Their union consumed physiologically not expecting more than the statutory recognition will not be long. ON A PENALTY TO BELIEVE THAT DRIVES AND SEX CAN ELIMINATE AS IN PREMATURE EJACULATION AN INDIVIDUAL OR SEVE MILLENNIUM ANIMAL TRADITIONS












Therefore "but stops tenoyer in glasses, take life as it comes! He said BM


That was the word he should not say .It had been on the sidelines of circular economy a long discussion seminar trio with L and the Grand Master, which indicated that the advent of new janitors -féministes-volontarises could spell the end-or the rebirth of the new art. "If one advised to take life as it comes, the artists sought jeues them to take it before it goes away


In sum concluded sententiously master the business cycle is again in line with the will and sex comes


Whereupon, punctuating his conclusion of a long final shot of amber liquid he had rested his drink loudly, like a judge's gavel, but with an almost Homeric laughter, to which the young lack of a better capacity had well eventually subscribe.


The only downside to this perfect balance between major and minor is if the evenings festivities were drowned in a collective euphoria, waking up hangover were well alone. Would he have the courage to put this bitterness if the master saw him again one day, one way, is not it; to contribute to the general debate, or rather the great hobby of P.cul on individual collectivism coupled with social liberalism




He eventually break away from the sweet sweaty sheets to plunge into the cold reality of the bathroom (shower?)






Damn I realize now I étrais any con when a woman then I swooned me, I felt anything but good to the scream of pleasure, what we missed "all the time


you think we might have the same feelings, if we get to enter through


no I do not think faudrfaita see also cad for more pain


"Why what pain


"'But see the birth, you do not think you can in this hjjouir iimpunément ùonde all pays




LAST DISCUSSION Mireille O L / Beatrice?




Mirrors of H (F) not quite yet




if only we could get rid IWhen for all those men


we pourrissentla life


"You do what you say pensespas n (is not it?


But if, but if the world would be so much more ... how to say


so much more ...


"M-more cool is that?


"No it's not what I meant, that's more harmonious surment more




It would suffice to produce synthetic sperm and hop need men


"Nothing was too damn


"Ha ha ha, they s' embrace tenderly, M - seems more appetite qque L she stirred frantically Surles buttocks M then tries to overlap with godmichet in plastiaque


but that Ci absconding,


not-not if you like it = m not now


(What you will not make me delamigraine sudden, none of that with us






About symmetrical O _ James or B Descombes Lermitte or unmannerly






Oh yes .... ahhhh ouiiii yet ... again ... harder ... .yes .....


about a paucity of pornographic ...


Let's close this chapter on the onomatopoeia that should punctuate the life of a filmmaker or scenartiste like this every day


Nature is obviously varied in its manifestations, but I must admit that certain skills and needs of humans leave me confused




Avoid projections- abstracts end thriller novel: life has no end


ood solves no eternal problem. SOP No. 1001 ......












Note: § 21 validation couples? (See § 1) u repetition


EX /




Is it possible to release itself of the systems?


Why are we building the "systems" 


Smart move to lalectrice abien noticed I got a lot "invested" in the systems without even seeking a semblance of this definition that the task may have required much effort totally useless


Start with a very basic definition is called a system of elements composed - two is minimal - linked by relationships "controlled"




Solar System and Payment System - measures - institutions - thought ...


term also used as "problems"


... ..................... see POS # 75 (sanctions - rewards)






Needless to make astronomical calculations (!) To conclude that a change in the orbit of the earth, but even physicists are predicting billions of solar life, I integrate this data without further comments in my plans on the comet in me dicant few billion respite, it gives us a lot of time for reflection and action


Why we find everywhere these obstacles (OF) (zero - one)


(Freely determined)


And little by little the questiuon repeatedly raised and rested legitimacy couples, even when the terminals look like monsters "uncontrollable" as <0 and1>




Where does this need to measure up to things beyond our physical and intellectual abilities as well. Why these challenges constantly revived, this annoying habit of teasing the limits as this poor donkey who chooses resolutely brink and - close to tears in evidence under the blows that rained -n'en eyes but can ... I always have a pang in evoke the image because I had myself the role of the fool who believed him to reason, return it to the mileiu way to force blows


If there is an ability to complémentire this series why do we need to isolate desdifficultés. And above all, let a little CL If the community had to take care of all of (Bi -Ai) members how to save this safety valve, how to maintain this hope of actually skipping escape of the person in the unknown without harming the social balance






I'm just raising the corner of a sail on a huge field of research, I nevertheless refuses that other asymptotic slope towards some unknown ideal of justice -fairness - beauty - pleasure, or rather ugly - disorder .. . and whatnot




Wise men still have the last word: each day as it comes




... ...................




(EM) first illegitimate couples


cvomparer how energy and matter, they have nothing in common as' V - E) or (Ol) or order-disorder 




classification (Ai - Bi) has "holes" 


points adh erence: No need for oxygen has pa human compllément


photosynthesis = human solidarity - animal






the reality: the shocks that can reach desproportioins effrayanates; separated by logical or as ùmillions would say desmilliards astrophysicists billions of binary divisions


former kind: the chhoc lalogique between the masculine and feminine intuition


It is this gene surfemnt shock has led some ecclesiastes be listed under the pair (devil - magic) all "maniganxces" of these beings that God "with its impenetrable plans" imposed on us as companions for étrernité and pourtana are as distant from our stupid intelligence that would be the devil maiuvais good dcieu




good people beware vpous quackery who do not know each other, iol is present in the writings of theologians or scientists as logicians, you can also watch out for the other charlagtanisme, celuiqui seeks to bluff a mercantile profit


And ask yourself, if you do not have to head hurt after comparatison which of the two games is the most dangerous for your happiness






Ex! More developed sense of smell in F; sense orientation at H + ???


Good luck to all who enter uniersigtaires since quelaue 's time on intergeneric comparisons (HF), I also said that this research were as sterile as analogies - I happened to do so - entrehommes and machinery; maisn'ayant nothing better to offer no way I feel I have the right to deprive these unruly kids of their favorite games


it is very easy to see the flaws of mankind "when elected domicimle LeToit in the world, but to mingle with the servants or desproblèmes commettredes honest mistakes are ways equally honorable


everything is a matter of inclination and habits










One may speculate on the alleged ingtetins natgurelles, obscure designs or routes impenetrable




but we can also start patiently gathered out the son and son-in of this skein that is today (Fr ance & 2014) O .S.




And hoped do we find?


The thing MEMS - criteria accurately as I keep re ^ fart ... since. the introduction to this book: the realtivité criteria "important" ranking and thus OS


légitiité the death binary divisions that plague us and siùmplifietn equally existence


why and how the cycle and all accessories




But as much confess immediately: there will be no answer in this book - if not as copnjectures - this last question






endpoint on confronting SOS






Only graduates can denigrate graduates




... ......................








"There is the unchanging ikmbéciles


The more things change, the more they stay the same




And how many other anneries stupidities, and also about how sensible or foolish on this theme of changeùment (I have not spoken yet politicians)




times and customs change




yes ... and I would say even more méteo can change: it no longer says it will rain on the northern region-is: but the probability of a rainy area gtraversant areas ... would be 5 against 1 with an error fourcette 1:10 °



And if a boor still finds a way to bitch, they cut off the ears



We can summarize aspects i mporants of IWhen average life by quoting some proverbs


as He n'ty no fumlée without fire, or lucky in love, unlucky in money


or expressions that mean more qu'lle have air


spare the chèvreet cabbage


dog politqiue 'Fable de la Fontaine) *


sawing off the branch on which we sit


kill two birds with one stone - rather than by its direct application démernti


essuyter the plaâtres



etc .....



THE MISUNDERSTANDING nuances; synonyms used has purposely misleading the partrenaire trade ideas; under -entendus, looks divergent with about ... etc.





involonaires: utiklisation terms of derivatives (change rhythm, cycles, nature, freedom, words expressing a report = average efficiency / results


and / or variation of such reports More ways - results


with the same attributes of single langege (current)





benefits / inconveniences of both OS










Denouncement / Q / D?
























SPREAD / PROGRESS mediocrity














































Indexes and Tables: pages ... ...












SCRAP / E / 143 POS








flip flop effect yet


Automatic Writing = add its opposite achaque letter to enter the field "comlexité" like trying to sum up the whole philosophy Dumonde effect flip flop yet? demonstrate a fiction novel Effect flip flop yet in one novel .... iction and reject this rmed isre etrouvé










GAUDOT / waiting! Saturday morning we étionsd seated for destravaux practices though I saw nothing of practice in the cobweb theorem, the matreices Markov or e Lagrange multipliers


N (with my life used one of curiosities are to earn a penny


I nonetheless decreed aque math dfintivment were soiled by allying ECONOMY (*)


see § .sur ... The abuse del'education nationle and popular) for which rvetait Moila gray blouse of my Jewish grocer


Who eappelait Cohen and gabitait a village called Algeria - defaulting memory I will benis as Jewish and especially his daughter remained rfemière my goddesses any latoniques ^ sheets have repeatedly recuillir the traces of my nocturnal sacrifices in the discourteous love - Montgolfier or Clinchant?




Get the I_I aussitardif testimony that "if louvant emu an anonymous who never had to feed your equations - it atraduit the" foundations of economic analysis, but his real statur scholar for me he recut it ouil day came the shirt cuffs on pants, who has always taken éytait 3 pins 2pièces tie and suit, too rebellious soul to don the striped Golet vales of corseted by the "usual




Rejkoins in the pantheon im ire gin anonymous saints Claude Bernard, Leon Walras, stanley Jrevons etantd'autres comabattants of the army of shadow fighting yet no thank you and no hope against the darkness not asse for gold in the pockets Baiting the venality artist, not asasez bronze in the balls for staues reservzées butchers armed aytres, you're on land or under gterrre RECEIVE expensive G .... this tribute to a former pupil meconaissable recognizable, forever grateful because since fdaché with mlathes brought down to the rank decommis the scriptures by traders and bankers American etchiois




*) J formally excluded this testimony PASamuelson M-another Jewish yet, but craftsman against this marriage because he aggravated his case by rubbing a high finance may be e ^ it is one of the authors of these algorithms that jetedesmilliers of unemployed in the streets of Athens or Lisbon Madrid






















What need indeed to accumulate so much knowledge about bees and fruit flies when many people were suffering from lack of love and bread and fresh water?


Answer incompetent - specialists: we can not provide any


Big deal! So why should they be reassured with pompous and empty talk on the OS?




Concluding remarks: all authors -re-creators feel the need to raise the debate as a kind of final xix th symphony


e do not think exception to this rule


With this difference queje myself if bienconvaincu dela roundness spaces


I can not imagine a prayer directed to the heavens


without thinking immediately return to earth


Any upward movement is a picture of a stare-down




Why look for a support carnal soul or consciousness


if those -Ci stood on their own


all the rantings about the ins and aboutiussants of existence


come up against a (solution-barrier)


so powerful that it does not need crutch


no other demonstration of puissnce:


Without our flesh, our eyes or consience or our disembodied souls


the universe as a vast majesty


His immeasurable Plenitud eor s beauty


is strictly NOTHING




back to business, what is it: nothing?


In a world where all dimensions are coupled


Where does our inability to seize conjointepment


the double aspect of all things


the lifetime of a partiucule, siinfime be her and her life impulse


the essence and existence of states of matter


the various functions of vital energy


the origin and end of all truths at the same temple


and in the same place, which-and we mean that -Are


loxales of pulses, or a conscience-dimensional


or both and alternately




The graphs sphiloso ^ claim to have evidence of creation


which are aque despostulats


preachers and theologians insist that only rfarement


on caractèreéphémère oftheir conjsutures


they present as facts of princes proved


I have learned from my reading or toues expérfiences


that two attempts explocations notrevprésence


here there and all the top


the aps pantheism which need explanation


and I would have liked to know the author


although jesuis convinced that ideas


fpontque not go in our heads


the other hypothesis seraut from Russia


and already the excesses of âmeslave fear the worst


we would say this "theory" of the gods from elsewhere


well: and how did we get elsewhere


or what shall we do here


that's what I call pro-cyclical interpretation


that the loop on how why


no possible exit


I looked sns conviction sIn mylog 1980 _ 2008


lesùesaventures such civilization "superior" 


than what I lke demnde


since there was no repos "Originally" 


these poor nomadic débarquenbt with all their attrirail


techinico very sophisticated scientific-


on a plan you Oulès condiotions its survival while other


diffzérente gravity, so they rfecommencent with 4 legs


less dense light, more nitrogen frare


so they must rebuild a habitat underwater


sasn instruments other than their fingers


during this Tremps their devices slowly rot


And here is the history of human rfeconstituée


In fact this is the 3rd argument is the most fruitful


although it is quite enigmatic even for authors


It is exposed with beautiful images Inthe movie


<Odysséee space> Stanley Kubrick


I helped some. Clarke which I have not read the book holder


What about the relationship between gender impmliciet -


or drowned faetus dsans placenta


and fforme 'original' of the life of the universe


otherwise it raises more questions than it solves


This does not diminish the work of the authors cited


Poserdes issues is indeed aussiikmportant


^ of the popser solutions by toujoursprovisoires


Why and how to concentrate


all forms of life and e, energy in the blood and semen


we jump ever, entreces link two states of being


or not Supreme -be


we are perhaps eptre as robots


aspiring to fall dasnl soup


of our childhood in the ontological sense


all pseudo-mysteries of encharistie


mathematics paradoxes or


fdantaisies parapsychological s


are not of safety valves au'autant


emergency exits paradise


dy out infernal cycle syr a closed universe


a bulwark against madness INESPRE


but all these solutions should be $ comprisres


that as temporary scaffolding


like all of our discoveries




autanbt milestones from the cople (OL)


Maines times recommenced on desparcours


on different desfréquences


aveccomme focus the light re-


nopas the light-requi aveule iy the ompbre Raises the Stakes


but a new energy, can petre combination of 2


Oula life and death, real LZE ey image


have as diprtance - Amen










reùmerciements: I want to thank the Oracle company and all the anonymous who worked on "improving" open office


TTX tool which saves many hours and so many tantrums


but the point of offense, dear craftsmen shade, although I quote buy O / O


I trouveraisz even better than his rival


whose name begins with W


and that fooled everyone pretending to Z on keyboards.


A conseiltoutefois peitit:


certainly do not listen to the users "you whisper:


and if instead you did this at the same time it


Or do pluytot semvblanr listen attentivment


So since I can not talk to you directly


I take this ocasion not fdaire me entendrepar perfecionnistes-young ladies CVOs




Avoid multiuplier macros


Recall ezvous old Proveres


like, the mieyux is often ennmei good


Among others the coonneries informatioque applied


applicationsd to the informatiaque on bullshit








it will not be long:


1 all manuals that stick to the life of a university normally consists OR COMPOSITION


2 all selected readings or suffered leisure (in waiting rooms eg journals generalistes of "Astronomy" to "Zoology" in passanat by lorraine


3 white or black novels with or without local color


4-technical manuals, bills, accurate testing, contracts, lkus barrier professional necessities or intellectual curiosity


5 not to mention all the items not included in the CV From a university student or "established" art journals, history, sex and cinema time (lord how enai I kept waiting for an accounting - terror dust - if possible BCBG


6 finally the most important readings: receipts of stores fade Trad.libre nice ass pretty face


Postcards received or sent-I think be widely creditor of the Company on shipments, special mentions to the love letters, which I never knew why novelists entouraiengt pink ribbons. So they did pa sthe smêmes attentions warnings tax or contraventions cops


Finally, I have not finished yet: the enseigfnes desmagasins ls tourist brochures, tickets and travel vouchers, the recipes once slyly hidden by manufacturers and retailers in packaging, with messages and pictures for the children; but with today's technological advances and user tgransparence visible on packaging


... ............ Ah! I had forgotten tales and legends heard at the age tendrepuis réeentendues to age ^ hard and ripe, and the Records dorgues medecines


... ...... final statement for records in strange languages ​​accompanying machines for domestic use, and whose talented French P. Meyer - nothing to do with the same name in the sessions ... ..and .. .- P. MEYER, so I thought older than me, mocked at the crack -minet over a string at one time, along with his listeners, nearly as good French as a common refrain


For epitaphs, I had a choice whi